Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 106 - Using Actual Strength to Silence the Skeptics

Chapter 106: Using Actual Strength to Silence the Skeptics

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Ye Jian was so intelligent that Principal Chen had nothing to worry about. He just needed to train her according to the original plan.

She took off the iron balls from her wrists. However, she was unaccustomed to the sudden lightness.

Shaking her wrists gently, Ye Jian, who hadn’t wiped off her sweat, smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have noticed that half an hour had passed by if you didn’t remind me.”

For a short while, she had a sense of emptiness because she was abruptly pulled away from her training, which she felt was getting more and more enjoyable.

“You’ve done very nice until now. No need to rush it,” Principal Chen took out a bottle of medicinal oil and poured some in his hands. “Give me your hands. It’s not bad that you can successfully hold on for half an hour at your first attempt.”

Her wrists, which had carried weight, seemed fine for the time being, but sequelae would occur later. Using medicinal oil to promote blood circulation could alleviate the sequelae.

“When you finish your exams on Saturday, I will go back to the village with you. You must learn well from the senior.”

“He is a Class A Master Sergeant, and he has so many skills that you cannot learn all of them throughout your whole life,” Principal Chen instructed Ye Jian patiently like a father after the training. “It will be beneficial to you if you can apply what you have learned to your life.”

“You will keep on carrying five kilograms for three months. After that, I will add weight to your wrists until they can carry ten kilograms.”

A top sniper, when carrying a ten-kilo rifle, could still move about swiftly and lay down in time to shoot the targets. Ye Jian would know she was ready if she could do this.

Ye Jian had always endured these kinds of hardships and hold on to the end. Smiling, she said, “Ten kilograms marks the end of a phase, doesn’t it? If I can manage, I can go on to the next stage, right?”

The medicinal oil was exclusively available in the army. As it was applied to her skin, she felt scorchingly hot, indicating that the oil had an excellent effect.

“You can totally do that if you persist,” Principal Chen almost poured out half of the medicinal oil from the bottle. He didn’t stop rubbing Ye Jian’s wrists until they were red. “Your hands might suffer during your exams tomorrow.”

The next day, Ye Jian woke up. Her hands were in so much pain that it was a bit difficult for her to hold her water glass. It was not until then did she realize why Principal Chen said she might suffer in the exams.

Her muscle soreness and pain were a bit alleviated after she pressed a hot towel and sprayed some muscle-relieving agents onto her wrists.

“Did you not sleep well last night?” as soon as An Jiaxin entered the classroom, she walked directly over to Ye Jian who didn’t seem well. “Why do you look so tired?”

It’s not that she did not sleep well. Her arms were suffering from unbearable pain.

Placing her arms onto her desk, Ye Jian said, “Come, rub them… My bones are hurting.” There were no obvious injuries on the surfaces. The sourness and pain came from her muscles and ligaments.

She probably couldn’t even lift her arms if she had not applied the medicinal oil to her wrists.

“You freaked me out. I thought it was because you failed the English exam last night,” An Jiaxin rubbed her arms right away. She asked in a whisper, “How was it? The English exam.”

“Mm-hem,” said Ye Jian, comfortably with her eyes closed. Smiling, she replied, “Have I ever let you down? Just wait. I will surprise you.”

“Damn it!” An Jiaxin almost jumped up from her seat. “Good for you! Are you planning to win the Grand Slams?”

Chicly, Ye Jian raised her eyebrows and answered, “Why not? Although I don’t mind the gossips, the nonstop buzzing sounds of a few mosquitoes bother me. I will use my actual strength to silence them.”

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