Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

Chapter 1888 - A Good Show to Watch

Chapter 1888: A Good Show to Watch

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At that moment, Wen Xinya’s mood was not as anxious as before.

Her friends helped her analyze this matter in-depth, gave her some suggestions, and said a lot of comforting words. She was in a much better mood, but she still had no energy.

At this time, Du Ruo suddenly said, “Xinya, give me your right hand.”

She stared at Xinya’s face for a long time and thought it was better to take a pulse.

Wen Xinya was a little bit unsure. “What’s wrong?”

Was there something wrong with her body?

She had been very tired recently because of her work and her body was really overwhelmed.

Du Ruo did not speak, but just put her fingers on her right wrist. “Do you often feel irritable, upset, and have frequent mood fluctuations, accompanied by dizziness, weak back and knees, and exhaustion?”

Du Ruo’s words made everyone nervous.

Before Xinya mentioned her conflict with Ninth Si, they also felt that something was strange. Xinya had always been calm and rational. How could she lose control because of a woman near Ninth Si while not knowing the truth?

Sure enough, was there a physical health problem?

Wen Xinya nodded and was also a little nervous. “What’s going on?”

Du Ruo said, “It’s Yin deficiency, and it is a little serious.” Then, she continued, “Generally speaking, Yin deficiency will occur usually because of long-term physical strain, or if your vitality is seriously injured. Your body has been well regulated for many years, and your health foundation is generally okay. How can you suddenly have symptoms of Yin deficiency?”

Du Ruo carefully checked her pulse but found nothing.

Wen Xinya was relieved, not thinking much about it. “Probably because I have been too busy working recently, perhaps I’m overworked.”

When she thought about it carefully, it seemed that her body appeared in a state of Yin deficiency because she was busy rectifying the company recently.

Du Ruo thought carefully. “That’s possible.” However, she felt that it was not so simple. She would not suffer such a sudden loss. “Your situation is a bit serious. Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow, or let my Grandpa look at you. Traditional Chinese Medicine is better than Western Medicine.”

She thought it would be better to be cautious.

Yin deficiency was not a serious illness, that was why Wen Xinya did not pay much attention to it. “It’s not a big deal. I will go back and do some medicated diet and take good care of myself.”

Du Ruo stopped talking.

However, after thinking about it, she had been studying medicated recipes for many years. Regarding conditions such as Yin deficiency, medicated diet conditioning was the best solution, so she said nothing.

Everyone was relieved.

“Xinya, although work is important, you should pay more attention to your body. Don’t overwhelm your body.”

“The body is the capital of revolution. You can’t work like this in the future.”

Her friends continued to talk to Wen Xinya about her body.

It was Gu Junling who faced the siege for her. “Tomorrow the cooperation conference between Wen Corporation and Lanxin Company to reach an alliance will be held. As the chairman of Lanxin Group, you must naturally attend, and for Wen Corporation’s side, as the chief executive officer, you are the representative of the cooperation between the two sides. I’m afraid that you cannot be absent. What will you do then?”

Even if Xinya had the art of doppelganger, she was afraid that she could sill not cope.

If she wanted to participate in this press conference, she would surely expose her identity as Lanxin Company’s BOSS Bella.

They did not know what she had planned.

Zhou Tianyu asked, “Are you thinking about just going public!”

Xinya’s identity as Lanxin Company’s BOSS Bella could not be concealed forever. As Lanxin Company developed more and more rapidly and grew in scale, her identity would be revealed sooner or later.

Wen Xinya nodded. “I do have this intention. Li Corporation has a deep background and financial resources. Wen Corporation has suffered successively and its strength has been greatly damaged. We’re not Li Corporation’s opponent. As for Wen Corporation and Lanxin Company’s cooperations, no matter which party I represented, I can’t avoid it. I’d rather directly disclose my identity, on the one hand, to help Wen Corporation survive the transformation crisis, and on the other hand, to deal with the Li Corporation.”

Wen Family’s authority must not be provoked!

Since Xia Ruya started with the Wen Corporation, she must be prepared to bear her anger.

Recently, Li Corporation was affected by Wen Corporation’s strong rise. The stock market began to turn turbulent, its market share declining, and its operating scale also beginning to shrink. However, because of Li Corporation’s financial strength, although the losses were serious, it did not affect its own strength much.

However, this was just the last glory of Li Corporation before the storm.

She needed time to make Wen Corporation a sharp sword.

Once Wen Corporation and Lanxin Company reached an alliance and cooperation, she would use Wen Corporation’s sharp sword to hit Li Corporation fiercely, so that Xia Ruya could no longer stand up.

It was time to give Li Corporation a fatal blow.

Ling Qingxuan gave a high-five and laughed. “It seems that there is a good show to watch soon.”

He really looked forward to when Xinya revealed her identity, which would cause an uproar in high society.

Wen Xinya was speechless.

She could more or less guess Ling Qingxuan’s meaning.

Xu Tongxuan said, “This time you have to clean up the Xia Ruya scourge to save her a comeback in the future and stop her from coming out to harm you again.”

Xinya and Xia Ruya had been fighting for so many years. Although they had been invincible, Xia Ruya had never failed. Seeing Xia Ruya make a comeback, again and again, fierce counterattacks, her friends could not help but be concerned. The woman was tenacious.

Wen Xinya remained silent and smiled.

In the past, because of her grandpa’s love for Xia Ruya, dealing with Xia Ruya really restricted her, causing her to let Xia Ruya escape time and again.

Later, Xia Ruya became the heir of the Li Family, far away in Harbor City, where she was constrained everywhere.

Then, she found that Xia Ruya got involved with the Korean-Chinese Alliance. In order to perfect the Plan S, she put a long line to catch a big fish, so she tolerated Xia Ruya, again and again.

Ye Feiyu said, “People like Xia Ruya are like wild grass in the grassland. Fire can never burn it. If you can’t cut the grass and remove the roots, she won’t stop.”

Xia Ruya and Xinya were stuck in an endless fight.

As long as Xia Ruya was still alive, she could not let Xinya go.

Hate had already become an obsession.

Xia Ruya was blinded by hate and became a slave of her emotions.

Moreover, this woman’s methods were vicious. In this world, no one could control her, but anyone who approached her would be used by her.

None of the people who had been used by her had good endings, just like Ning Shuqian, Ning Yuya, living a bleak life and dying, like Jiang Ruoyin, Jiang Yuqian, Xia Ruxue, and the others, living awkwardly and humbly.

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