Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

Chapter 1558 - Relooking at the Independent Brand

Chapter 1558: Relooking at the Independent Brand

At this point, because of the wild ambitions of the international corporation, the health supplements’ local market was secretly tumultuous. And news of Wen Xinya winning the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo was being reported all over the world.

Her stunning performance at the International Jewelry Design Competition was also the talk of the town. Everyone was full of praises to how the Athena’s Protection presented a subdued value which touched the soul and stunned the judges, how Wen Xinya’s performance in the crafting workshop had won her the hearts of the crowd, and how she was fearless and retaliated harshly when faced with Jacqueline Madan’s humiliation.

Because of this, Wen Xinya’s reputation became even better.

The Wen Corporation was also affected by this news as its stocks continued to rise and the red-themed jewelry series that Wen Xinya had designed for the Wen Corporation continued to grow in popularity. According to the combined current sales, it had already broken a record in the history of the Wen Corporation.

In order to take advantage of the favorable circumstance, the Wen Corporation had organized a series of sales events. In these couple of days, they had convened more than five urgent director’s meetings and even activated the shareholder’s meeting.

And the sales events were extremely well-received. The jewelry created by the Wen Corporation rapidly occupied almost 60% of the jewelry market sales.

And all of these were because of the eldest daughter of the Wen Corporation, the successor of the Wen Corporation, Wen Xinya!

A fatigued Wen Haowen pushed the door to his home open and pulled his tie in low spirits.

Ning Shuqian heard it, hurriedly came out of the room, and went up to Wen Haowen smiling. “Haowen, you’re back!”

It was almost year-end, Wen Haowen had been increasingly busy at work, and his mood was deteriorating. She knew that Wen Xinya entering the director’s office gave him a lot of pressure.

Especially during this period of time, ever since the news of Wen Xinya’s jewelry competition in Milan came back, Wen Haowen’s temper had been bad and he often took it out on her.

However, she had no choice but to bear with it.

That person had yet to contact her up till now. Without her backer, she could only be a little spy and step up on winning Wen Haowen’s favor.

Every time Wen Haowen saw Ning Shuqian, he became worked up as he shouted angrily, “Why are you standing there like a dumb block—quick, fetch my shoes.”

If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Ziyu always persuaded him to bear with Ning Shuqian, how could he tolerate this old wretched traitor?

Ning Shuqian hurried over, received the briefcase from Wen Haowen’s hand, took his slippers from the shoe cabinet, and hung his jacket on the rack.

Wen Haowen walked into the living room with a dark face.

Ning Shuqian followed closely behind, busily pouring tea for Wen Haowen, and finally gently massaging him. “Haowen, you look very tired. Did you face any difficulties at work?”

Recently, although Zhang Hui didn’t bother her anymore, her life wasn’t as good as she’d imagined. Zhang Hui kept calling her for money and she daren’t refuse. Ning Yuya was also becoming a bigger spendthrift and she couldn’t just let her be since she was still her flesh and blood.

Although she had given up on Ning Yuya, she still couldn’t take her cries and pleas.

Money slipped through her hands like water. She wanted to get into Wen Haowen’s favor so that she could get more money from him.

The mention of this made Wen Haowen angry from the bottom of his heart and his expression became extremely hideous and twisted. “Wen Xinya won the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo. Today, in the office, all the shareholders convened an urgent meeting and jointly suggested to build an independent brand for Wen Xinya under the Wen Corporation.”

The independent brand for Wen Xinya had been mentioned time and again, which vexed Wen Haowen to no end. Now that Wen Xinya had successfully joined the director’s office, if she were to also create her own brand under the Wen Corporation, Wen Xinya’s status in the Wen Corporation would be unshakeable. How could he allow it to happen?

Ning Shuqian was extremely stunned by this information. “Haowen, we can’t let Wen Xinya create an independent brand under the Wen Corporation, otherwise we’d be done for. Don’t you have 20% of the Wen Corporation’s shares? With my 3% shares and some shareholders on our side in the corporation, we can definitely suppress this.”

Ning Shuqian hated Wen Xinya extremely.

When she knew that Wen Xinya won the international competition held by Milan World Expo, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. As she watched Wen Xinya receive the award onstage, looking all flawless and bedazzling, she almost destroyed the TV.

Those shouldn’t belong to Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya was only fit to live sadly in filth, just like Yuya—addicted to drugs, given up on life, tainted, and filthy.

“I joined forces with some close shareholders to attack this suggestion. Many shareholders expressed dissatisfaction with me on the spot and even questioned me there and then, saying that I was purposely going against Wen Xinya, disregarding the benefits of the corporation and kinship, and wasn’t fit to be the CEO of the Wen Corporation.” Wen Haowen grabbed Ning Shuqian ruthlessly with a darkened face. “Do you think… I’m fit to be the CEO of the Wen Corporation?”

Ning Shuqian fell immediately, her head hitting the corner of the glass tea table so hard that she bled instantly and screamed in pain.

Wen Xinya had returned home for six years, developed rapidly, and even threatened Wen Haowen’s position in the Wen Corporation.

Not only did her hard work at scheming against her not stop her from her growth, but it also had instead pushed her to her success.

On hindsight, those of them who went against Wen Xinya…

Xia Ruya was disfigured in a car accident and faced with inhumane torture and pain.

Yuya became addicted to drugs and her life was already ruined.

And Wen Haowen’s position as the CEO of the Wen Corporation was now in danger.

And she? She was being harshly bugged by Zhang Hui, tortured by Wen Haowen, and living a life worse than death.

Wen Haowen eyes were reddened with anger. Not only did the fresh blood not stop Wen Haowen’s violent act, it instead triggered the violence that had been suppressed within him. He couldn’t help but deal punches and kicks at Ning Shuqian. “I’ve done so much for the Wen Corporation and served them for more than twenty years. Previously, why didn’t they say that I’m not fit to be the CEO of the Wen Corporation? Now that they saw greater value in Wen Xinya, they think that she’s fit to be CEO and I’m not fit anymore…”

Ning Shuqian was screaming at the top of her voice as she took the blows. However, this instead fueled Wen Haowen’s anger. In his eyes, Ning Shuqian had already lost her value and was even a greedy, ambitious woman who had already betrayed him. Thus, he didn’t pull back his punches.

“Old foggies, just wait. When the entertainment city project is completed, I’ll make you all suffer.”

Now that Wen Xinya had won the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo, the shareholders saw that she would create extremely great value for the Wen Corporation. In order to maximize her benefits, she would definitely create her independent brand. Although he could suppress it for the time being, he wouldn’t be able to last.

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