Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1974 - Send Her Back

Chapter 1974: Send Her Back

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Then, she thought again about how Qiu Qin had exposed the fact that she was barren in front of that woman’s family and how he had declared that her brother’s child was also her child.

Even if she could not have her own children, her brother would send his own children over to her for her to raise them once she got back together with Zhai Sheng so that she would not have to worry about growing old alone.


Qiu Chenxi did not believe a single word of Qiu Qin and felt that his words were ironic. Instead of an adopted child, she had to raise a child with blood ties to Zhai Sheng to feel as though her status in the Zhai family was secure. In that case, could she possibly bring that shameless bast*rd son who addressed her as his auntie to enjoy life in the Zhai family?

At that very moment, Qiu Chenxi lost all will to fight because of Qiu Qin’s words.

Qiu Chenxi would never let her hard work benefit others. The only reason she had wanted to reconcile with Zhai Sheng was to take advantage of the Zhai family’s power to teach her cheating father, that mistress, and her son a lesson. If her marriage benefited the people whom she wanted to lecture the most, that would be utterly ridiculous.

Thankfully, the events that followed made Qiu Chenxi feel relieved. After Qiu Qin found himself a mistress, Qiu Qin had been the one forking out the money for all of her expenses. Initially, everything had been under that woman’s name and everything had been fine. But for some unknown reason, everything had suddenly been transferred to their son.

That son’s job had also been arranged by Qiu Qin. Now that Qiu Qin was in trouble, his son was not spared either, and however much he had gained due to his father, they were all taken away. Naturally, all of the assets that Qiu Qin’s son owned were confiscated as well.

Because he had lost that family, Qiu Qin had no choice but to bring his true love, son, and grandson back to the Qiu family’s house, instructing Qiu Chenxi to get along well with her brother’s family and to treat that ‘auntie’ like her own mother. From today on, they would have a family reunion and stay under the same roof.

But just as Qiu Qin finished his words, the inspectors arrived at the Qiu family’s house. Earlier, they had confiscated the son’s everything. Now, they were there to confiscate all of Qiu Qin’s assets. They had to conduct their affairs systematically. They were not going to leave anyone out.

Qiu Qin had been retired for a few years and had handed everything in his career over to his son. What Qiu Qin had done in the past was exactly what his son continued to do. As such, the government was simply getting rid of those in power early on so that they would not do even more harm to the country, its people, and the government in the future. After cleaning up the younger one’s affairs, they naturally had to settle their accounts with the older one so that they would both cough up whatever they owed the country and the people.

Such a huge incident had just happened in their family, yet her daughter was still able to speak with her calmly. Moreover, what she had just said was simply shocking that Qi Minlan was scared stiff. “Chenxi, are you alright?”

“Mom, I’m fine. I’m very awake. I don’t think my mind has been clearer. Mom, come back….” Before Qiu Chenxi could complete her sentence, there was a deafening noise at the other end of the phone call. Qiu Qin seemed to have heard what Qiu Chenxi had told Qi Minlan and had scolded Qiu Chenxi for being unfilial for abandoning her father and younger brother, wanting only to support Qi Minlan. What she heard seemed to be a slap.

Because she could only hear but not see what was going on, Qi Minlan’s expression turned pale. She could not be sure of who had delivered the blow and who the victim was.

Qiao Nan frowned. She did not know what was going on, but she could guess that the Qiu family’s situation did not seem very optimistic. In her dream, Qiu Qin was someone who had committed treason by stealing and selling the country’s confidential documents. Thankfully, the police had managed to catch Qiu Qin in time and retrieve the documents before any real damage was done.

The problem was that no one might have noticed that in this lifetime. Qiao Nan did not even dare to think about how much damage Qiu Qin could have done toward the country and the people in the decades that he had been working.

Now that he was exposed, they would simply lump everything together to settle the accounts. Given Qiu Qin’s age, even if he would not get caned, he would never live to see another day outside jail.

Qi Minlan did not seem to be in a good state, and Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Sheng awkwardly. Zhai Sheng patted Qiao Nan, trying to comfort her. “I’ll get someone to send her back.” It was true. Qi Minlan was advanced in age, and it was already late at night. Zhai Sheng would never let Qi Minlan return alone.

But Zhai Sheng had never expected Qiu Chenxi, who had been making such a din, to have agreed so unhesitatingly to disappear from his sight in the future just because of Qiu Qin. He had thought that Qiu Chenxi would definitely turn up in front of him, crying and making a fuss because of Qiu Qin’s situation. She might even beg Zhai Sheng to help settle Qiu Qin’s matter.

Now, it seemed that Qiu Chenxi did not have much of a relationship with her father, Qiu Qin, anymore.

After sending Qi Minlan off, Qiao Nan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Qiao Nan had experience dealing with Qiu Chenxi, but not Qi Minlan. “Brother Zhai, it’s not early anymore. You’d better go back and get some rest.”

“Are you kicking me to the curb now that you don’t need me anymore?” Zhai Sheng asked coldly. She was trying to kick him out now that he had just solved her problem. He had not even had time to drink the cup of tea that Nan Nan had prepared for him earlier.

Qiao Nan blushed but did not admit to it. “Since when have I done that? Was I the one who invited this trouble over?” But she had to admit that Qiu Chenxi’s and Qi Minlan’s brains were wired quite differently. It was not as if Qiu Chenxi was the only woman left in the world. How desperate would Zhai Sheng have to be before agreeing to reconcile with Qiu Chenxi?

It was impossible between the two of them. Even a normal outsider knew that. The first person that Qiu Chenxi had to eliminate from her list if she wanted to get married was Zhai Sheng!

Zhai Sheng frowned, thinking that it was not his fault that this troublesome mother-daughter pair caused trouble either. Truthfully speaking, it was his father who had brought this trouble to them. He was simply taking on this responsibility on his father’s behalf. “Didn’t we say that you’re moving to my house? Let’s leave together. Have you finished packing?”

Zhai Sheng was serious about Qiao Nan moving to the Zhai family’s old villa. Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan might no longer be a problem, but who was to say that they would not cause any more trouble for them? Before the New Year, had a man not come knocking on her door previously?

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