Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1537 - Bound to Divorce

Chapter 1537: Bound to Divorce

The Peng family had made some effort for Deng Wenchang to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Peng family hoped that Deng Wenchang could take her position so that they would have a more beneficial relationship with the entire ministry. However, after she took on this position, Qiao Nan was surprised to find that Deng Wenchang was calm. It was as if he had long accepted such an outcome. What was more important was that Deng Wenchang’s cooperation and completion of the tasks assigned by her, the new minister, were above others.

Qiao Nan couldn’t help but hesitate why Deng Wenchang did so. Could it be that he wanted to make her numb so that she would be careless and make mistakes easily? That way, he would have something of hers in his hands.

However, as Qiao Nan observed during this period, she felt that Deng Wenchang shouldn’t have such an intention. It was Qiao Nan’s blessing to have a good worker like Deng Wenchang, who had decided to stop playing tricks and work with his full abilities.

Today, Deng Wenchang had taken the initiative to mention this matter to Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan wanted to know in particular what Deng Wenchang was thinking. Why did Deng Wenchang, the person who should have been playing tricks, become sober when Li Dawei was adhering to his foolish ways? He even specially came over to mention this to her. It was difficult for Qiao Nan not to feel surprised.

“The Peng family isn’t an issue.” Deng Wenchang shook his head. “Zhai Sheng is capable. Even if Peng Yu didn’t want to admit defeat, he has lost again and again for the past ten years. Your Zhai Sheng is already the chief now. Peng Yu is still beneath him and is now trapped in Zhai Sheng’s palms.” If that was the case, what was there for him to be worried about?

The Peng family had an ulterior motive for helping him enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the past few years, he had provided the Peng family quite a number of news. He didn’t owe the Peng family any favors he should return. Speaking of this, Peng Yu couldn’t fight against Zhai Sheng and even lost to him, causing him to lose support and not being able to take Qiao Nan out to become the next minister.

“Okay,” Qiao Nan replied. “You don’t have to be anxious about Li Dawei. If he messes up, that’s good. If not, how am I supposed to kick him out? I’m different from Senior He. It’s either I don’t do it, or if I do, I’ll make sure Li Dawei man the warehouse in the corner. However, this concerns the name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I’m not comfortable and I won’t allow this!”

Deng Wenchang smiled. “It looks like not every woman is softhearted. Your means are harder than Uncle He’s. It’s fine as long as you’re aware. I’ll go back to work.” Indeed, it would feel better to completely kick Li Dawei out of the ministry.

“A man and a woman alone in a room. Why must they chat behind closed doors? The conversation’s so long as well. Is this proper?” Li Dawei’s eyes were like a timer. He started counting the second Deng Wenchang stepped foot into Qiao Nan’s office and until he left.

“How gossipy, just like a woman.” Someone heard Li Dawei’s low whispers in bad faith and responded unkindly.

Li Dawei’s face turned green. He buried his head and didn’t talk reason to the person who had scolded him. If he got into an argument and this matter became widespread, he would most likely be scolded by the entire department instead of just one person alone.

The veterans in the ministry treated Qiao Nan as their junior now. They were very supportive of Qiao Nan’s work. The newbies who had joined the ministry from time to time these few years treated Qiao Nan as an idol, and they looked at her with admiration.

Li Dawei didn’t pin any hopes on these people. If he wanted to take Qiao Nan out, he had to rely on himself.

Without Xu Xinming’s help and Deng Wenchang’s support, Li Dawei naturally became a general without an army and fought alone in this battle to pull Qiao Nan down. Faced with these difficulties every day, Li Dawei kept comforting himself that he had to undergo both mental trials and bodily hardships to carry out the mission that heaven had descended upon him so that the benefits he reaped would be enormous in the future.

The more he suffered and the less support he got, the greater his achievements would be the day he succeeded. All the pain and suffering in front of him was worthwhile. He had to persevere.

Li Dawei’s eyes were like detection lights. He was constantly looking for opportunities to capture Qiao Nan’s mistakes and fulfill his own wish. Qiao Nan continued to lead her life easily as if there wasn’t a Li Dawei in the department who was constantly keeping a close eye on her.

Not too long later, Li Dawei was like a gloomy cloud. Qiao Nan was shining brightly, making people more willing to accept her and enjoy the warm sunshine and spring breeze.

Happy times were not slow for Qiao Nan. However, even if her life was carefree, Qiao Nan didn’t forget about someone else’s matter.

When she saw Xu Shengnan’s name displayed on her phone’s caller ID, Qiao Nan’s smiling face changed slightly. She let the three children play by themselves so that they kept quiet and wouldn’t disturb her on the phone. “Hello, Senior Xu.”

“Qiao Nan.” Xu Shengnan’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Senior Xu, are you…” crying?

Xu Shengnan sniffed. “Qiao Nan, I’m calling you today because I would like you to do me a favor. Their family is too much of a bully. He obviously cheated on me first, but his mother actually found a bunch of neighbors and aunties to criticize me, saying that my conduct was improper and that I made a cuckold out of him. It’s not that I want to divorce him now. He wants to divorce me and make me leave without any compensation!”

Once she thought of what had happened in the past few days, Xu Shengnan changed her usual strong style and cried until her eyes were almost blind. Xu Shengnan wondered if she was too headstrong before marriage and had cried too little. Thus, after marriage, God wanted her to undergo hardship and shed all the tears that hadn’t been shed in a year to make up for it.

She didn’t expect that before Xu Shengnan made a move, the other party had acted so shamelessly. “Senior Xu, are you sure you want to get a divorce? Or are you trying to express your attitude via a divorce? After your husband’s attitude weakens and he admits his mistakes, would you continue to maintain your marriage, give your husband a chance to turn over a new leaf, and give your child a complete family?”

Qiao Nan faintly revealed that no matter how many relatives and neighbors Xu Shengnan’s mother-in-law found, she would have ways to make Xu Shengnan the ultimate winner in this divorce case.

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