Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1267 - Er Bao Threw Tantrums

1267 Er Bao Threw Tantrums

“Are we totally clean-handed? Besides, I’m not favoring an outsider. It’s not that my heart doesn’t ache for my son. My heart aches for him too much.”“Over so many years, our son has a very smooth sailing life. He did not suffer many setbacks. Look at how strong-tempered he has become. He refuses to face reality and is in self-denial. This young lady definitely has some capability but Wenchang refuses to acknowledge this. As his father, I can only help him. Otherwise, if he can’t sort out his thoughts, he may go into a blind alley and not get out of it.”

He was a loving father with good intentions. He did not only hope for his son to do well but also hoped that his son would become the best in the world!

Eight o’clock evening news on the state-owned television channel. At the house of the Zhai family.

After Er Bao finished his dinner, he followed Da Bao like the latter’s tail, striding his short little legs. They were taking a walk in circles in their home to aid in digestion and train their body.

At the sound of the news on the television, Er Bao lifted his head and glanced at it. He suddenly shouted in excitement. “Mom! Mom!”

Miao Jing walked toward Er Bao and carried him. “Your mom is here. You are pointing in the wrong direction.” Having said that, Er Bao carried Miao Jing to Qiao Nan, lest Er Bao recognize the wrong mother. He could have missed his mother too much.

After putting down the bowl, Qiao Nan rinsed her mouth before she carried Er Bao into her arms. “Er Bao, why are you calling Mom? Are you too full or feeling unwell? Do you want Mom to help you rub your tummy?”

The triplets had huge appetites when they were little. Now that they had grown up a little, their appetites were even bigger.

At this juncture, the triplets treated formula milk as beverages. Occasionally, they would drink one or two cups of it. Gradually, similar to the adults, their main meals became solid food. At most, their food was cooked to be softer, mushier, and blander.

The little bowls that Qiao Nan bought for the triplets were quite cute.

No matter how small it was, the bowls were used to take meals. As such, they might look small but were, in fact, quite deep. It could contain rice that was equivalent to about one-third of Qiao Nan’s bowl.

Oftentimes, before Qiao Nan could finish her food, the triplets had already finished all their rice. Their bowls were so clean that Miao Jing often joked about it. “Aye, our triplets are really good children who eat well. We can save on water bills. We don’t need to wash the bowls anymore.”

Miao Jing then thought of the three-year-old child in the neighbor’s house. During each mealtime, the parents had to chase him all over the yard to feed him. Looking at the three children who were so easy to feed, Miao Jing was overjoyed.

She was not being boastful or narcissistic about her family’s children. The triplets were really the most obedient and beautiful ones among all the children within the vicinity.

The triplets had taken a lot of food but they did not suffer from indigestion. However, the first time that the adults saw their high and bloated tummies after eating, they felt a little worried and rubbed the children’s tummies in case the latter felt unwell.

After that first experience, whether it was true or not, from time to time, one of the triplets would hold their little tummy and fall into Qiao Nan’s arms. They would then place Qiao Nan’s hands on their tummy for Qiao Nan to rub.

Fortunately, this situation did not occur every day. Moreover, each time this happened, it would be a different child. The triplets seemed to have discussed with one another to take turns doing that.

Qiao Nan just assumed that it was the same situation today. She carried Er Bao and wanted to rub his tummy.

Nesting in his mother’s arms, Er Bao looked like he was in a dilemma.

It felt very comfortable to let his mother rub his tummy. However, he had really seen his mother on the television earlier. Why was it that no one understood what he meant when he shouted about it?

Er Bao felt more sullen when that piece of news ended in the broadcast. Qiao Nan only appeared for a moment in the news. Another piece of news was being reported thereafter. As such, the more no one could understand what Er Bao was trying to express.

Er Bao felt so depressed that he pouted and lay in Qiao Nan’s arms listlessly, refusing to come down.

At the sight of Er Bao looking like that, Miao Jing and Zhai Hua were shocked. “Is Er Bao feeling unwell? Did he catch a cold? Rub his forehead and see if he is having a fever?”

Qiao Nan also felt a little anxious. She touched his son’s forehead. “It’s not hot. It feels normal. Er Bao, tell Mom. Do you feel unwell? Uh… Do you feel pain in any area?”

At the thought that Er Bao was only one year old and he could not possibly understand her completely, Qiao Nan modified her question.

Er Bao shook his head listlessly. He then buried his face in his mother’s arms. Why didn’t anyone understand baby’s thoughts? Baby felt so tired and aggrieved. However, baby could not express himself.

When Qiao Nan carried Er Bao to the bed and coaxed him to sleep, Er Bao was still behaving in this manner.

Er Bao was unaware that his little tantrums had stunned the few adults in the family.

The triplets were born prematurely. When they were born, they were very small and lighter in weight than typical babies. As such, the adults took special care of them. They were afraid that if they were not thorough enough, the babies would fall sick.

Fortunately, besides having a minor fever when they were teething at four months’ old, the triplets did not suffer from any other illness or pain for the past one year.

Initially, the adults in the Zhai family were quite pleased about this. Who would have known that Er Bao suddenly looked so listless and tired today? How could they not feel anxious?

Zhai Yaohui was seldom at home. It was rare that he did not fly to other countries. Clearly, he was at home, but Miao Jing insisted to leave Zhai Yaohui alone in the bedroom. She ran to her daughter-in-law’s room. “What’s wrong with Er Bao? Is there any symptom of illness?”

“Not yet.” Qiao Nan shook her head.

Er Bao did not seem to be in good spirits. Although there were no specific symptoms of any illness, Qiao Nan dared not let down her guard. The most common ones were cold and flu. Flu was contagious. As such, Qiao Nan did not let the three children sleep together side by side today. Instead, she separated Da Bao, Er Bao, and San Bao.

Since the triplets were born, besides the period whereby they slept in individual cribs when they were newborns, they had been sleeping together on Qiao Nan’s bed thereafter.

Da Bao and San Bao immediately expressed their unhappiness with Qiao Nan’s arrangement today. They insisted that Er Bao sleep in between them.

Da Bao and San Bao were throwing tantrums, but Er Bao did not have any reaction at all. He obediently allowed Qiao Nan to carry him to sleep on one side. The bright, eccentric, and cheeky Er Bao had become so quiet and obedient. Qiao Nan almost could not contain the urge to immediately send Er Bao to the hospital for the doctor to take a look at him?

However, the elders at home said that if Er Bao were to feel unwell, there would be symptoms. He would also cry badly.

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