Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

Chapter 611 - Chapter 611: Through the Back Door

Chapter 611: Through the Back Door

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“Yo. Is a joyous occasion going to happen? He just said that he had nothing to do with you, but I took it seriously and called him a single dog. Looking at him now, he was simply a scum.” Chen Yu said indignantly.

Li Jin’s smile froze instantly and she said with an embarrassed expression, “Brother Lei, he might be shy. He is a reserved person, and he might not say it out loud. However, if he didn’t like it, she would definitely say it directly. For example, four years ago, when a woman pestered him, he rejected her in front of everyone.”

“Is that so? Why didn’t I know about this?” Chen Yu asked curiously with his eyes wide open.

“Sigh, it’s been a long time ago. And at that time, brother Lei also gave that girl some face and chose a place with fewer people to refuse her.” Li Jin said with a smile.

Even though four years had passed, as long as Li Jin thought of the scene when Shen Xi was abandoned by Guan Lei, she would feel happy.

Chen Yu still wanted to dig up some gossip. He was a little curious about Guan Lei’s matter, but Li Jin refused to say too much, which made him slightly disappointed.

Shen Xi rested at home for a week. Every day, besides eating and sleeping, she also had to argue with Chen Yu. Shen Xi felt that such days were too difficult to bear.

Shen Xi seemed to be boneless as she lay on the lazy couch and watched a movie. Suddenly, the room lit up and a familiar face appeared in front of Shen


“Yuan?” Shen Xi was surprised. “You’re back?”

Four years ago, Zhao Yuan chose to study abroad, so Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan could only meet up for a short time during the New Year.

Shen Xi was naturally happy to see Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan leaned against the sofa and smiled.”Yeah, I found a domestic company for an internship. From now on, I can stay in Beijing.”

“Really?” Shen Xi was pleasantly surprised.

Zhao Yuan smiled mysteriously. “Guess!”

Shen Xi patted Zhao Yuan angrily. “There are so many companies in Beijing. How could I guess? Just tell me directly and make me happy.”

Zhao Yuan smiled and said, “l knew you wouldn’t be able to guess it. 1 went to a company under the Shen Corporation. You don’t know how much effort I put into getting into your company. I had to force my way in.”

“I’m so sad. You came to my house but didn’t come to me through the back door. I feel like I’m worthless.” Shen Xi said with an exaggerated look, making Zhao Yuan laugh out loud.

“What are you talking about? There’s no need to go through the back door for such a small matter. I’ll enter from the front door.” Zhao Yuan leaned her head against Shen Xi’s and laughed.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m a small-time. Let’s go out and celebrate.” Shen Xi propped her head up and said with sparkling eyes.

“That won’t do. Auntie said that you’re injured and asked me to keep an eye on you. 1 mustn’t let you run out to play, lest your wound worsen.” Zhao Yuan shook her head like a rattle-drum and refused with a serious expression.

Shen Xi buried her head on the sofa and wailed, “What injury?” If I stay here any longer, I’ll become mouldy!’

“It’s okay. If you’re mouldy, I still love you.” Chen Yu’s voice suddenly appeared.

Zhao Yuan also chimed in, “Yeah, and me too. If you’re mouldy, I still love you too!”

“Zhao Yuan, stop talking. You’ll distort the word ‘love’ in my mind.” Chen Yu pouted and said, “Yours is friendship, mine is love.”

“Isn’t it different? It’s all love, isn’t it Xi?” Zhao Yuan turned to Shen Xi and asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. My Yuan is right.” Shen Xi could not help but laugh as she looked at Chen Yu who had a look of suffering.

Zhao Yuan also looked at Chen Yu helplessly. In the past four years, Chen Yu had treated Shen Xi quite well, but she could tell that Shen Xi did not have any

interest in Chen Yu.

Four years of time is not short, some people cannot fall in love, then do not force yourself, right?

Chen Yu sat on the side in a fit of pique, leaving only the back of his head to

Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan stuck out her tongue at Shen Xi, and Shen Xi shook her head helplessly.

“Xi, you’ll be fine in two days. Let’s go out for a meal.” Chen Yu recalled the boastful words that he had Guan Lei earlier and said with a face full of anticipation.

Shen Xi’s eyes instantly lit up. They could go out now. That would be great. She hurriedly nodded and said, “Sure, sure. As long as you can convince my parents to let me go out, forget one meal, even two meals will do..”

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