Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 37 - Helping Lin Yu Compete

Chapter 37: Helping Lin Yu Compete

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Seeing the sincerity in Lin Yun’s eyes, Wang Lan’s initial hesitation disappeared.

She smiled as she held Lin Yun’s hand and said, “You know that Xiaoyu has led a wandering life all these years and hasn’t received a good education.”

“Unlike you, you’ve been at home since you were young. Your parents arranged so many good teachers to teach you.”

“All of these should have been accessible to Xiao Yu…”

Wang Lan held Lin Yun’s hand tightly and stared at her. She asked, “Am I right?”

Lin Yun lowered her head slightly, her eyes fixed on Wang Lan holding her hand.

She used to think that these hands were filled with love…

Now that she thought about it, it was these hands that pulled her into the abyss step by step!

Wang Lan’s heart tightened when she saw Lin Yun lower her head and remain silent.

Just when she thought Lin Yun was going to reject her, Lin Yun slowly raised her head again.

“I understand! I’ll do whatever Mom wants me to do!”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Wang Lan finally felt relieved.

She smiled and patted Lin Yun’s hand. “It’s great to have a daughter like you!”

Lin Yun smiled gently, looking obedient and sensible.

“That’s what Mother thinks. Look, you’re still injured. I’m afraid you won’t be able to participate in this competition.”

“Why don’t you let Xiaoyu take your song to the competition?”

“Use my song?” Lin Yun raised her eyebrows, but her voice remained calm.

The smile on Wang Lan’s face did not change. She seemed to take it for granted.

“The songs that you’ve composed all these years were taught by the teachers that your parents hired. These were originally meant for Xiao Yu, right?”

“You won’t be able to participate in this competition. Let Xiao Yu participate in the competition. If she wins the award, both of you will be very happy, right?”

“Besides, with the award ceremony, Xiao Yu will no longer be looked down upon by those children!”

As Wang Lan spoke, her eyes seemed to be shining as if she could see Lin Yu’s bright future.

Lin Yun stared intently at Wang Lan, as if trying to find something on her face.

Except she hadn’t found what she wanted to see.

Lin Yun sighed softly and smiled warmly. “Okay! I’ll listen to Mom!”

After receiving Lin Yun’s affirmative answer, Wang Lan’s face beamed with joy.

She quickly stood up and said, “Mother will go and tell this good news to Xiao Yu. You should rest early!”

Wang Lan left the room without waiting for Lin Yun’s reply.

Lin Yun looked at the bowl of soup beside her with a mocking smile.

She turned on the computer again and looked through the information about Lin Yu.

Wang Lan’s claim that Lin Yu didn’t have access to education was not true.

According to Lin Yu’s records, the family that raised her seemed to value her education.

They even signed her up for quite a number of art training courses.

According to Lin Yu’s description of the family situation, they had probably done everything they could to nurture Lin Yu.

Although Lin Yun had yet to find out anything about the “Mo Family”.

But now that she thought about it, the “biological parents” who had accused her at Lin Yu and Zheng Yu’s engagement party were probably fake too!

The next morning, Lin Yu went out.

Lin Cheng didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t help but sigh when Mrs. Xu mentioned that Lin Yun was alone in her room preparing for a conference.

“Xiao Yu, you look really good today!” Li Ting exclaimed as she looked at Lin Yu, who was wearing a short dress.

“That’s right! Xiaoyu’s figure is really unmatched among us sisters!” Ni Tang chimed in.

Lin Yu curled her lips and did not mind these praises.

The three of them walked into a salon.

“In my opinion, Xiao Yu’s skin doesn’t need any beauty treatments. She’s simply a natural beauty!” In the changing room, Ni Tang said as she changed her clothes.

“If Ling Na hadn’t insisted that Xiao Yu’s skin condition wasn’t good, we wouldn’t have agreed to meet here today!”

“That’s right! Ling Na is like that! Whatever she says goes!”

Lin Yu couldn’t help but smile as she listened to the two of them ridicule Ling Na.

“Oh right! I heard that the senior Ling Na liked had a crush on Lin Yun!” Ni Tang didn’t forget to throw out a big piece of gossip.

“There’s such a thing? Isn’t that driving Ling Na crazy!” Li Ting exclaimed.

“I wonder what kind of young master Ling Na likes!”

“Which school was he from?” Ni Tang said and patted her head in frustration. “Oh my, I forgot!”

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