Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 199 - iang Chao’s Reminder

Chapter 199: Jiang Chao’s Reminder

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“Aunt Xu, tell the butler that we don’t need a chauffeur here anymore. He can go back,” Lin Yun said simply.

After knowing that the driver was fine, Lin Yun felt relieved.

As for the driver, Lin Yun would find a suitable candidate herself later. At least, she would be much more at ease with her own hire than the one Lin Cheng sent.

Wang Qi sat at the side and listened to Lin Yun and Aunt Xu’s conversation. After a long time, she said, “What a terrifying group of people!”

Lin Yun turned to look at Wang Qi. “You haven’t said why you were there today.”

Wang Qi shrugged and said, “It’s nothing. I was unhappy living in my hometown, so I came back. Who knew that I took the wrong car and ended up there.”

“Fortunately, I met you. Otherwise, I might have to search for a while before I can go home.”

“I have to say, the roads in this place are really roundabout and long.”

Lin Yun frowned as she looked at Wang Qi. She felt that things were not as simple as she said.

“Did something happen to you?”

Wang Qi smiled emotionlessly and said, “Nothing! I’m tired! I’m going to take a shower and sleep!”

Aunt Xu looked at Wang Qi’s departing figure and muttered, “It’s not even six…”

Lin Yun also gazed after Wang Qi and thought that she must have encountered something.

However, she didn’t seem to want to talk about it too much now. It was better to give her some time to adjust herself.

Lin Yun still had things to do. The interview tonight was also the highlight!

Now that there was no driver, Lin Yun’s trip became a problem. She contacted Jin Yan and asked him to rent a car and a driver for her for the time being.

Jin Yan was very efficient. In less than an hour, the driver appeared outside Lin Yun’s residence.

Lin Yun packed up and got into the car. The driver greeted Lin Yun briefly and drove to the agreed place.

Lin Yun pushed open the door of a small studio. The location of their interview was here.

Jiang Chao, an assistant, and a photographer were ready.

Compared to Lin Yu’s large-scale interview, Lin Yun’s simple interview seemed a little pitiful. However, this was what Lin Yun hoped for.

Jiang Chao greeted Lin Yun and busied himself with preparing.

Lin Yun stood at the side and waited quietly for them to finish preparing before taking her seat under Jiang Chao’s guidance.

Lin Yun, who had already changed into a black outfit outside, sat in front of Jiang Chao like a petrified statue.

Jiang Chao could only see Lin Yun’s eyes from the small space.

Those eyes were beautiful…

They looked pure and without desires, but if one looked carefully, there seemed to be a very strong emotion hidden in it.

Jiang Chao looked into Lin Yun’s eyes in a daze. For a moment, he had the urge to pull off her veil and see her face clearly.

Lin Yun coughed lightly and pulled Jiang Chao’s attention back.

Only then did Jiang Chao notice his loss of composure. He quickly retracted his gaze and lowered his head to look at his information.

After a while, when everyone was ready, Jiang Chao began to ask his questions.

The questioning session went smoothly. Nothing unexpected happened. Although Lin Yun’s voice sounded hoarse, it was gentle, which surprised Jiang Chao and the interview staff.

Because every time Ming Yi appeared on the field, she gave off a distant feeling. They thought that today’s interview would be difficult.

In just over an hour, the interview was over.

After packing up, Jiang Chao walked up to Lin Yun and extended his hand. “Ming Yi, I wish you a smooth competition.”

Lin Yun reached out and gently shook Jiang Chao’s hand. She nodded slightly in thanks. “Thank you!”

Lin Yun turned to leave, but Jiang Chao said, “Ming Yi, do you know that there’s someone called Lin Yu among the contestants?”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before turning to look at Jiang Chao. “I know, the contestant from the other group.”

When Jiang Chao heard Lin Yun’s words, he thought that this contestant was indeed someone who stood aloof from worldly affairs. For her to only know that the other party was a contestant from another group, did she not pay attention to such a popular competitor?

Jiang Chao hesitated for a moment before saying, “Let me say something else. I hope it will help you.”

“I feel that the two of you have a similar style. Perhaps you can consider changing your style. You might have a better chance of winning.”

After Jiang Chao finished speaking, he smiled at Lin Yun and returned to his own matters.

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