Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 644 - I am Alice

Chapter 644: I am Alice

It seemed like this was a genuine possibility. Furthermore, her design was made with the same style as Alice’s previous work.

“I admit my defeat if Alice’s work suppresses me with everyone’s votes.” Bai Jingrou spoke indignantly. “But if Fang Xinxin has borrowed Alice’s work to obtain victory, that’s too…”

“Enough!” Bai Qinghao raised his voice. “Fang Xinxin isn’t someone who would use other people’s work.”

Bai Jingrou attempted to reason with him. “I understand that CEO Bai is protecting his fiancée. However, protecting her unconditionally is unprofessional and will only make it harder for the public to accept this!”

Fang Xinxin directly admitted it. “I admit, this design indeed belongs to Alice.”

Immediately, all the members of the upper management were shocked.

Bai Jingrou’s brows lifted in joy. The Sheng Shi Group would never hire a designer that took someone else’s work as her own. Since Fang Xinxin openly admitted to it, once the matter was released, she would not only struggle to enter the Sheng Shi Group but would never be able to find space for herself in this industry. “You admitted to it yourself. Look, CEO Bai, even Fang Xinxin has confessed to it.”

Bai Qinghao also did not expect Fang Xinxin to be foolish enough to tell everyone this. His expression was dark. “Xinxin, you…”

He thought about it and decided it was not important. Even if she ended up unemployed in the future, he would raise her for the rest of his life.

Thus, he did not say anything to reprimand her.

Fang Xinxin took in everyone’s strange gaze and said unhappily, “Don’t look at me as though I’m a monster.”

“Miss Fang, you are the future Madam Bai. I truly did not expect your character to be this despicable.” Bai Jingrou finally had a good reason to crush her beneath her feet. “You cannot take advantage of CEO Bai’s favour to do as you please. Taking someone’s work for your own will not only throw your face away. You are also throwing CEO Bai’s face away…”

Each member of the management appeared to agree with her words. The disdain was clearly displayed on their expressions.

“Enough!” Fang Xinxin cut her off. “Miss Bai, I understand that you are in a rush to declare victory over me. But you should let me finish my words!”

“Go ahead.” Bai Jingrou refused to believe she could argue her way out of this. If she still dared to declare that this wasn’t Alice’s work, she would only draw more unhappiness against her. By then, the saliva from the critics would drown her alive.

“I am Alice,” Fang Xinxin’s clear, graceful voice could be heard from every corner of the conference room.

“What!” A commotion took over the conference room. Everyone’s gaze was filled with astonishment.

A hint of surprise also flashed past Bai Qinghao’s cold gaze. His Xinxin truly took him by surprise all the time.

Bai Jingrou raised her voice in disbelief. “How could you be Alice!”

“Why not?” Fang Xinxin brought a stack of name cards out from her pocket and handed one over to her. “Here, this is my name card.”

A member of the upper management spoke up with some embarrassment. “Alice, may I have one too? I am Li Haiping, the business department’s manager. I am also your fan. Hehe, I’m a slightly older fan of yours.”

“Of course.” Fang Xinxin immediately handed a name card to her.

Bai Jingrou harrumphed coldly. She spoke in disdain. “It’s just a name card. I could print one myself. Are we really going to believe her just because of a name card…”

“Go ahead and give Alice’s studio a call. Ask the secretary working there if I, Fang Xinxin, am actually Alice,” Fang Xinxin suggested.

“I would do it even if you didn’t mention this.” Bai Jingrou directly dialled the official contact number for Alice’s studio which was available through her studio’s website.

In order to humiliate Fang Xinxin publicly, she tapped on the speaker mode. “Hello, may I know if this is Alice’s secretary, Miss Qin Qing?”

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