Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 642 - Vote Counting

Chapter 642: Vote Counting

Yang Tian watched her actions from the surveillance room. His lips twitched upwards mockingly.

It seemed like Bai Jingrou’s personality was especially narrow-minded.

Since CEO Bai had given the instructions for them to carry out this competition fairly, he naturally would not allow any personal bias to interfere with the results. In addition, CEO Bai was someone who disdained such methods.

Huang Zhishu, who was also in the surveillance room, noticed her daughter’s actions. She took in Yang Tiang’s mocking gaze and began with some embarrassment. “Haha, Jingrou moved the papers carelessly…”

Yang Tian replied expressionlessly. “It’s clear that Miss Bai believes that by placing the designs side-by-side, it would hint to the various members of the upper management that a certain design belongs to Fang Xinxin. They would then choose to vote for Fang Xinxin. She has thought too much about this. The Sheng Shi Group would never do such a thing.”

“I’m sure that isn’t what she thought…”

“There’s no need for you to give any explanation.”

Ten minutes later, twenty members of the upper management stepped into the conference room. Their charisma was powerful as they paused before the conference table.

Two designs were revealed one after another to them.

The design was enlarged and displayed on the projector. At the same time, on the thirty-first floor, the design department had also begun its voting.

Bai Jingrou watched the entire process closely. She was afraid that the voters would be biased towards Fang Xinxin’s work.

At the moment, it appeared that the voting process was fair.

Twenty minutes later, the votes were summed up.

Bai Qinghao stepped into the conference room dressed in a neatly-pressed suit. His footsteps were firm and his noble and cold charisma was undeniable.

With his entrance, everyone felt as though a layer of frost had formed around the entire conference room.

The CEO’s assistant, Zhuo Li, followed closely behind.

Several members of the upper management were seated lazily. The moment they saw Bai Qinghao, they immediately stood up and bowed in unison. “CEO Bai.”

“Sit down!” Bai Qinghao took the seat at the head of the table. “Have the results been tallied?”

Anna, the secretary in charge of this matter, spoke up. “Yes, Sir.”

“Where’s Fang Xinxin?” Bai Qinghao scanned the room and could not find her.

A member of the upper management spoke up. “Earlier, I noticed Miss Fang drinking coffee at the nearby Starbucks.”

Bai Jingrou appeared slightly unhappy. “CEO Bai, please take a look at Fang Xinxin’s work attitude. She actually went for coffee during work hours.”

Following her words, several members of the upper management frowned.

Bai Qinghao responded coldly. “Neither of you have been hired yet. At the moment, she isn’t the company’s employee. After submitting her design, she has the right to arrange her private time as she pleases.”


Jingrou could not refute this. It seemed like he was right.

Bai Qinghao lifted his wrist and checked the time on his luxury watch. He still had other matters to handle later. “We won’t wait for Fang Xinxin. Go ahead and announce the results.”

“Yes, Sir.” Anna approached her laptop and arranged for the projector to display both of the submitted works along with their accumulated votes.

One design had obtained seventy votes. The other had obtained… zero votes!

Anna removed the stickers on both works before everyone. The designer’s name was then revealed.

“Wow…” Twenty members of the upper management expressed their exclamations at the same time. They appeared to be surprised by this result.

Bai Jingrou’s complexion had already turned pale when she saw the design that won zero votes.

Bai Qinghao frowned and asked with a heavy voice. “How many people participated in the voting this time?”

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