Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 501 - Live-streaming To Declare Her Love

Chapter 501: Live-streaming To Declare Her Love

“I want it right now.”

“That will cost you three times the normal price.”

“No problem.” Fang Xinxin ended the call decisively.

A while later, Chi Minzhe delivered a packet of fine powder to her.

At 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon, Fang Xinxin noticed that Fang Manxue was alone in room 202. She activated her ability and stepped through the wall into the neighbouring dorm room.

Fang Manxue was hiding in the bathroom to speak to a man on the phone. “Aiya, why are you in such a rush? I’ll come visit you in a few days.”

“Baby, I can’t wait anymore…” The man’s voice was filled with urgency.

“I’m not like all those women you meet outside. I’m still an innocent virgin…” Fang Manxue whined.

“I know that you’re an innocent young lady. That’s why I like you so much. If you need money, I’ll give it to you.”

“Silly, am I the kind of girl who would demand money? But the fact that you’re willing to give me money means that you care about me…”

Fang Manxue’s voice was especially high-pitched and sweet.

Fang Xinxin was filled with disgust at the sound of it.

It turned out that Fang Manxue was actually someone like this. God knew how many men she had slept with, thus far. To think she was still pretending to be a virgin.

As expected, there was a reason why Bai Chenxi insisted she was ‘loose’ after sleeping with her once.

Fang Xinxin could not be bothered to expose her lie. Her gaze shifted onto Fang Manxue’s purse.

She reached into it and retrieved a bottle of liquid foundation. She poured the powder Chi Minzhe had given her into the bottle and shook it lightly. The powder quickly dissolved without leaving any traces behind.

This liquid foundation was very expensive. Normally, Fang Manxue could not bear to use it very often.

It was also unlikely for her to share such a personal item like her cosmetics with others.

Fang Xinxin was not afraid of ‘taking revenge’ on the wrong person.

She placed the liquid foundation back to its original position and activated her ability to make herself appear invisible. After that, she stood by the side to watch the show.

After finishing her call, Fang Manxue stepped out of the bathroom. She did not notice anything to be amiss. As she had a date later, she reached into her bag and applied a layer of the ‘tampered’ liquid foundation onto her face. She then carefully put on the rest of her make-up.

She felt as if she was being watched. However, she did not find anyone when she glanced around the room.

Fang Xinxin watched her coldly by the side. Her lips twitched upwards mockingly.

Someone was about to face the consequences of her actions.

Fang Manxue picked up her bag and left the dormitory room with a beautifully made-up face. At the thought that Fang Xinxin would soon be disfigured, her footsteps felt especially light.

Fang Xinxin watched as her second sister left happily. She activated her powers once more and used it to return to her dorm room.

She contacted Bai Qinghao and confirmed that he would not be returning to the Yu Ting Villa tonight. Hence, she decided to stay over at school today.

At 9:00 in the night, Wu Jiatong returned to their dorm room waving her phone in her hand. “Fang Xinxin, you’re staying in the dorm today? Quickly take a look at your second sister. She started a live-stream and is declaring her love to Bai Qinghao. Look at the username she used: Feelings for Bai Qinghao.”

Fang Xinxin glanced at Wu Jiatong’s phone screen and copied the website address to reach the live-streaming website. She searched for ‘Feelings for Bai Qinghao’ and quickly found Fang Manxue conducting a live-stream on the website.

In the video, Fang Manxue was alone in her room in the Fang family’s villa. Fang Xinxin guessed that her date must have ended already.

“Dear handsome men and beautiful ladies, my reputation has been especially poor recently. I’m sure that everyone here knows me well.” On the screen, Fang Manxue had a self-mocking smile. “Indeed, I am Fang Manxue, from Jing Hua University’s Year 2, Class 3.”

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