Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 46 - Walking On the Sea

Chapter 46: Walking On the Sea

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Around ten o’clock, the coast of the Tian He City was lit up by the headlights of many jeeps.

Xin Zhong linked his hands behind his back and looked out into the gloomy darkness of the sea far away with knotted brows.

He was surrounded by his most trusted bodyguards as well as Master Wu.

Master Wu glanced at his watch from time to time as an impatient look crawled onto his face.

“When the heck is Lin Hu going to be here? We have been waiting for over four hours.”

“Even the Hong Sect cannot be trusted nowadays. That Linbao they sent here a few weeks ago outright disappeared, and then this Lin Hu, he can’t even be punctual! No wonder the Hong Sect had been kicked out of China.”

Xin Zhong forced a smile and didn’t refute the white-haired one.

Although Master Wu was defeated by Chen Fan, he was still a force to be reckoned with.

After a while, even Xin Zhong’s patience was wearing thin, he looked to one of his bodyguards and ordered him to radio the ship. The bodyguard glanced at his cell phone and shouted out:

“He is here; he is here!

“The message said that the ship was only ten miles away from the coast.

“And Lin Hu is coming by himself.”

“What do you mean he is coming by himself? Is he going to ride a speedboat to here?” Xin Zhong asked with knotted brows.

Xin Zhong and his men lived off the sea, and therefore they were all experienced sailors. He knew that without a thorough knowledge of the sea, it was suicide to sail alone in the dark.

This was particularly true for this area. Many hidden rocks lurked under the water, waiting for ships to stumbled upon them.

“This is suicide to sail alone in this weather!” Master Wu shook his head.

By then, the wind had come up, and the waves were as high as a meter. Only a large ship guided by an experienced captain could survive this angry sea.

Realizing the danger, Xin Zhong’s face looked troubled.

They had been expecting this martial artist for a long time, and he didn’t want him to die before they even met.

Spurred by his concern, Xin Zhong was going to call the ship and ask again. Suddenly, one of his men shouted:

“Boss, look! What is that?”

Everyone looked toward the direction the man was pointing. They saw a line of churning water coming toward the cost.

“Is that a speedboat? It’s too fast to be a speedboat.”

As Xin Zhong wondered what he was watching, he was quickly shocked by what he saw.

As the white line drew close, they could vaguely trace the outline of a human running on the water.


“How could anyone run on the water?

“Did our eyes play tricks on us?”

Everyone was shocked by what they saw. They watched as the white line got closer and closer until it was only a few hundred meters away from the shore. By then, they could not only see the person running on the sea but also hear the din of splashing and churning water. Suddenly, the man kicked the water under his feet, causing a huge slash. Meanwhile, the force lifted his body up, and like an eagle, the man glided in the air for a few seconds before he gracefully landed on the sand.

Everyone gaped at him without speaking a word; only the howling of the wind filled the silent voice.

The headlights outlined an image of a middle age man. Although he was drenched by splashing water, he stood proudly with his back straight.

“Lin Hu?”

Xin Zhong asked with a shaky voice.

“I’m here.” Lin Hu shot Xin Zhong a piercing glance. Although Xin Zhong thrived in his rough and tumble life, the ability of the man in front of him scared him nonetheless.

“I guess you are Xin Zhong? Good!”

Lin Hu scanned around, and none of Xin Zhong’s elite bodyguard had caught his attention. Instead, his eyes locked onto Master Wu.

“I never expect to see another Transcended Cultivator here,” Lin Hu said with a calm voice.

“Me either. I bet you have almost reached Immortal Enlightenment level, haven’t you?” Master Wu smiled wryly.

Master Wu had been a well-respected master at the Dong Du area. However, the recent setback at Jiang Bei region had taken the wind out of his sails.

His skills paled under comparison with Chen Fan’s Thunder Art and Lin Hu’s ability to walk on water.

“What happened to my brother Linbao? Have you guys figured it out?” Lin Hu asked abruptly.

Xin Zhong gathered himself and replied, “Linbao was wounded by Zhou Tianhao from the Chu Zhou City.”

“Impossible!” Lin Hu refuted.

“Linbao had already achieved phenomenal success, and therefore he wouldn’t be injured even by regular weapons, much less a mortal!”

“Well, there is another possibility.” Xin Zhong gave Master Wu a knowing glance and then said hesitantly, “We have met someone, a boy at Chu Zhou City who could use the Thunder Art. If Linbao was defeated at Chu Zhou, it has to be because of him.”

“Thunder Art?” Lin Hu’s interest was piqued as his eyes lit up. He asked doubtfully, “There is still someone in China who know how to use the Thunder Art? I thought it was long gone!”

Master Wu announced with a deep voice, “I suspected him of being a disciple of the Heavenly Master Sect. Everyone around him calls him Master Chen.”

The thought of the thunder boring down on him made Master Wu tremble slightly. Ever since his defeat, the mentioning of Chen Fan’s name would send a chill down his spine.

“The Heavenly Master Sect, Master Chen? Humph!” Lin Hu snorted, eyes glinting. “However powerful he was, as long as he hasn’t perfected the Dao, my fellow martial artists and I can kill him as easily as squashing a worm.”

Every one of his words carried a chilling intend to kill, which made the listener’s hair stand on it’s end.

Master Wu had a gut feeling that Lin Hu could strike his opponent down before the opponent could materialize their plan of attack.

“No wonder the spellcasters had gone nearly extinct while the martial artists were still thriving. Without perfecting the Dao, no caster would stand a chance against a martial artist who was only one step away from the Transcendent State.”

Master Wu lamented.

“Lin Hu, are you going to Chu Zhou City to avenge your brother right now?” Xin Zhong asked cautiously.

To everyone’s surprise, Lin Hu shook his head and said, “There is no hurry. In addition to avenging my brother, I am here to consolidate the powers at the Jiang Bei region.”

Xin Zhong’s face lit up with glee; he exclaimed, “Are you going to stay in China?”

“Indeed.” Lin Hu nodded. Then he said wistfully, “My master wanted to come as well, but his defeat at the hands of Ye Nantian had stopped his plans cold in their tracks.

“After decades of preparation, my teacher is ready to fight Ye Nantian once again. As his disciple, I need to come here to make the process of his return smoother.”

Hearing that, Xin Zhong beamed from side to said.

Due to the nature of his overseas trading business, he had to deal with Lin Hu very frequently. He learned from the earliest stage of his business to lean toward Lin Hu for support. With a strong protector, he was able to establish himself at the coastal city of Tian He and grow his business steadily.

However, the fact that Lin Hu lived overseas had somewhat limited his influence. Xin Zhong was convinced that if Lin Hu lived in China, he would have already become the most powerful man in the Jiang Bei Region.

Years of waiting had finally bore fruit. Lin Hu’s decision to stay in China left Xin Zhong feeling ecstatic.

“If that is the case, I would recommend you to wait half a month for the annual Martial Arts Tournament. This was an annual event for all the magnates of Jiang Bei to settle scores and redistribute the pie based on the new balance of power. Zhou Tianhao will be there as well.

“If we can make Zhou Tianhao believe that the competition this year was going to be fierce, he would very likely bring Master Chen with him.

“Then, the stage will be all set! Once Lin Hu defeated Master Chen, you would be able to claim dominance over the entire Jiang Bei region.”

Xin Zhong went onto explain the details of his plan. Words formed from his mouth quicker than his mind could forget. Meanwhile, Lin Hu nodded approvingly from time to time as he listened.

“Very well. We will let Zhou Tianhao and his boy-champion live for another half month.”

Lin Hu said; his eyes were brimming with hatred.

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