Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 16 - First Day School

Chapter 16: First Day School

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When her grandfather was young and first started his company, Xiao’s grandfather and Xiaoqin’s grandfather were partners.

By then, not only had Mr. Wei become a powerful business magnate, but all of his old friends had also become powerful and influential individuals. Even though most of them were already retired, their influences were still huge.

The Xiao Family was also a powerful household in the city of Yanjin.

Brother Xiao was one of the elites among the second and the third generations of all the prominent families in Yanjin.

When Wei Ziqin was just a little girl, she had met Brother Xiao when she followed her grandfather to visit his old friends. From then on, Brother Xiao had left a deep impression on the girl’s mind.

However, even though Brother Xiao was the direct offspring of the family, he would have to bow respectfully to the reticent middle-aged man who accompanied his grandfather and call him “Uncle Wu.” It was evident to even a young girl that Mr. Wu held a respectable status in the Xiao Family.

“Grandpa, are you hoping to rope in that boy close to you like the Xiao family did to uncle Wu?” Wei Ziqin asked curiously.

“Haha, you think too little of your grandmaster.” Wei Fu smiled and then shook his head. “My old buddy had saved Mr. Wu’s family once, and therefore, Mr. Wu was willing to serve House Xiao. Otherwise, however powerful the Xiao Family was, they would not be able to have the servitude of a Transcendent Master.”

“I have given him the mansion as a token of goodwill. We are the first great family he had ever met, and we shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to befriend him.” Wei Fu lolled in a rocking chair and fanned his long beard with a Chinese hand fan. He looked like an astute strategist who had everything under his control.

Wei Ziqin nodded. Although her grandfather’s real intention still escaped her, she at least had gained a much better understanding of Chen Fan and his abilities.

She would never have thought that this annoying boy was as powerful as the person who impressed her father, grandfather and even Brother Xiao.

“Plus, he is so young. Even if he were not as powerful as Ye Nantian or Mr. Wu, he would surpass their ability one day.” Mr. Wei heaved a sigh as he marveled at the infinite potential of this young man.

“You mean, he can achieve the Immortal State?” Wei Ziqin asked incredulously as disbelief flickered in her eyes.

It was hard for her to imagine the power of the Immortal State after knowing the incredible power of a Transcendent Master.

“Unbelievable! Will he be able to fly in the sky and tunnel through the earth?”

“Immortal State?” The old man let out a quiet laugh.”We don’t even know if such a thing exists or not. I always believed that that was nothing but high tales.”

Suddenly, as if something had caught the elderly man’s attention. He looked over his shoulder into the distance as a strange emotion flashed across his face.

The next day, Chen Fan received a phone call. To his surprise, it was from Jiang Churan.

Jiang Churan called to check on him and see if he was alright after last night’s ordeal. She also invited him over to join her and two friends for lunch.

Chen Fan declined the invitation as politely as he could.

Although he didn’t appreciate the way those girls had treated him last night, as a Celestial Lord, he would not care about those frivolous matters. He didn’t want to join them for lunch because he didn’t want to be bored again.

Jiang Churan hung up the phone disappointedly as she resented the boy in her mind. “Ok, so he is strong, so what?. How dare he reject my invitation. I was even going to apologize for last night because I took pity on him. But I guess I was just thinking too much!”

Despite her resentful sentiment, the thought of Chen Fan’s heroic rescue last night made her heart skip a beat.

After Chen Fan hung up the phone, he felt his life was once again returned to normal.

Fast-forward the time to September 1st, the first day back to school…

By then, Chen Fan had almost finished the entry-stage of the Foundation Establishment, and he was only one step away from the mid-stage of the first level.

After his morning cultivation, Chen Fan walked along the Yangui Lake highway to his high school.

Ivy League High School was a private high school and was a well known upper-class academy. It ranked number one at Chu Zhou City both in terms of hardware facilities as well as the skills of teachers. There were only two kinds of people who could be admitted into this school: the geniuses and the rich kids.

On his way to school, Chen Fan saw many luxury vehicles whizzing pass him towards Ivy League High. Some kids were given a ride by their parents, and some were by their private chauffeurs.

“Was I in class group number nine in my past life?” Chen Fan felt like he was taking a trip down memory lane when he entered school. The Oxford style school uniforms and the familiar gardens by the entrance made him felt that he was in a deja vu.

When he arrived in his class, he found out that the classroom was only half full.

Everyone in the class was in school uniforms and were of above average looks. All of the boys were tall and handsome, and all the girls were pretty and innocent. Above all, they all shared a common trait: they all looked rich.

“What a shame that I had never paid much attention to the girls in my class during my past life. Some of them are drop-dead divas.”

Chen Fan noticed that no one seemed to have paid attention to him when he walked in. They were too busy chatting with each other, talking about their vacations aboard during the summer break.

“Are you looking for someone?” A girl had finally noticed him.

“I am new.” Chen Fan shrugged, He spotted the seat that he had used to sit in his past life and sat down.

Some girls managed to grace him with a glance in between their chattering but seeing his pedestrian-look and ordinary outfit, their interest in the new boy evaporated as quickly as they ditched their last boyfriend.

“Balls! I thought we are going to have a pretty new girl. What a bummer!” Chen Fan heard a loud sigh next to him.

The boy sitting next to him had well-defined features, but his overall appearance suffered from a pale complexion and dark circles around his eyes.

Chen Fan cracked a smile and kept his silence.

After some time, the head teacher Xue Hanzhi arrived.

She was wearing a black dress and had a cold cast to her stone-chiseled face. Xue Hanzhi was a graduate of the Ivy League High. By now, she was the assistant to the school principal. Being the head teacher of class number nine was only a transitional job for her.

She nodded at Chen Fan, willing him to stand up and introduce himself.

Unimpressed by what Chen Fan had to say, most students kept on chattering quietly.

Even after Chen Fan had finished his self-introduction, he was rewarded with only some sporadic and halting claps.

“Your name is Chen Fan? Your self-introduction is lame, man. You have to be cool on your first day. The first impression is the most important to girls.” Jiang Tanqiu shot the new boy a sidelong glance as he spoke.

“Whatever, it’s not important any longer. My name is Jiang Tanqiu; they call me the “club prince.” ”

Chen Fan nearly rolled his eyes at him. ” Of course I know who you are!”

“We had been sitting next to each other for a whole year, and at the end, we were practically joined at the hip! You remained my friend even when I was down on my luck.

“Later, you got yourself into some deep shit in the club over a girl, and even your father couldn’t get you out of jail. When I lost everything and came back to Chu Zhou City, I found you in no better shape than me. We have spent so many intoxicated nights together, hating the world and resenting everyone around us.

“You always told me that if you were given another life, you would never do anything for that girl who ruined your life. Well, my friend, I will see to it that you do that this time.”

Despite the roiling emotions inside of him, Chen Fan didn’t say a thing.

He wagered that this cocky boy might not even see him as a friend yet.

After a few moments of silence, Jiang Tanqiu started to lose his interest in the new student.

“Fine, fine. I will have to show you the ropes; let me fill you in!”

“Most of the girls in our class are pretty, but the prettiest of all, the crown jewel, the cream of the crop, is our class leader: Chang Wen. Look, she is right there.”

So saying, he pointed at a beautiful girl sitting upright in her seat.

“Chang Wen is not only the class leader but also the host of the school evening party. She is the leader of all the girls in our class. In our entire grade, only two other girls were considered more popular than her: Xu Rongfei and Jiang Churan.

“Of course, I suggest you stay away from them. One of them had already landed a role in a TV show. The money she makes every year was enough to buy a BMW. ” The thought of Xu Rongfei made Jiang Tanqiu’s eyes glint.

Chen Fan cracked a smile. He wanted to tell him that Xu Rongfei had almost become his girl, but he thought better of it.

The thought of his past made him feel depressed, much less talking about it.

Jiang Tanqiu continued, “Another word of caution. Do Not Piss Off The Girls! They know every girl on the school, so if they don’t like you, then you have no chance of getting any girl’s attention on campus.”

“Thank you for the heads up.” Chen Fan nodded.

He gave Chang Wen another few cautious glances, and he had to agree with Jiang Tanxiu that she was one of the best-looking girls in school.

“Um-um… not her either. Chang Wen is also way out of your league. She wouldn’t even be interested in me, much less you.” Jiang Taniu said after he noticed Chan Fen’s interest in Cheng Wen.

Chen Fan cracked a smile. Jiang Tanxiu didn’t change at all; he still had a pair of sharp eyes and an even sharper tongue.

“Chang Wen had his eyes set on Si Yinxia.” Jiang Taniu lamented. “But that jerk thinks he is too good to be with anyone.”

Right after Jiang Tanxiu had spoken, he pointed his lips toward the entrance and said, “There he is.”

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