Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 1031 - Chen Fan's Explanation

Chapter 1031: Chen Fan’s Explanation

In the meantime.

The entire main hall was in silence because of what Chen Fan said and the Ancestral Patriarchs froze. The Sword Master of the Moon Sword Sect and the Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region couldn’t believe Changshen would kill somebody in front of so many Ancestral Patriarchs and cultivators at the ceremony.

At this moment.

The cultivators and ordinary people on Planet Tianhuang saw the situation inside the hall. All of them witnessed how Chen Fan killed the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect. Even the Divine Master of Mount Emperor would have been scared of him if he was there.


Then, the dead body of the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect fell out of the main hall. People looked over and saw how a weapon covered with golden glitters had been stabbed on the Ancestral Patriarch, penetrating his brain. The weapon gradually became blurred and nobody could see clearly what it was. A few cultivators next to the body had blood splashed on their bodies and they immediately backed away.

“Chen Beixuan, how… how dare you?”

A beam of black light flew out of the dead body. It was apparently the Nascent Soul of the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect. He was only an inch large and was enveloped in mist. His face was full of fear and confusion. He couldn’t believe Chen Fan would really kill him in front of everyone else. He was wide eyed at the moment, glaring at Chen Fan.

“Shut up!”

Chen Fan waved his hand.


The Nascent Soul of the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect was completely crushed.

After witnessing such an act.

All the cultivators were stunned and the Ancestral Patriarchs turned pale. Destroying people’s bodies was something serious, but it was forgivable.

After all, it was easy for Nascent Soul Cultivators to change bodies with different kinds of secret arts. It was like breaking someone’s legs on Earth. Although it was against the law, it wouldn’t be severe enough for a criminal to deserve death.

But this.

This was murder! The Divine Soul had been destroyed in front of the Ancestral Patriarchs!

Some Ancestral Patriarchs tried to stop him, but it was too late. They all looked colder and there were waves of Dharma Power around their bodies. The moons around the sword Master of the Moon Sword Sect were even about to be shot out.

Ancestral Patriarch Jinghai asked, “Heavenly Lord Chen, why did you do that?”

“That old man disrespected me. I just wanted to give him a lesson. I never thought he couldn’t even withstand one attack from me. He was too weak.”

Chen Fan shook his head.

All the Ancestral Patriarchs and the elders of the Black Buddha Sect outside of the hall were enraged. That was their Ancestral Patriarch, someone who had cultivated for twelve thousand years and had mastered seventeen body arts of the sect. He was known as the “Unbeatable King Kong Arhat.” Not even the Heavenly Lords could hurt him with Heavenly Treasures and he was as powerful as Ancestral Patriarch Fudu.

Still, Chen Fan said he was too weak, too vulnerable?

What the hell?

Some cultivators wanted to refute, but they found that the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect was indeed unable to withstand Chen Fan’s “eye.” The Heavenly Lords in the hall knew Chen Fan must have practiced some kind of Immortal Will Arts by looking at the golden halberd.

However, the cultivators and the ordinary people outside of the main hall didn’t know that and they really thought the Ancestral Patriarch of the Black Buddha Sect was too weak.

“Ah, I thought that bald man was powerful, but he was killed in a heartbeat. He overestimated himself.”

“Right, Heavenly Lord Chen didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Whoever offends the superiors deserves to die.”

People discussed.

The Ancestral Patriarchs were enraged. The Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect even came up and pointed at Chen Fan. “Nonsense!”

The man was only wearing pants and there was an animal skin around his waist, while his upper body was bare. He was muscular and his body was full of tattoos of Divine and Heavenly Beasts. The Beast Taming Heavenly Sect and the Nifu Heavenly Region were next to each other, so their Ancestral Patriarchs were close friends.


Chen Fan grunted and looked at him with narrowed eyes.


A bolt of electricity flashed in the air again. This time, the Ancestral Patriarchs were prepared and kept their eyes peeled to look closely. They saw a golden halberd a few inches long. Some of them could even see the dragon patterns covering it, as if there was a dragon flying around.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect shouted, “Open!”

He was ready. His Dharma Power surged out of his body and an azure light flashed. Countless tattoos of beasts were lit up at the same time. There were giant tigers, golden hawks, fire phoenixes, leopards and even Sky-Swallowing Pythons.

The Beast Taming Heavenly Sect was known for their power, able to control the souls of thousands of beasts. After killing the beasts, they stored the souls into their bodies and formed a “Thousand Beast Spirit Body.” It was extremely powerful and it could let out the spirits of the beasts when they fought. That was the Divine Power the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect used to dominate the south regions of Planet Tianhuang.


At that moment, the entire main hall was filled with countless souls of beasts, frightening the cultivators on the entire Mount Emperor. Many of them had even collapsed on the ground, right after the attack was launched.

If it wasn’t for the arrays in the main hall, not even Golden Core Cultivators would have been able to remain standing.

“That’s terrifying.”

Even Xiao Mang was startled.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect was one of the most powerful Ancestral Patriarchs in the main hall.

“Weak like an ant.”

Chen Fan smiled in disdain, not moving in the slightest. That golden halberd then turned into a beam of golden light, piercing through the souls of the beasts.

Those seemingly unbeatable beast spirits disappeared instantly, like snow in boiling water.


The halberd penetrated the forehead and mind of the Ancestral Patriarch, impaling his body and Nascent Soul in the front of the hall.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect had no idea why his Thousand Beast Spirit Body was so vulnerable. In fact, the other Ancestral Patriarchs didn’t understand this, either.

“Hm, I can’t believe you tried to resist my ‘Thousand Divine Weapon Art’ with a Soul Art! You dug your own grave.”

Only Chen Fan sneered.

The Thousand Divine Weapon Art was one of the top Immortal Will Killing Arts. If the Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect fought it with his Dharma Power and body, he might have been able to withstand a few attacks, but it was like hitting a rock with an egg if he resisted the attack with just an Immortal Will Art.

If Chen Fan’s golden halberd was perfectly refined steel, the “Thousand Beast Spirits” would merely be marshmallows. How could they not be destroyed easily?

“Who else?”

This time, Chen Fan looked around and even the Sword Master of the Moon Sword Sect lowered his head.

When Chen Fan killed the Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect, everyone finally realized their differences in power. That wasn’t just the difference between Nascent Soul Cultivators, but between Connate and Golden Core Cultivators or Golden Core and Nascent Soul Cultivators.

Nascent Soul Cultivators were vulnerable in front of Chen Fan.

In the end, the Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region couldn’t just sit there anymore. He knew everyone would be suppressed by Chen Fan if he didn’t do something. This middle-aged man in azure robe stood and said, “Heavenly Lord Chen, those two Ancestral Patriarchs didn’t do anything wrong. Why did you kill them? Please give us an explanation.”

“Yeah, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Beast Taming Heavenly Sect had always been nice and he didn’t offend the North Qiong Sect. We can’t accept this at all.”

“Right, you must explain to us why you killed them without a good reason.”

“Please understand, Heavenly Lord.”

The other Heavenly Lords also chimed in after the Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region spoke.

They didn’t believe Chen Fan would kill all of them because of this.

In a blink, everyone in the main hall became emotional.

Even the Grand Elder, Zhao Juexian and Qingshi were worried. Only Lord Dragon stood there calmly. It would certainly be a joke if the Grand Cultivator of the True Martial Celestial Sect couldn’t even suppress such a small group of Nascent Soul Cultivators.


Chen Fan smiled and said, “Why should I give you an explanation? Who do you think you are?”

After that.

Everyone was astonished. Many Ancestral Patriarchs and the Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region were furious. Chen Fan was powerful and they had to admit it, but they couldn’t tolerate him as he humiliated the others. Some bad-tempered Heavenly Lords almost flipped the desks over and pulled their swords out.


Chen Fan got up slowly.

He walked down the stairs with his hands behind his back. There were 999 stairs, symbolizing that the North Qiong Sect was on the top of Planet Tianhuang.

“Clomp, clomp!”

Chen Fan walked down slowly. He didn’t have a hint of energy on him, but an invisible pressure appeared in the hall, leaving all the Nascent Soul Cultivators speechless.

People saw Chen Fan walk out of the main hall.

Everyone on the entire Mount Emperor and Planet Tianhuang was focusing on him.

“He?” Everyone was confused.

Someone suddenly realized something and he gasped. “Is he going to…”

“Oh no!”

The Sect Master of the Changshen Heavenly Region was frightened.

But it was too late.

Chen Fan glanced around in disdain. There weren’t any energy waves around his body, but he was fierce like the king from Heaven.

“Didn’t you ask for an explanation?

“All right, I’ll give you one today!”


Chen Fan turned into a beam of golden light and shot up into the sky. The light ray was too bright and it flashed a few thousand miles in a blink, out of everyone’s sight.

It was going straight to the north.

To the Medicine God Sect!

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