Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Self Training

“What are you doing! Do you know how much effort I spent to get you in bed?!” Gong Yi scolded.

Little Jue didn’t feel embarrassed or afraid. The boy was particularly sensitive to people’s emotions. He seemed to sense that while Gong Yi was acting hostile towards him, she was actually a kind person at heart.

“Thank you….”

Gong Jue’s clothes were a mess. He gazed at Gong Yi with eyes that were weak as a rabbit’s. His voice had not yet recovered and he used a very soft tone; slowly the child said, “Thank you……big sister Gong.”

Big sister….after being addressed this way, Yi Mo was surprised and felt a strange sense of accomplishment.

She struggled to keep a straight face, while her inner conscience was screaming excitedly!

Who would have thought that the future prince, brother-in-law, man of a blood-washed harem, and the murderous Regent, would address the poor Gong Yi Mo as his elder sister? Who would have thought?!

When he noticed her change in temperament, Gong Jue couldn’t figure out where the girl’s sudden pleasure came from. Although he found it weird, he weakly called her big sister once again. He thought she was cute and lovely, like a little deer.

Gong Yi Mo took another glance at Gong Jue and suddenly felt he was very useful. He didn’t seem to be as annoying as before.

“You clever kid!” Gong Yi Mo smiled coldly. As she was about to leave, a stomach grumbled loudly. Little Jue bowed his head and blushed. He looked up at her embarrassingly.

The food she gave me was left in the yard. I am afraid I can’t even eat it now…..

Because food was so rare in the cold palace, even if he wasn’t hungry, he felt quite ashamed for wasting food.

When Gong Yi Mo heard his words, her gaze slightly softened. Although she still appeared expressionless, she once again pulled and item from her sleeve.

The room was cold and it has been a long since the boy had eat.

Yi Mo sighed to herself and moved to the edge of his bed. She took out a bottle water, removed the lid, and dripped water into to the child’s mouth little by little. The action was very stiff and awkward. It was obvious that she wasn’t experienced in babysitting.

The boy continued to swallow, sip by sip.

Gong Jue was very thirsty. In such a silent mansion, he could only hear himself gulping down water. As Yi Mo helped him drink, he couldn’t help but stare at her with wide eyes, as if he doubted whether or not this was a dream.

The girl’s fingertips were cool. Although her mannerisms seemed impatient, her movements were still very gentle. Every time Yi Mo would pull the bottle to his mouth, her fingertip would brush against Gong Jue’s warm lips. Those fingers felt soft. Every time she touched, his heart would tremble slightly.

It’s true, sister Gong is also just a child.

But what about it?

The warmth didn’t last long. Gong Yi wiped her hands and glanced at Little Jue. Noticing that he wanted to speak, she quickly stopped him.

She deliberately ignored his ink-like eyes and turned away. Gong Jue began to feel helpless.

“Don’t speak..” she said. “This cold flu crisis is all over the palace. I don’t have anything to help you with. In the future….you must rely on yourself!”

It’s one thing to feel pity and sympathy, but Gong Yi’s heart is clear; she can’t possibly get involved with him. A person who was a murderer in her previous life, Gong Jue was alone and is destined to be alone. There is no way around it.

Afterwards, she looked at the child’s panicked appearance. Regardless of whether the boy had anything to say, Yi Mo turned away and ran!

Gong Jue’s outreached arm suddenly paused in the air, and his mouth hung open in surprise. In the he couldn’t say anything; he tried to suppress the sense of loss at the bottom of his heart. An injured look flashed across his face.

His sister Gong……I’m afraid she doesn’t want to be contaminated with my problems….Unfortunately, he still doesn’t know the other person’s name.

Early in the morning, Gong Yi jogged using internal strength for two hours in order to wake up. She discovered that each time she used her internal energy, she felt refreshed. It was finally hot after raining all night yesterday.

Her practice in martial arts in this world began a bit late, but her advantage was her previous experience. As long as she tempers her body, she will be able to recover her previous internal strength in a few years’ time.

At this time, the gate to her cold palace was unceremoniously pushed open, and a palace woman angrily walked in. She rudely placed a box of food containers on the table. “You’ve been ill for so long. Still not dead?”

The moment this woman walked into her house, Yi Mo already lay in bed. She remembered this palace lady. This was one of the three servants who took care of her. The woman spent more time caring for the girl than the other two servants. Anyways, who would want to guard a sick princess? However, although the girl wasn’t favored, the fact that she could survive the past four years was a miracle.

Gong Yi Mo pretended to wake up and stared at her. Every time this lady would feel upset, she would come to the cold palace to vent her anger. Gong Yi wanted to find an excuse for her servants to leave for good. That way she could practice her martial arts in peace. In this case, it’s better for her to use her full skill in acting.

Gong Yi had a dazed look in her eyes. She began to desperately cough and she would reach out to the air, as if in pain. The palace lady was afraid of sickness, so she backed away in disgust. Suddenly she heard the weak voice of Gong Yi:


A bright red stain trickled down her mouth.

This was enough to cause the lady to jump in fright. Before she could respond, Gong Yi Mo struggled pitifully and weakly said, “No!….could this…..could it be contagious?!”

“Aaah!!” the palace lady quickly fled in horror. Yi Mo relaxed and smiled in amusement.

This time, it won’t be long before the cold palace she lives in will be isolated. No one will come to confirm whether or not this pampered princess is infected. Letting her live on her own til her death is their best solution.

In the future, besides sending rice, there won’t be any ambitious people who will walk in to cause her troubles. She can practice with peace of mind. On the contrary, if anyone discovers her abnormalities, she would really be in deep trouble!

Just as she predicted, it wasn’t long before some privileged nobles came to her home to see her sickly appearance. She lay before before them with her bloodstained clothes. As she moved, they quickly backed off and left. By the time she sat up from bed, all the house’s openings were barred and enforced with few layers of locks. There was only a small window left where meals could be delivered. They truly left her alone. If she was an ordinary seven-year-old child, such a treatment would be considered cruel.

Gong Yi smiled. Her plan worked! Knowing that everyone had left, she finally calmed down and sneaked into the yard. After taking a deep breathe, she threw a kick in the air.

The storm had passed, and the sun scattered it golden rays and lit up her little face. She practiced a set moves and used internal strength. She used moves that were similar to the Tai Chi she knew in a previous life. Internal strength requires dedication to endure all things.

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