Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Pleads for Mercy Once Again

Just as a servant anxiously stepped forward to take her away, Gong Yi Mo suddenly looked up at the Emperor, her calm eyes filled with a firm resolve.

“Father Emperor! This child wants to make a deal with Father Emperor!”

Her actions stunned the crowd!

Emperor Gong’s veins bulged in anger, but he continued to coldly stare at her. “Oh, then tell me, what kind of deal?”

After she heard his response, many thoughts and calculations flitted through her mind. She stared straight at the Emperor, her eyes burning into him.

“Father, in the last two years, this child has offered many improvements in the kingdom– papermaking, printing methods, inventing water filtration, and even popularizing underground pipelines. This child believes this child has achieved meritorious service! Meritorious service for Father Emperor’s country!”

The Emperor sneered, “And so what?”

Gong Yi Mo felt a strong chill emanate from him, but she forced herself not to retreat.

“Because of that, Father Emperor has rewarded this child with many treasures. In hopes that the Liu Family can be spared, this child is willing to donate all her assets for the construction in Xi Zhou!”

This was an unexpected attack!

A mere girl dare to offer him rewards?

The Emperor laughed. “Meritorious service? As a princess, it is your duty to contribute to the country. And yet you want to use this credit to change the Liu Family’s fate? What a whimsical wish! I don’t know what advantages the Liu Family has offered for you to dare to repeatedly disobey me!”

The Emperor slammed his hand fiercely upon his dragon throne!

The entire hall fell into a deathly silence. The wrath of the Emperor could cause a river of blood! But Gong Yi Mo was already riding on the back of a tiger. It would be difficult to get off, so she made a gamble!

“Father Emperor…” Her hairpiece trembled as her face showed a trace of sadness.

“This humble princess… When I grew up in the cold palace, what I longed for most was familial affection and friendship.” Gong Yi Mo looked to the prince who still looked as if he had lost his soul. “Elder Brother Crown Prince treated me very well. It is only right for me to do so.”

She continued, “Father Emperor, this child is not willing to see you and Elder Brother’s kinship be obstructed by those with ill intentions! You are supreme–discipline and forgiveness are the things which always occupy your mind. Please show mercy to the Liu Family for the sake of a father and son’s affection!”

Before she finished her words, a loud bang echoed through the hall! A small table near the dragon chair was overturned by the emperor while a tea set rolled over.

“A father and son’s affection?” He glanced at Gong Yi Mo with an indescribable chill in his eyes. His gaze even contained a hint of killing intent.

What she meant by those words was, if he killed off the Liu Family, having the prince continue to live with him would all be a joke!

As an emperor, what he hated the most was someone who made him repeat his words three times, then rebelling four times against his decision! Not just that, this girl even dared to threaten him! Anyone who touched his inverse scales [note] inverse scale 逆鳞–sensitive scale located above a main vessel of a dragon that goes to the heart… if touched, the dragon will erupt in fierce anger. For a person if you touch their “inverse scale” they will be deeply offended and react violently [/note] was seeking death!

“Well, since you keep speaking up for the Liu Family, then here is your reward! From now on, the sin of the Liu Family will be shouldered by you!”

His words finally woke Gong Che from his stupor. “Father Emperor, you can’t!”

Emperor Gong paid him no heed and continued to glare at Gong Yi Mo. However, her expression remained indifferent as if she had expected such a ruling all this time.

Blood rushed to the Emperor’s head as looked down in fury.

“Gong Yi Mo, hear this decree! You have repeatedly disobeyed the emperor, and as a woman, you have interfered in the court. There is no forgiveness for your crime. From this day on, your title as princess will be revoked and you will be demoted to a commoner. Receive the emperor’s will!”

The Emperor’s decree stunned everyone. Even Chang Xi couldn’t resist glancing at Gong Yi Mo in disbelief. Many were pleased with such a result.

Gong Yi Mo sighed and bowed her head deeply. “Commoner [note] Commoner 民女 – woman from an ordinary family [/note] accepts your decree. Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty!”

Her obedience infuriated Emperor Gong even more! He stood up and strode out of the building. Soon, a number of guards approached to take Gong Yi Mo away from the palace. Gong Che didn’t even have the chance to speak with her.

His mind was plagued with uncertainty. Why, just why did she have to go through this for him?

At first, Gong Che felt unfathomable hatred for her. Yes, he hated her for persecuting his grandfather to his death. But deep down, he understood that if there was no sacrifice, his family would be doomed.

This time, they were able to escape the Emperor’s wrath, but it was only after Gong Yi Mo had given up all the treasures she owned, including her title. He could not imagine a mere twelve-year-old girl left to the outside world. Even if she was intelligent, she did not have any experience outside the palace. Would she be deceived and left for naught? Without any connections outside, where could she go alone!

The thought seemed to drown his entire being in stinging vinegar.

She desperately stood up for him and yet, he had doubted her. He refused her help, and yet she was willing to take all the blame!

Gong Che hammered heavily on the table. It was because he was useless… He was simply useless!

The emperor’s decree soon spread throughout the kingdom. One could imagine the disturbance such news would cause in the harem. It was a surprise to find that the Crown Prince and the Empress were merely confined as punishment.

A heavy crime was actually met with such a light punishment. Whoever plotted behind the scenes must be grinding their teeth at this time. Such a complicated scheme only ended in this result!

Gong Yi Mo, you are very good!

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