Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 460 - Trauma from Past Life (1)

Chapter 460 Trauma from Past Life (1)


Gong Yimo held in the urge to say something unpleasant. She glared at him harshly.

“Let me make it clear! I’m your royal sister. In the past, I was. Right now, I am and in the future, I will still be too.”

She recalled something and specially added with a malicious intention, “We’re related by blood. I definitely can’t make it past my conscience to accept you!”

Gong Jue’s gaze dimmed, but he became spirited again. This time, he advanced closer to her.

“Just tell me whether you like me or not. That’d be enough.”

His pair of indifferent and cold eyes were right in front of her face, eagerly waiting for a response.

Gong Yimo looked at his eyes. She originally wanted to deceive him like in the past, but she faced on with this question for the first time after seeing the genuine gaze in his eyes.

Did she like him?

No... He should’ve asked her if she disliked him or not.

She didn’t dislike him nor did she feel disgusted. Then... she liked him?

Gong Yimo stared at his thin and soft lips, recalling back to the time she was kissed. How did she feel back then?

She seemed to have forgotten already...

Gong Jue’s eyes stared deeply at Gong Yimo’s lips, his fingers caressing her soft lips. His deep and magnetic voice teased Gong Yimo’s exposed skin, making her shiver.

“Do you like it?” He asked and moved closer and closer to her, forcing Gong Yimo in the corner of the room.

Gong Yimo seemed to be a bit silent. She stared at his lips for a moment. She won’t know whether she liked him or not until she tried!

Thinking of this, she slightly moved ahead and captured his lips.

Gong Jue was stunned despite their lips just touching. He widened his eyes and seemed to be wondering whether he was in a dream or not.

There was always a mint scent on his lips. It was because she made a lot of mint powder for him to use while freshening himself. But now that she tasted it, she thought it was quite sweet. She suckled on his soft lips, making Gong Jue a bit engrossed with the feeling. She specially licked his upper lips and then softly nibbled on his lower lips. She even went to tease his tongue, extremely brazenly!

She originally just wanted to part away after tasting and feeling it, but then what happened next was all due to instinct.

It was undeniable that he... tasted great.

Gradually, Gong Yimo could hear Gong Jue’s quick heartbeat. She suddenly snapped out of her trance.

She moved back and was about to part away, but how could Gong Jue allow her to do so? He pursued her and pressed her against the bed, continuing what they were just doing without another word.

Gong Yimo felt as if she was enveloped by fire, and the warm temperature burned the two’s bodies. The burning feeling made it seem as if their clothes were torn apart.

While they were entangled together, Gong Yimo finally understood something. That was... she did have some sort of feelings for Gong Jue.

She actually felt something towards the child she raised?!

She finally broke down after shame took over her.

She suddenly pushed Gong Jue away. At this time, Gong Jue was still on top of her, panting. There was a layer of mist in his eyes as if wondering why she pushed him away.

Isn’t she the one that kissed him? She must feel something for him!

Thinking of this, Gong Jue’s heart soared with joy! They clearly liked each other. He was about to lose his mind due to excess happiness!

Gong Yimo’s gaze became ruthless and indifferent once again.

She recognized the feeling in her heart and knew that she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She needed to stop this feeling. This wasn’t right. She felt shameful for having these feelings for Gong Jue. This was an immoral act!

She didn’t mind love between an older woman and a younger man, but it happened to her. Even more, with the situation with Gong Jue, it was incredibly awkward and she couldn’t accept this.

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