Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Battle of Words in the Court (1)

Translator: Kitty G.

Editor: Loreli

“Today, Elder Brother is pleading guilty because he cares about his family, yet despite his innocence, all of you continue to throw dirty water on him?” Gong Yi Mo’s measuring gaze pierced through the courtiers.

Gong Che opened his mouth to refute. He could not bear to watch his grandfather being accused of the crime! What difference was the princess trying to make? But just when he was about to speak up, Gong Yi Mo interrupted him! “Brother is confused! Of course, I understand that the Right Minister is dear to your heart, so you are trying to stand up for him. But doesn’t Elder Brother care about your mother, the Empress? Did you know that before I came here, Queen Mother almost committed suicide!”

Upon hearing this shocking news, Gong Che clenched his fist in worry.

“Queen Mother!”

Gong Yi Mo replied comfortingly, “Fortunately, I rescued her in time. Nothing serious happened.”

When the officials heard of the Empress’ desire to kill herself, one of them replied with a sly grin, “That’s because the Empress’ crime was exposed, and she wanted to commit suicide to escape punishment! Your Majesty, please deliver justice!”

Gong Yi Mo glared maliciously at the officials, then anxiously explained to the Emperor,

“The Empress knew the scheme was the Liu Family’s doing. That was why she felt she had wronged the Emperor.

“She told me that it was her fault, that she had not controlled her family members’ decisions. She is responsible for their mistakes, but the Crown Prince himself is faultless. After all, it was because of the prince reminding me that we were able to implement a safe escort of the carriages. I believe that Father will not wrongly accuse the wrong person…”

“This is utter nonsense!” An official in the crowd exclaimed angrily. “The disaster relief costs more than ten million. For such a heavy expenditure to be embezzled, the Right Minister would not have the ambition nor the means to deal a blow on these supplies by himself.”

Gong Yi Mo smiled mockingly, and her eyes flashed with a cold light. “What the official says is true! …This corruption, ah, the princess is also clear that it’s a case of a big fish eating a smaller fish. It’s really interesting. I heard that the embezzling of Xi Zhou’s disaster relief supplies is a common occurrence. Is it truly reasonable for the Right Minister to be responsible for the sin? This princess thinks that putting all the blame on one person is too good to be true. It’s necessary to thoroughly investigate!”

Hearing her words echo through the hall, the officials involved in Xi Zhou’s relief corruption dared not speak, and a good half of the hall went silent.

The Emperor listened to the princess’ lengthy speech without interruption. Gong Yi Mo sighed in relief at his attention. She then turned to see Gong Che’s bitter expression; now, she must convince him to agree to prove his innocence.

“Elder Brother Crown Prince, do you really want to take responsibility for the wrongs of this guilty family?”

At this time, it was impossible for Gong Che to not understand Gong Yi Mo’s good intentions. When he watched her battle with words against the court, he felt a warmth in his heart. However, the prince still chose to firmly kneel before the emperor.

“Sister Gong does not have to mention this,” said Gong Che. “I will shoulder all responsibility. This child is willing to renounce the title as Crown Prince in hopes that father will be merciful to the Liu family!”

After his words, he kowtowed deeply with determination.

Now, Gong Yi Mo was truly angry. “Elder Brother, aren’t you afraid that your choice will push your mother, not only to sorrow, but also death?!”

When Gong Yi Mo stressed the word death, Gong Che understood the hidden meaning behind her words. If he was no longer the crown prince, not only would his life be miserable, his mother’s would also be unpromising, and sooner or later, she would perish within the harem’s disputes. But he had to abandon his grandfather just for this reason?

Gong Che looked to the Right Minister’s disheveled appearance. He really couldn’t bear to.

Suddenly, Gong Yi Mo pointed to the Right Minister and exclaimed in anger, “It’s all your fault! Harming his mother is not enough, now you even want to implicate the Crown Prince. Why don’t you just die?!”

Her words were a blessing to the Right Minister! He stared at Gong Yi Mo. The little girl’s expression was solemn. It was obvious that she was really trying to save the prince.

That was enough.

Tears trickled down the old Right Minister’s face. Suddenly, he shouted loudly in a broken voice, “Your Highness, it was Grandfather who was unfair to you!”

After speaking, he swiftly knocked his head upon the dragon pillar! The bloody scene caused an uproar in the palace. Gong Che was overcome with shock. He could not even lift his hands…

He looked at his motionless grandfather on the ground, then turned to Gong Yi Mo. His gaze bore into her. There was a hint of emptiness and coldness in his eyes.

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