Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Dangerous Rescue

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While Gong Che hesitated, Gong Yi Mo came by his side and said, “Because of my cultivation, I was long aware of the Crown Prince’s secret…” She smiled as she clasped the prince’s hand that tightly held the Qi box. Her clear eyes looked at him calmly as she said in an earnest voice, “But I had never disclosed this matter to anyone, not even to Gong Jue.”

With only one sentence, she caused Gong Che, who was about to lose consciousness, to loosen his grip on the box.

Gong Yi Mo hurriedly laid the prince down on the boat. His body was already numb. Gong Che had so much trouble breathing that he was left unable to think. The darkness of the night slowly crept over them, making it difficult for him to see the princess’ face. He was at her mercy. Gong Che’s thumb lingered over the Qi box’s button, but he still could not bear press it.

Gong Yi Mo held him firmly. She knew there was a risk of getting poisoned, but she still acted as if she didn’t mind. The princess reached out to raise his chin while her other hand pressed firmly against his chest. Her voice was solemn and contained some sort of determination.

“Everything I’m about to do is for your life’s preservation. If you want, you can press the Qi box at any time, but I hope the Crown Prince could try to believe me this time. I, Gong Yi Mo, will never disappoint anyone.”

Yes, she will never disappoint anyone. Never!

After taking a deep breath, Gong Yi Mo closed her eyes and leaned down towards his pale purple lips.

The moment their lips and breaths made contact, both of them trembled.

Gong Che couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise! His originally blurry vision suddenly sharpened, and his thumb hovered over the button repeatedly, but he still hesitated!

Can he trust her? Regarding his life and death, status, and family… can he really trust her?

For a moment, he felt a long breath pour into his lungs. The suffocation in his chest gradually subsided, but his heart continued to beat wildly. His cheeks were thoroughly dyed red!

Once again, Gong Yi Mo took a deep breath and made contact with his lips. This time, she felt more sensitive to his touch.

Gong Che’s lips were very soft. So delicate that she couldn’t help but think of the marshmallows she had eaten in her past life.

The fragrance emanating from the young girl and the surrounding lotus flowers enveloped the young prince. He was overwhelmed with sweetness along with the intoxicating aroma from the wine they just shared. At this time, Gong Che felt as if he were drunk. His fingertips trembled as if he were in a dream.

Gong Yi Mo took another deep breath.

At the same time, her other hand pressed firmly against his chest, guiding a steady stream of internal forces in the hopes that he could be relieved from some pain.

She concentrated seriously on her work; her long lashes trembled, while her back was rigid in tension. She did not know whether her actions would help Gong Che in the end. He only needed a shred of doubt towards her to press the button, and her life would not be guaranteed!

Gong Yi Mo was well aware that Gong Che was not as gentle as he appeared. So this time she gambled! She hoped that Gong Che would react the same way as he did in the past-and not kill her!

The internal force continued to flow endlessly into Gong Che. As the darkness sunk further, a drop of sweat slid down the princess’ face and onto Gong Che. The cool sensation caused the half-conscious boy to shudder and open his eyes.

The numbness in his hands and feet seemed to recover, and his senses became acuter.

Gazing at her face drawn close to his, their lips intertwined, he felt a sudden impulse!

There was a hint of confusion in his eyes. He seemed to be… okay?

Once he determined that it was all real, a thought lingered in his heart… she was simply not an ordinary person.

Gong Che felt an obsession rise within him, intoxicating his every cell. He knew that he shouldn’t indulge, but he couldn’t help but sink deeper into the feeling!

Her lips were fragrant and soft. The soft sensation pierced to his very core, allowing his suffocating heart to beat wildlyonce again!

No… they are brother and sister. How can this be?

But what does it matter?

The boat continued to drift across the lake.

As they ventured deep into the abyss of flowers, the sweet scent of lotuses permeated. The wine bag had spilled its contents onto the boat, filling the air with intoxication.

Gong Che stared at her foolishly. The clumps of lotus leaves clung to them; if he reached out, he could easily pick some. They were doing such things under the lotus flowers…

From his perspective, the sky was somewhat visible within the lotus leaves. The sunset’s glow had turned into a deep purple with several stars embellishing the dark blue sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

When Gong Yi Mo sensed that Gong Che had calmed down, she attempted to slowly get up, but before she could move, she was caught off guard by a cool sensation on her lips-Gong Che had licked her gently! Startled by his move, Gong Yi Mo suddenly sat up.

However, as she rose, the lotus leaves brushed heavily against her, leaving her no choice but to bend her waist. Once again she leaned very close to the prince, causing their breaths to entangle.

He… how could he do that!

Gong Yi Mo moved her waist and leaned against the boat with one hand. Under this ambiguous atmosphere, she dared not look him in the eye or even ask if he was doing okay.

Gong Che was also surprised by his own shocking behavior, and was unable to speak for a while.

At this time, the boat emerged out of the narrow waterway. Gong Yi Mo immediately sat up upon reaching the clearing. They could finally see their attendants waiting anxiously by the shore.

Because she had sat up involuntarily, Gong Yi Mo ended up straining her body. She saw Gong Che in a daze and secretly glanced at the Qi box in his hand.

So then, maybe… she’s safe now, right?

She was truly afraid that Gong Che would actually kill her to keep his secret.

But seeing his silence, that doesn’t seem to be the case…

Just to be sure, Gong Yi Mo quickly mobilized her last bit of remaining internal force to push the boat quickly to shore. The princess let out a sigh of relief once the boat bumped against dry land. The slight tremble snapped Gong Che awake!

He subconsciously looked at Gong Yi Mo, and his face suddenly turned red!

It was a pity the night was dark and the princess couldn’t see his expression. He hid the Qi box and hurriedly climbed out of the boat to leave.

Although the servants accompanying the Crown Prince were confused, in the end, they only looked at Gong Yi Mo suspiciously and quickly greeting her before chasing after Gong Che. Seeing the Crown prince and his men walk away, Gong Yi Mo relaxed and exhaled.

What a terrifying experience! She was almost killed!

She must have lost her wits to actually think of doing artificial respiration! Fortunately, she was resourceful. Gong Yi Mo secretly disdained herself for using such a method. She entirely could have only used internal force to save him.

At the end of the day, she attributed her choice to the fact that she was too nervous at the time. She didn’t want to look back. Now, she only prayed that Gong Che didn’t mind; she still needed his help!

While she was immersed in her thoughts, she turned around and suddenly found that Gong Jue was standing right behind her. In the darkness, Gong Jue was dressed in a black coat and his hair appeared slightly damp. She did not know how long he stood there.

Gong Yi Mo didn’t know why, but she felt that Gong Jue didn’t seem quite right.

His figure was illuminated by a lantern, showing his expressionless face. She could sense a loneliness emanating from his figure.

It was as if he was isolated from the rest of the world, leaving him desolate.

Gong Yi Mo frowned slightly. She glanced at Xin’er and the other attendants who were mute with fear. “You came to find me? How long have you been standing here? Why didn’t you get someone call for me?”

If Xin’er had called her ashore, Gong Yi Mo would have definitely heard her.

At this moment, Gong Jue looked at her deeply. He was only a young child at the age of eleven, but his dark ink eyes seemed to have countless things to say. He breathed deeply in agitation.

The boy reached out and suddenly held Gong Yi Mo’s hand. Since she had overdrawn her strength from using internal forces, her hands and feet were very cold.

A steady stream of internal force transferred to Gong Yi Mo’s hand, giving warmth. Gong Jue saw his sister look up at him in surprise. He only lowered his head and coldly said,

“In the future, don’t meet with the Crown Prince alone.”

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