Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 33

Fierce Chapter 33 – First Kiss

Gong Jue thought he knew what kind of book this was.

Still, he maintained an innocent face and seriously asked, “Sister Gong, why do you read this kind of book?”

His watery dark eyes were very pure while his head was tilted to the side as if in thought. His appearance deceived Gong Yi Mo, and she lowered her head, feeling a tinge of guilt.

“…I don’t.”

Gong Jue smirked to himself, but on the surface, his face expressed sincere curiosity. “Then, who is it for?”

Remembering her intentions, Gong Yi Mo looked straight at her brother. “Naturally, this book is for you!”

She felt even more concerned when she saw her brother staring blankly at her. “Now that you are eleven years old, it’s time that I teach you about matters between men and women!”

If Gong Jue’s mother was still alive, naturally she would be the one to teach him these things. Since the concubine had passed away, Gong Yi Mo took the responsibility of educating him upon herself. She didn’t want Gong Jue to be ignorant of such matters–no, she needed to make sure that he doesn’t get fooled by other girls when he leaves the palace!

“Teach me?” This time, it was Gong Jue’s face that blushed red, while Gong Yi Mo smiled with enthusiasm.

“Yes, come here. You’re such a pure boy that, as your sister, I need to make sure you understand affairs between men and women!”

(T/N: LOL sex education from Gong Yi Mo hahahah…) (Ed/N: o_o )

Affairs between men and women…

Gong Jue was really such a nervous little chick. When Gong Yi Mo took the initiative in such a way, he still started trembling no matter how cool-headed he was. She pulled him to her side while he was in a daze and had him sit down on the bed.

But when she was about to start talking, Gong Yi Mo actually didn’t know how to begin.

The atmosphere turned awkward between the two siblings… Gong Yi Mo’s body felt stiff, but she didn’t know how to get out of her predicament, and Gong Jue didn’t want to miss any opportunity to be close to her.

“It’s like this…” She finally spoke.

Having gathered her thoughts, Gong Yi Mo patted Gong Jue’s back and said, “You’ve grown up, and in a few years, you’ll reach marriageable age… Since you’ll be away from home for a long time, you need to keep your integrity, especially when it comes to girls. Be careful not to touch them and have children with them.”

What was she trying to say? The more Gong Jue listened, the more he felt her logic was wrong. So he couldn’t touch any woman, or else the girl will end up being pregnant? (T/N: I think he’s confused by her meaning of the word “touch” LOL)

Seeing his look of disagreement, Gong Yi Mo assumed he wasn’t taking her words to heart. Wanting to scare him, she jokingly said, “It’s true! It’s very easy for a girl to have a baby. You just have to kiss a girl, and she will be pregnant!”

Just as she finished speaking, Gong Jue suddenly leaned over and kissed those long coveted lips. His heart paused for a moment, then started beating wildly.

“You mean… like this?”

Time seemed to stop. He could only hear his heartbeat.

The first time they touched, Gong Jue had only wanted to savor her taste, but his sudden action made Gong Yi Mo freeze! Seeing her moistened lips, he gulped. Only God knew how much effort he put into preventing himself from indulging in his desires. Gong Jue feared that she would be disgusted with him, so he quickly pulled away after a light kiss. Afterward, he stared at Sister Gong with bright and pure eyes and muttered, “Like this?”

If a simple kiss could truly bring forth children, how happy he would be…

If Gong Jue had been raised with a mother and a eunuch to guard him, he would have remained a simple child. Unfortunately, he had to endure too many schemes from the harem. Gong Jue first encountered aphrodisiac at the age of nine when a palace maid tried to drug him, although the scheme to seduce him had failed in the end. Since then, he personally read books regarding the matter for his self-preservation.

Gong Jue did not want any accidents to happen, especially concerning affairs between men and women. In recent years, although he had never personally tried it, Gong Jue had already seen many things and later, escaped many plots initiated by women. It was just that he never mentioned these experiences to Gong Yi Mo.

Furthermore, Gong Yi Mo had long forgotten the poisoning Gong Jue experienced when he was nine years old. She thought that his growth was within her expectations. Never did she imagine that his innocence was merely a pretense, and he had already reached a place that she could not see. As he matured… he grew an uncontrollable desire to possess her!

Gong Yi Mo was in a state of shock after she realized what had just happened. Was she just kissed by the baby she raised? When she saw the young boy’s curious eyes, she was left unable to chastise him. After a long time, she snapped back to reality and replied, “Yes… but there’s more to it.”

Gong Jue’s eyes lit up. “What else?”

Gong Yi Mo responded in a grave tone. “You have to sleep in bed together, then show your sincerity, and then… it will happen.”

God knows how hard it was for her to say this before Gong Jue’s eager eyes.

“In summary…. you have to remain clean for the next few years. And… and you can’t do what you just did no matter who it is!”

Seeing her feet shift nervously, Gong Jue once again felt his desires provoked. The look in his eye deepened, and he said in a low voice,

“I know, Sister Gong.”

The expression on his face gave Gong Yi Mo goosebumps.


After the disaster relief materials were fully prepared, many officials rushed to offer Gong Jue gifts for his journey, giving the emperor face for his decision. However, Gong Che chose to instead first come to the Taiji Palace. Everyone knew that Gong Jue was Gong Yi Mo’s shadow and that he only gained his position because of her. Nevertheless, Gong Che was still very happy to see Gong Yi Mo.

It was evening, yet the sky was still very bright. Gong Yi Mo was excitedly leaving her palace while carrying a few bottles of medicine when she spotted the brocade box in Gong Che’s hands. “Did Elder Brother Crown Prince also come to offer Gong Jue gifts for his journey?”

Acting like a spoiled little sister, Gong Yi Mo affectionately grabbed his arm and pulled him along. “I happened to be going too. Let’s walk there together!”

Today she was in a good mood. She was always so enthusiastic when it came to Gong Jue, but she seldom took the initiative when it came to him. Feeling her warmth, Gong Che tensed up slightly. However, he could not bear to refuse her, so he let her pull him along.

Once they left the vicinity of Taiji Palace, Gong Yi Mo paid more attention to her image and let go of him. She curiously glanced at the box in his hands. “What did Elder Brother bring?”

Gong Che didn’t shy away and directly opened the box. In it was a dagger decorated with gemstones, pearls, and jades. The design was exquisite, but with just a glance, Gong Yi Mo knew the blade’s sharpness was far less than that of the one she had given.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!” She said with sincere admiration. “Gong Jue will surely like it!” Yes, something so valuable could be sold for a lot of money.

Seeing Gong Yi Mo’s delighted expression, Gong Che’s heart softened. He smiled at her. He wanted to say that he would give her a better dagger in the future, but before he could speak, Gong Yi Mo, fascinated by the blooming lotus flowers, had already run off in excitement.

She was such a clever and active young girl, and she could see the beauty in everything.

Gong Che’s gaze followed her as she ran… There were eight other ponds just like this one in the palace, however, for some reason, he felt like no other place had lotus blooming as beautifully as the ones here. The flowers were a rich pink and green color, and the clouds were a red glow gradually smearing across the sky. Amidst all of this, Gong Yi Mo wore a blue dress, and as her skirt fluttered in the wind, it seemed as if she were a butterfly fairy.

“Elder Brother! Come over here–there’s a lotus!”

The lotus was still growing tenderly in the water, but that didn’t prevent Gong Yi Mo from destroying it!

With a light tap of her foot, she flew into the air like a swallow. Then, she spun around and picked a lotus before landing on a boat that was left on the lake. After gaining her balance, she turned to smile at him.

Gong Che felt as if his heart had stood still… A smile that could overturn cities–It was nothing less than that.

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