Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – For Her Piercing Pain

Gong Yi Mo was quite aware, the fact that the emperor arrived quickly at Gong Jue’s pleadings meant that her father never intended to take her life. In that case it was better for her to take a risk. She coldly glared at Gong Jue.

“Go away!”

Gong Jue’s small, blood-stained figure stood stubbornly before her, refusing to budge.

“Sister Gong, I won’t leave!”

In such a cold and freezing night, Gong Jue’s words brought considerable warmth to the fatigued Gong Yi Mo. Her lips moved, but she couldn’t find the words to respond.

Just when Gong Yi Mo was about to speak, the empress exclaimed, “Guards! Come and seize the Seventh Princess! Murder before the emperor is an unforgivable crime. Show no mercy!” At this time, Gong Jue realized that the Seventh Princess was Gong Yi. He turned towards the Empress and gave her a chilling glare. Just then, Liu Xian Fei fell into the emperor’s bosom and weakly said, “Your Highness, today is a day of celebration. The Ninth Prince had massacred earlier at the Inner Palace; shedding blood on such a day will bring catastrophe!”

“The Prince is also guilty of heavy crimes, he must answer to the law just as any other citizen. We won’t be satisfied unless he is punished severely!” the voice of a minister resounded amongst the crowd.

“Having such powerful martial arts at a young age is highly suspicious…”

“I’m afraid if they’re not dealt with this time, they will endanger our families!”

Dozens of people continued to gossip and point fingers at the children, throwing one accusation after the other. “Don’t give those children a chance!” Gong Jue’s body trembled as he listened to the crowd’s vicious words. Obviously he and Sister Gong only wanted to protect themselves, but why was it that so many people eagerly awaited their death! Why won’t anyone stand up for them, just why!

A coldness began to creep into his heart, and Gong Jue’s eyes focused on the crowd, firmly embedding their faces in his memory. Those who tried to assassinate him, those that were vicious and tried to harm Sister Gong, every last one of them! He will never let any of them go!

And this world!

This world was not as warm and beautiful as Sister Gong said it was. It’s filthy and chaotic! Only bloodshed can cleanse it!

All the negative emotions threatened to burst out, such that a murderous aura began to overflow like boiling magma from Gong Jue. But all the malice was dissipated at the moment when Gong Yi Mo tugged his sleeves. At this moment, the emperor began to speak, and sure enough the crowd hushed into complete silence. No one would dare to interrupt the highest monarch.

“Where is the caretaker of the Cold Palace?”

Knowing that she was in deep trouble, Xu momo quickly kowtowed flat on the ground before the emperor.

Emperor Gong did not spare her a glance.

“My daughter was targeted by assassins under your supervision. You aren’t fit to manage the Cold Palace. As punishment you will be beaten with rods!” His deep voice issued the command and immediately his men blocked Xu Momo’s mouth and tied her up before the crowd. The guards closed in on her. Soon the sound of heavy blows and the crackling of bones was heard.

A number of rods struck down, and began to stain with Xu Momo’s blood. The cloth around her mouth blocked her cries, and her eyes were wide open in pain. She died at that moment!

This scene caused the onlookers to tremble. They were too shocked to follow what was in the emperor’s mind. The sight of fresh blood left the large crowd silent, and none dared to utter a word. Even Liu Xian Fei who rested in the emperor’s arms was frozen stiff, unable to speak.

“As for you…”

The emperor’s harsh voice was enough to cause all the ministers to look away in fright, yet somehow the little girl continued to stare back at him with bright eyes. She dared to look straight into the tiger’s eye!

“As for you, killing before the imperial family is a capital offense! Breaking into the inner palace is also a capital offense! What do you have to say for yourselves?”

At the emperor’s words, Gong Jue began to tremble in anger! Sensing that the little prince was about to erupt, Gong Yi Mo quickly pulled him back and firmly embraced the boy in her arms. She then looked up at the emperor and laughed.

“Father Emperor’s words are unfair. Your Highness’ name is honored and your martial arts are the strongest in the world! As your daughter, I refuse to show weakness by fleeing before intruders. What’s wrong with upholding the Emperor’s reputation?”

The girl’s sharp gaze swept across the audience. “As for the prince breaking into the inner palace…..” Gong Yi Mo paused, and suddenly coughed out a trace of blood. In her weakness, she tightens her embrace around Gong Jue. A moment later, she lifted her eyes and laughed, “There are enemies trying to murder your children right under your nose; we had no choice but to depend on your imperial power for protection and yet we received none. Being your daughter, how can I allow my father be blinded by schemes and let his children die before his eyes?”

Seeing Gong Yi Mo’s proud smile, Emperor Gong was about to refute. But when he noticed that the two siblings were snuggled together in their bloodstained state, and even struggled to defy him in their frailty, the emperor could’t bear the sight. He opened in a soft tone and responded, “In that case what do you say I should do?”

He, the almighty Emperor of the world, went as far as to ask the advice of a little girl. Gong Yi Mo’s eye’s flashed with brilliance, and her originally reluctant voice was suddenly filled with anger. “I think that Father should reward me!”

Her declaration stunned the audience, but Gong Yi Mo wasn’t afraid. She was gambling! Gambling that the merciless Emperor Gong would stand on her side! As Gong Yi Mo continued to embrace the prince, she suddenly threw up blood and her wounded shoulders bled more profusely. Despite her dire state, Gong Yi Mo’s face expressed no pain as if the wounds weren’t hers; instead she seemed full of vitality. Seeing the warm blood trickle from her mouth, Gong Jue began to cry in silence.

When his mother, Princess Li Ching died, he was too young to cry. When misfortune struck from heaven, and when he suffered persecution, Gong Jue never cried. He always remembered that as a prince, he needed to show decency and dignity. But at this moment, even though he was the son of a dignified emperor, he couldn’t help but weep under his sister’s firm embrace. Tears began to drip down his cheek. He felt so useless! He couldn’t wait to kill!

Sister Gong always said she would be there to take care of him while he was young. In turn he accepted her protection wholeheartedly, but forgot that she was also a child! She bled so much that even her clothes were drenched. Does it hurt? Can she stand such pain?

Seeing that Emperor Gong didn’t speak, the empress began to feel anxious. “She’s just making an excuse! Your Majesty, if you really let her go, it will be anger the masses later!” Her words hit the heart of the matter and caused the emperor to frown once again.

At this time, Gong Yi Mo felt dizziness sweep over her. Her pain slowly turned into numbness. She knew her condition was a result of excessive blood loss, and yet she continued to laugh proudly,

“Aren’t you the Emperor? Father Emperor… ARE the Law!”

The girl’s arrogant and domineering words left the ministers without a refute. Gong Yi Mo continued on, and looked straight at the emperor with a serious gaze, “Being the man with the highest authority in the kingdom, your laws are used restrain other people. But if that includes you, then what is the difference between the emperor and his subjects? The King who makes the rules should be above the law; you should be the most just and powerful man in the kingdom! Your will is above all!”

Her declaration shocked the crowd! The girl took a deep breath, and finally said with a weak and wronged voice,

“Then tell me, how should you reward me?”

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