Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Inadvertent Intimacy

Nine-year old Gong Jue has grown into a young and adorable boy! In the past few years, he was blessed with ample food and drink; Gong Yi Mo would often head out and return to the palace with her spoils and trophies. Thus they had no lack of necessities.

Finally, after Gong Yi Mo had spared no effort to nourish him, Little Jue has grown into a lovely jade. His looks were incomparably stunning, and his former thinness could no longer to be seen. His stern brows and cold features gave him a lonely yet breathtaking attractiveness.

Gong Yi Mo enjoyed pinching the boy’s tender cheeks. She sighed to herself; it sure wasn’t easy. Gong Jue didn’t like to eat a lot of meat, so Yi Mo had to force feed this chick to fatten him into a plump duck. The process was very difficult.

In these past three years however, there seems to be a new problem; although Little Gong Jue has matured into a sinful beauty…..the real evildoer is Gong Yi Mo.

Little Gong Jue turned to the direction of the Cold Autumn Palace. Noticing that a certain person hasn’t gotten up for the third day in a row, Jue’s originally emotionless face turned into a helpless expression. At last he gave a faint sigh.

Why did his Sister Gong turn into a sleeping goddess? Where did this problem come from?

“Gong Yi….” he called.

The girl in bed merely turned over revealing her small, annoyed face; she wrapped herself like a turtle with her thick blanket, blocking her ears from Gong Jue’s calls.

However, Gong Jue knew that Yi Mo’s recent martial arts skills had advanced to a higher level than his, and that her hearing was much sharper than before.

How did she accomplish this without eating breakfast?

Gong Jue puts his plate aside and reaches for the quilt where Gong Yi was hiding. Who knew that she would cling to it even tighter. She opened a pair of sleepy eyes, muttering grievously, “I still have until noon, let me sleep for a while….”

Yi Mo’s skin was as white as snow, contrasting with her little red lips. Her beauty left Jue dumbfounded, and he had an inexplicable impulse to bite off that red lip. He shook his head hastily, trying to ignore such thoughts.

“You said yesterday that you were going to teach me two new classes today: biology and geography. You can’t be shameless!”

Speaking of this Gong Jue, Yi Mo wanted to lean over and sigh. When she teaches him, he only needs to hear it once to remember. At this point Gong Yi Mo is worried that her limited stockpile of knowledge would soon be exhausted!

She gave the boy a squinting gaze; Gong Jue seems to have just showered. He appears to have been practicing martial arts for two days straight without any interruption. At this rate, he will surpass her in a few years!

The more she thinks about it the more she feels irritated. Constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry**. She is reborn, yet she’s about to be outdone by a local! But….what does it matter?

(**translator’s note: this is a Chinese proverb)

As Gong Yi thought about it, she knew that such a talented child listened to her well. If so, why did she have to push herself so hard? Now that she has a thick thigh to cling to, there’s no need to panic!

Since there’s no rush, Yi Mo pulled the quilt as if she couldn’t hear, and then continued to fall asleep!

Gong Jue looked at his empty hand and once again sighed reluctantly. His eyebrows flashed a hint of amusement, “In that case, don’t blame me.”

Gong Jue arrogantly kicked off his shoes and drilled into her bed. The scent of Yi Mo dazed him momentarily, but then he shook it off and started tickling Gong Yi Mo. As she felt the tickles shock her senses, she started laughing uncontrollably.

“Gong Jue! You started this this! Since you dared to attack me, you are dead!”

Speaking of which, Gong Jue is actually extremely ticklish; his foot, neck, waist, thighs, and even the knees are all deadly weak spots! Meanwhile Gong Yi was not afraid because she was very tolerant of tickles. That’s why every time they have this battle, Little Jue makes sure to win.

But this time, things were different. Two days ago Yi Mo’s internal strength had just broken through the third layer of the Wind and Nature art, enabling her to suppress the boy who was only in the second layer. Their difference in strength was only a matter of time. Yi Mo used absolute internal force to subdue Gong Jue! The little girl sat on his stomach and smiled triumphantly.

“Hahahaha, Little Gong, serves you right!”

Jue’s two hands were tied up by Gong Yi Mo and they couldn’t move. His handsome jade face turned red. He needs to work ever harder! He shouldn’t be overpowered by his sister!

Yi Mo’s quickly forced his hands to his side and laughed ominously.

Her face was reddish after exercising and her cheeks looked very tender and pleasant. Gong Jue was enchanted by this appearance, until he felt a sharp pain on his face and he became sober again. Hell, he will train off this baby fat sooner or later!

“Sister Gong….” he was very helpless. “It’s almost noon. You still haven’t eaten breakfast in a while.”

Then he used his eyes to indicate the plates he brought, but Gong Yi wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Instead she pulls a feather out of thin air and smiles wickedly. “Let’s not change the subject. I have to see if you really aren’t afraid of being tickled today!”

Then she swiftly drew the feather over his neck and teased him! It was quite ticklish, yet Little Jue somehow struggled to endure while becoming more helpless.

“Sister Gong….Please don’t do this.”

Seeing that Jue was unaffected around his neck, Gong Yi frowned thoughtfully and then grabbed the other’s foot; it was a beautiful little foot that was white as jade, and too nice for a boy. She took the feather and started tickling hard!

In fact, Gong Jue can break free if he tried hard enough; however although it felt unbearable right now, he was afraid to get on Yi Mo’s bad side. Instead he bit his lip and endured the tickling, whilst wondering whether or not he should resist.

Seeing that his foot is not responding to her tickles, Gong Yi Mo looked at Gong Jue naughtily and started pointing the feather at his chest. “Oh, did you ever hear that men who are afraid of being tickled will end up cheating on their wives later! Who knows, you might become a slag man in the future!”**

(**translator’s note: term for men who are players)

Her accusation was hilariously unreasonable. At first he wasn’t going to argue, but when he saw Gong Yi Mo smirk, his brow furrowed in agitation.

“Then try it!”

Immediately, Gong Yi opened his shirt! His chest was exposed to the cold making him turn red like a tomato. “Sister Gong! Don’t make trouble.”

“You’re noisy.”

Gong Yi Mo was not afraid of her brother. She looked at Gong Jue’s small physique, when something caught her eyes and she hesitantly said, “Yes, your muscles are quite beautiful for your young age!” Its just that there are some old scars across your chest. What kind of torture did you go through that year?

Under the girl’s naked stare, Gong Jue’s face blushed red again, but at the same time he could not bear to see his sister blink as her eyes became slightly wet. He knew that the huge scar on his chest had pierced her eyes and it made her emotional. After the brief silence, he quietly whispered “it’s all in the past. There’s no more pain.”

The maturity of this little adult caused Gong Yi Mo to smile. He was such a sensible thing. And this sister loves it!

Her eyes began to wander, and she reached beneath his shirt and started to tickle his waist!

This time Jue couldn’t stand it and he began to shrink and squat down. Seeing that the boy was sensitive, Gong Yi Mo was even more reckless, and a dangerous glint flashed through Gong Jue’s eyes. He quickly broke free and removed the belt that tied his hands. Gong Yi Mo was caught off guard, and Jue accidentally fell, thus leaning on her. But instead of being afraid, Yi Mo started to giggle indulgently. Gong Jue’s gaze turned helpless.

He reached for the other person’s hair and sighed. “Sister Gong, you are too unruly.”

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