Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World

Chapter 991 - Battle of the Pinnacle (1)

Chapter 991 – Battle of the Pinnacle (1)

The Rank 10 Darkwing Dragon terrorized the sky, tearing through multiple Rank 9 flying mounts in the blink of an eye.

The flying mount riders from Fallen Angel fled in every direction. Instead of giving chase, Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon swoop down toward the stronghold.

“The Darkwing Dragon is coming for us! E-everyone, run!”

In the face of the invincible and unstoppable Darkwing Dragon, the players from Fallen Angel lost all will to fight and quickly scattered.

Both light and dark energy rapidly converged above the Darkwing Dragon. Before long, two beams pierced through the air and headed directly for the stronghold below. They spiralled around each other before finally merging at the end. BOOOM! A giant explosion shook the entire stronghold.

The destructive blast swept mayhem through the entire stronghold.

After the dust and smoke settled, everything within a several thousand meters radius of the blast zone was transformed into ruins. The walls were no exception, with the void creatures flooding in like a surging tide.

The stronghold became a chaotic battlefield. Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon fly across the air. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Its enormous wings collided with the arrow and cannon towers, causing some to collapse completely and others to have their tops broken off.

A shower of magic rained down on the stronghold. The dragons focused their spells on where players were most concentrated. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Countless players were engulfed by explosions.

After suffering Nie Yan’s assault, the stronghold was quickly overrun by void creatures.

The Mages from Fallen Angel raised their staffs and attacked the Darkwing Dragon with their magic. BANG! BANG! BANG! The spells exploded on its body but failed to do any meaningful damage. Their attacks barely left a mark.

Nie Yan passed an order to the Darkwing Dragon. It quickly ascended to a 600-meter high altitude.

Looking down from above, the stronghold was in complete chaos. There were over 100 high level void creatures wreaking havoc inside. Surrounding them were countless black dots. These were the players from Fallen Angel. They were trying their best to repel the void creatures, but their numbers were quickly dwindling. Before long, the stronghold would be lost.

Nie Yan had successfully broken the previous deadlock with his appearance. Fallen Angel had no way of repairing their walls in the middle of combat, nor could they deal with the never-ending flood of void creatures. In the end, they would have no choice but to abandon the stronghold.

Nie Yan no longer paid any attention to the players below. The Darkwing Dragon sped away and disappeared into the horizon.

Necropolis, Fallen Angel guild headquarters.

Plenty wore a grim expression on his face. He had just received word of Nie Yan’s destructive display in the Soraga Stronghold. The stronghold was one of Fallen Angel’s three Advanced Strongholds. If the void creatures turned it into ruins, it would be a heavy blow to Fallen Angel.

However, there was nothing Plenty could do to save the stronghold. Nie Yan was heading right for Necropolis. This was where his odds of winning were the greatest. If it were anywhere else, he would have no hope!

So, even though he knew Soraga was going to fall, he didn’t take the initiative to attack.

Right now, Plenty’s only hope was that Nie Yan would arrive here faster so they could have their showdown in Necropolis.

Nie Yan stood on the Darkwing Dragon’s back and gazed into the distance. A vast grave stretching as far as the eye could see appeared in his vision. In the center was an enormous transfer gate. At the top of the gate was a giant eyeball which emitted an ominous light as it swept its gaze over the surroundings.

The only way for a Righteous Faction player to reach Necropolis was by destroying this gate.

Hundreds of thousands of Evil Faction players formed a giant semicircle around the gate to protect it.

“I heard Nirvana Flame is about to arrive!”

“Yeah, I wonder how the showdown will go.”

Several players were quietly discussing amongst each other. They were guildless players who only came here to watch the show. This kind of once in a lifetime match filled them with curiosity. If Fallen Angel hadn’t sealed off the area, even more people would’ve come to watch.

Some players gazed over at Fallen Angel’s ranks. Standing at the front was Plenty in his ashen cloak. According to rumours, he had upgraded all his equipment to Sacred-grade with void metal. As for their stats and bonuses, no one knew but him.

The distance was too great. The spectators couldn’t see Plenty’s expression. He stood proudly with his cloak fluttering in the wind and a large scepter in his hand. The other players from Fallen Angel stood more than five meters behind him, surrounding him like the stars around the moon.

In the Evil Faction, Plenty was an absolute existence. No one dared to go against his authority.

“Look, over there!” someone shouted.

The entire crowd stirred. They all looked into the distance, where a large shadow appeared over the horizon.

“It’s Nirvana Flame! He’s here!”

Many people carried a hint of excitement in their voices. Today, they would witness a battle between the highest peaks in the two great factions.

Plenty looked up at the sky. His eyes flashed with a peculiar light. His Night Vision was far higher than that of anyone else. Piercing through the darkness, the enormous Darkwing Dragon entered his vision. His face slightly paled.

The Rank 10 Legendary Darkwing Dragon. Plenty couldn’t help but wonder how Nie Yan managed to obtain such a powerful flying mount.

The Darkwing Dragon’s body was enormous. Every beat of its wings left him reeling with shock.

What a frightening flying mount!

The Darkwing Dragon was like a gale. As it came flying over and landed in an open space about 400 meters away from Plenty, the gusts of wind it kicked up sent the players in the vicinity flying. Facing this terrifying beast in person, they broke out in a cold sweat. Never had they seen anything like it!

Nie Yan swept his gaze over the crowd before locking onto Plenty. He leaped down from the Darkwing Dragon’s back and calmly walked forward.

Even though he was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of enemies, Nie Yan didn’t show the slightest fear.

Everyone held their breath as they focused their attention on Nie Yan. The man before them was the same Mad Rogue who rebuked the heavens and earth and swept through everything in his path. He’d departed from Conviction three years ago, vanishing from the eyes of the players. Some even believed that he was no longer a top expert. But now here he was, an expert they could never hope to rival. His legend hadn’t faded in the slightest! He was undefeated today just as he was three years ago!

Even though Nie Yan belonged to the enemy faction, the players from Fallen Angel didn’t hold the slightest bit of hostility toward him. On the contrary, they felt a deep respect. A character like the Mad Rogue was a legend in their eyes. They simply couldn’t bring themselves to hate him.

After giving the crowd a moment to overcome their shock, Plenty took off his cloak and walked forward.

Nie Yan and Plenty stopped at about 100 meters away from each other.

The players in the surrounded retreated 800 meters back, giving the two plenty of room to fight.

This place would be the battlefield for Nie Yan and Plenty. So as to not get caught up in the middle of it, they opted to back away a good distance.

Everyone stared at the two. Nie Yan’s azure light armour was extremely impressive. As he held Zennarde’s Sword in one hand and the Death God’s Edge in the other, he resembled an unsheathed blade, brimming with killing intent. Even though they were more than 800 meters away, this murderous aura still pierced their hearts and caused their souls to tremble.

Standing across from one legend stood the other. Plenty wore ashen black robes. Holding a mighty scepter in his hand, he was also quite imposing.

These two players held the greatest authority in their respective faction. A single word from either could shake the heavens and earth. The spectators couldn’t help but lose themselves in reference. If they could reach this level one day, they would have no more regrets in life.

“I didn’t expect us to meet again after you quit.” Plenty smiled, sizing Nie Yan up. “Nor did I think our first meeting after three years would be like this.”

Nie Yan shrugged his shoulders. “Fate works in mysterious ways. Even three years ago, everyone guessed we would have this match one day.”

“If there wasn’t any other choice, no one would want to go against a freak like you.” Plenty bitterly smiled. Nie Yan really was inhuman. Over these past three years, he’d gained an enormous advantage, but Nie Yan still managed to close that gap in a short five months and perhaps even surpassed him. As much as he didn’t want to believe this, these were the facts. If he waited another one or two years, he’d be left behind in the dust.

“No matter what, with so many people from both factions watching us, this match is unavoidable!” Nie Yan chuckled. Looking at Plenty, his eyes flashed with a cold light. “Come, Plenty. Let’s see how strong you’ve grown over these past three years!”

Zennarde’s Sword seemed to sense Nie Yan’s fighting spirit and blazed to life, emitting a scorching heat.

“Alright, I’ll keep you company. The battle today will determine who’s the true ruler between Asskickers United and Fallen Angel!” Plenty turned serious. Holding out his scepter in front of him, darkness energy came pouring out and transformed into a powerful whirlwind.

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