Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 674 - Do You Take Me for a Fool?

Chapter 674 - Do You Take Me for a Fool?

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Youshan Lingyu gradually calmed down. The blood in his whole body first went cold from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, then it rose back up all the way from his toes, stirring within himself the endless anger that he could no longer control, blood rushing to the top of his head–

“Good, good.” Youshan Lingyu laughed angrily, gritting his teeth so hard that they rattled. “Chang Sheng, you really know how to make me angry. If you had obediently made a magic weapon for me, I would really have let you go as promised. But now, since you had to make me unhappy, I won’t let you do whatever you want. I’m going to waste your cultivation and break your hands and feet, so that you can only be dependent on me in this life. You wouldn’t even be able to climb down the Phoenix Terrace’s bed. You’ll be a complete waste.”

In the face of the Demon Emperor’s threat and anger, since he was already the trapped beast Sword Venerable Chang Sheng, he just calmly and fearlessly said, “I’d rather die with incense than fall into the north wind. Lingyu, give it a try.”

Youshan Lingyu chuckled twice. “Okay, okay! I want to see how prideful and different Venerable Huarong is from others!”

Chang Sheng just gently smiled, but his eyes held an emotion that Youshan Lingyu couldn’t read. “You no longer have this chance.”

Yan Tianhen felt a spiritual shock, and Chang Sheng from the past and Lin Xuanzhi of the present seemed to match up completely in front of his eyes.

He really didn’t get the chance, because Chang Sheng used his unyielding determination to die to tell him that some people could be humiliated, but you could never make them surrender.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly flustered, and he kept fidgeting with his hands at a loss. He said incoherently, “I-I don’t want to do that. It’s all my fault, I won’t do this kind of thing again. Don’t smile like this, don’t look at me like this. Dag… don’t look at me like this.”

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned. He looked at the overflowing panic and confusion on Yan Tianhen’s face, and suddenly had the illusion that he had just done something heinous to Yan Tianhen.

However, he was just angry, so his attitude was tough and sharp. How could Ah Hen be so afraid? Did he really scare this child?

Although Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was hard, it was always soft and messy in front of Yan Tianhen.

He stared at Yan Tianhen who looked as if he was about to cry. In the end, he sighed slightly, pulled Yan Tianhen’s cold sweaty hands, and frowned. “Since you’re afraid that I will get angry, why did you do this without telling me?”

They’re different.

They’re different after all.

Yan Tianhen felt the warmth from the palm of his hand, and his beating heart slowly calmed down.

He took a deep breath, hung his head, and did not dare to look Lin Xuanzhi in the eye. He whispered, “I was screwed over by Rong Zhishui. He vowed that if he got the scroll, he would tell me what happened in the ancient Great Immortal-Demon War. I was too curious, and my heart was tickled and fooled by him. Who would have thought that when he got the scroll, only a member of the Rong family could see parts of the content, and the Rong family’s Divine Dog would follow our scents…”

Yan Tianhen’s voice grew smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared.

Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhen’s jaw and made him look up at him.

He asked, “We’ll talk about this later. Ah Hen, are you hiding anything else from me?”

Yan Tianhen was shocked all over. First, he tried his best to blink his eyes, and then said with deliberate calmness, “What else could there be? How can I keep something from my Dage? I’m with my Dage almost every day, and I can’t escape my Dage’s eyes even when I’m going behind his back with Rong Zhishui. Where can I find the opportunity to do things that will deceive Dage’s eyes?”

Lin Xuanzhi approached Yan Tianhen slowly, his beautiful, lustrous, and plump lips almost touching Yan Tianhen’s mouth. Yan Tianhen could feel Lin Xuanzhi’s breath and cold fragrance.

“Ah Hen.” Lin Xuanzhi opened his lips lightly, and his voice was clear and bewitching, “I don’t know where you went and what you experienced in the first hundred years in the Tomb of Youshan.”

Yan Tianhen gulped and swallowed his saliva. He resisted the impulse of rolling his eyes and said weakly, “D-Does Dage want to hear about it?”

“All the things about you, I’ve only ever pretended to be blind, acting like I didn’t know or didn’t want to know. However, there is nothing that I can’t know.”

Lin Xuanzhi kissed Yan Tianhen’s slightly open mouth, then loosened his chin and straightened up. “Do you really think that I wouldn’t recognize that sword of yours if you covered it with blood and gave it a dragon skin sheath?”

“Ah Hen, you forget who I am, and who I used to be.”

Yan Tianhen’s brain suddenly burst all at once. He was so stunned that he almost fell on his knees. What did Lin Xuanzhi mean? Did it mean what he thought it meant?

But how was it possible? How could he possibly…

No, no. He must be bluffing on purpose. I didn’t reveal too many things.

However, no matter whether it was the past life’s Chang Sheng or this life’s Lin Xuanzhi, they were both sword venerables and the world’s top craftsmen. That was the sword he had forged himself with his own rib and the blood shed from his heart.

Could he really not recognize it?

Even though he couldn’t remember how the sword was refined and what it was made of, he would certainly sense that it came from his hand.

“Yes…” Yan Tianhen’s voice trembled, like it had gone through eighteen bends on a mountain road.

“I don’t want to hear your explanation now, and I don’t want to hear you lie to me again.” Lin Xuanzhi interrupted Yan Tianhen’s unspoken words. The sky was high and the clouds were far away.

“I never forced you to do what you didn’t want to do and say what you didn’t want to say. I will give you some face today. From now on, you don’t have to rack your brains to try and fabricate lies to deceive me. The past has already passed for so many years. You don’t want to mention it; neither do I.”

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything anymore. It turned out that Lin Xuanzhi really knew everything from beginning to end.

He thought that he was the only one who was afraid to mention the past, but he forgot that Lin Xuanzhi was the one person who didn’t want to bring up the past the most.

He couldn’t figure out what kind of mood Lin Xuanzhi had when facing him these days. He continued to be gentle with him as before, but this was a person who once almost destroyed the world and went against Chang Sheng’s Heart of Dao. This was a bad person who had hurt him so deeply.

Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhen’s dazed eyes and confused expression and could not bear to reproach him any more.

“Ah Hen, do you remember the first Spirit Sect rule that I taught you to recite?” Lin Xuanzhi asked.

It took Yan Tianhen a long time to open his mouth with difficulty, “If the heart is pure, the mind is clear, and the spirit is bright, one will achieve merits and virtues.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen’s face. After a long time, he slowly said, “This statement is not from Spirit Sect’s rules, but a comment Dao Zu gave you when he divined your fate at the beginning. He said that all your life, you should follow this divination. What is right and wrong in the past can’t be tested. I can only hope that in this life, the one standing in front of me right now is still the one I first knew — a pure heart, a bright spirit, and a clear mind.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes suddenly turned red, and his nose became sour, so he turned around and closed his eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t offer any consolation and said nothing more. He waited for Yan Tianhen to calm down by himself.

A moment later, Yan Tianhen turned around and stared at him with red-rimmed eyes. “…When did you find out that I was… him.”

“I suspected before, but I wasn’t sure. You didn’t show many clues.” Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, “I couldn’t be sure until you said the Spirit Sect’s rules that only you could have recited.”

“If you stubbornly refused to admit it, then I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it either.”

“Alright, let’s put this matter aside.” Lin Xuanzhi said quietly, “I’ll let it go just this once. If you dare to do these dangerous things behind my back again, I will punish you.”

“You’ve already been sold, but you’re still helping your seller count the money. You probably have water in your brain. As expected, I’ll be more reassured if I’m watching over you.”

Yan Tianhen sniffed. He looked dazed. “How could I be sold?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Why didn’t Rong Zhishui look for others to steal the scroll with him, but insist on you specifically?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Because I’m his only friend in the sect.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “He has been together with Shen Congrong for more than a year. Emotionally or rationally, I think Shen Congrong is more suitable than you.”

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded, “What? He has already gotten Shen Congrong? He’s amazing ah.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s lips twitched. “He knew there was a Divine Dog in the Rong family, who could find people for thousands of miles and pursue them. He just wanted to take advantage of your identity, and calculated that if you got involved, even if the Rong family knew it was you who did it, they still wouldn’t be able to get the scroll in the end. He was sure that I wouldn’t allow the Rong family to force you and would protect you.”

Yan Tianhen was very angry and stamped his foot. “Damn that Rong Zhishui! I knew he had bad intentions when he asked me. I didn’t expect him to be so calculating. This kid’s conscience is a hornet’s nest!”

Then Yan Tianhen realized something. Suddenly, he stopped talking and stared at Lin Xuanzhi. “How did Dage come on time?”

Plus, “protecting me” sounds like sweet talk.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him. “If my family’s child is traveling outside, I will always worry about him.”

Therefore, he had followed him from beginning to end and did not dare to follow too closely, so as to avoid frightening his family’s child like a scared bird. He also didn’t dare to be too far away, for fear that he would not arrive in time when he needed to take action.

He really was so worried. Yan Tianhen’s eyes became red again. “Dage…”

However, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t intend to give him a chance to be too touched.

“Since you still recognize me as your Dage, you will be under my control.” Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and let Yan Tianhen see the dangerous meaning of his words.

“Before he left, Lian Hua handed over the original 《Spirit Sect Admonitions》to me, and also gave me the rock as a gift. Right now, both of these items are in Little Penglai.

“Originally, it was placed there for sentimental reasons, but now I feel that this kind of thing always has to be used to the best of its ability.”


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