Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 606 - Xuan Family's Ziyun

Chapter 606 - Xuan Family’s Ziyun

Translated by: Laplace

Edited by: Ea

Longyao Lingguang handed the leaf card to the senior martial brother who collected them, and walked without looking back. “What’s there to see? I’ve awakened the dragon clan’s bloodline, and now I also have Sinking Star. He doesn’t have any motivation to fight. I only need to pester him for a little while, and he will take the initiative to concede. He has done such things many times in the past.”

Han Yu revealed an expression of having an epiphany.

Longyao Lingguang had always been full of schemes. Naturally, he had already thoroughly investigated the background and positions of all the people with top cultivations in the sect.

Xuan Ziyun was powerful enough to belong to the most powerful group of people, but his shortcomings were so obvious. He couldn’t stand being entangled in matters. As long as he stuck to him like cow’s hide candy, sticky and not letting go, his opponent would definitely concede defeat soon after. Nearing the end of the lottery, Yan Huanyu’s leaf card was still not drawn. Just when everyone thought Yan Huanyu would be passed over this year, his leaf card appeared, and the person who drew his leaf card was of the East Courtyard’s Alchemy Division, Shen Qinghe.

When Shen Qinghe received that leaf card, he just smiled, lifting his eyes and glancing at the distant Yan Huanyu. He then placed the leaf card into the hands of the recorder and turned away. An uproar rang out, and the gentlemen who were sitting above them and watching these disciples draw lots also could not help but comment in succession.

As Yan Huanyu’s master, Yaoguang naturally opened his mouth first, saying, “What happened to the East Courtyard this year? First one, and now two — the Alchemy Division’s students began to take the examinations for other divisions. Are they making a joke, or is it that I failed to keep up with the trends after being in secluded cultivation for so long?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Naturally it is not your problem. Since ancient times, the most famous people who refine pills and cultivate Qi were also likely to become extremely powerful sword practitioners or Dao practitioners. Ah Hen is a typical Alchemy and Dao dual cultivator, so no matter which division he gets for the examination, it is not a problem. As for Shen Qinghe… he should be a sword practitioner or an elemental cultivator.”

Tianquan caught on to Lin Xuanzhi’s unfinished words and thoughtfully said, “When it comes to alchemy, he clearly has no talent. His spiritual roots may not even be suitable for alchemy, so I don’t know why he persistently picked the Alchemy Division.”

“However, fortunately it is not too late if he were to go to the right path right now.”

“Huarong, Ying Guanchao’s swordsmanship is quite powerful, and right now he has cultivated a whole stage higher than Yan Tianhen. In the last assessment of the North Courtyard he was ranked second, and the treasured sword in his hands is called Teal Frost, and is also a named sword brought down from the Hidden Sword Pavillion. I am afraid Yan Tianhen is in danger for this assessment,” Yaoguang said.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes fell on Yan Tianhen, who was joking with his friends. He smiled and said, “This is not necessarily true. Humans have endless potential. What’s more, the assessment has always used a scoring system, the conclusion is not based on winning or losing.”

Yao Guang clicked his tongue. “You are really indescribably confident in him.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said nothing. He changed the subject, “Tianquan Sword Saint’s apprentice met Xuan Ziyun this time. He can also be considered unlucky.”

“Xuan Ziyun…” Sword Saint Tianquan pondered for a moment and said, “If that boy can work just a little harder, he wouldn’t only have his current achievements.”

Yaoguang nodded his head heavily in agreement, and said, “All of us in Sword God Hall, except Huarong, have urged him again and again to move more and lie down less. I didn’t expect this boy to have promised so nicely on the surface, but in the end, he still stuck to his ways, squandering his talent. Thinking about it really pisses me off.”

“But what is merely the inside his fingertip is a potful for others,” Tianquan gave Xuan Ziyun a high evaluation.

“But why is he like this?” Yuheng Sword Saint couldn’t understand it, frowning slightly, and looked at Xuan Ziyun’s figure, who immediately left here like his ass was on fire when his leaf card was picked. Yuheng continued, “A genius also requires hard work. In this world, there are many geniuses, but not all of them can walk to the end.”

Lin Xuanzhi faintly said, “In the end, not everyone is without worries in their heart.”

“You are saying…..” Yaoguang Sword Saint said, “the reason he acts so ridiculously, has something to do with the East Land?”

Lin Xuanzhi said: “It’s just a guess. I can’t say for certain.”

Yaoguang Sword Saint was lost in thought.

Lin Xuanzhi’s words were not groundless.

But what he meant was not the East Land, but rather the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. At the beginning, when the East Sovereign was only a prince, was it not the because he was outstandingly talented and didn’t know how to cover it up or restrain himself that he caused fear in the Emperor’s heart and was almost sent to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital as a concubine?

Probably, the lessons learned from the past were too bitter, so the disciples of the Xuan clan had all become cowards after Xuan Wushe took power, and and shrunk their heads in, one by one wishing they could become mediocre and incompetent, but those disciples were unlikely to be as absurd and startling as Xuan Ziyun.

After the lottery ended, Xuan Ziyun had already returned to his dormitory. Just as he was ready to lie down, he heard his friend say, “Ziyun, someone came to see you.”

Xuan Ziyun spoke from his bed, “Not seeing anyone today, just say I’m already asleep.”

“You can still talk when you are asleep?” Yan Tianhen stood at the door and cheerfully said, “Cousin, I am already standing here, so you should reluctantly come and see me.”

Xuan Ziyun was going to get a toothache from being addressed as “Cousin”. Although he could refuse everyone else’s request for a meeting, he definitely could not not refuse Yan Tianhen. After all, this boy was very capable. He actually recognized Xuan Wushe as his adoptive father and Lin Zhan as his little dad. The two most powerful people in the East Land spoiled him rotten and were very fond of him. How could he not give Yan Tianhen face? After all, Xuan Ziyun was determined to return to the East Land after graduation and live out the rest of his life there. So, Xuan Ziyun slipped down from the bed with great reluctance, put on his shoes, dawdled to the hall, and opened the door.

Yan Tianhen came in with a smile and randomly sat down. Xuan Ziyun closed the door and yawned. “For what matter did Prince come to ask me?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Just one thing. I’ll leave as soon as we are done.”

Xuan Ziyun said, “Speak.”

Get to the point!

Yan Tianhen said, “In today’s lottery, Longyao Lingguang drew you; I was wondering if you have any thoughts.”

Xuan Ziyun frowned and impatiently said, “Troublesome.”

Longyao Lingguang was competitive and also obtained Sinking Star, so he was naturally troublesome.

Yan Tianhen clapped his hands and said, “He is indeed a troublesome person. When the time comes, I suspect that he will pester you nonstop and annoy you to death.”

Xuan Ziyun was very carefree, and said, “If he pesters me, I’ll just admit defeat. In any case, this assessment is only used to test whether disciples are strong enough to go out and do commissions. Who wins and who loses doesn’t matter.”

Yan Tianhen knew it was bad when he heard that. He slapped the table and said, “How can you be so carefree?”

Xuan Ziyun glanced at Yan Tianhen and said, “It’s not your first day knowing me. I’ve always been so carefree.”

Yan Tianhen, “….”

Xuan Ziyun curled his lips and said, “Prince has come to see me, is it because he wants me to beat Longyao Lingguang?”

He was spot on, so Yan Tianhen simply nodded and said, “Yeah, you are so powerful, and you’re ranked number one in the East Courtyard. If you are beaten by a freshman like this, we will lose face, and our East Courtyard will not be able to lift our heads when we go outside.”

“Tell me the truth,” said Xuan Ziyun, knocking on the table.

“I don’t like him, I want you to teach him a lesson.” Yan Tianhen blurted out without thinking.

Xuan Ziyun smiled. Although there was still some laziness between his brows, it was rather sly. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? You just had to take such a big detour and say much nonsense before that; how boring.” Xuan Ziyun waved his hand and said, “If you don’t have any other matters, then don’t dilly dally here. It’s only beating him up — I’ll do it.”

Yan Tianhen stood up. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. He smiled and said, “Thank you, Ziyun Gege.”

Xuan Ziyun said, “I can’t afford to accept you addressing me as ‘Gege’.”

“You can, you deserve it.” Yan Tianhen said with a smile, “When the time comes, Ziyun Gege must not be worn down by Longyao Lingguang’s pestering and just surrender — I will be betting all my possessions on your victory.”

Xuan Ziyun couldn’t help laughing. “I don’t know who gave him confidence and made him think he has the opportunity to wear me down.”

Yan Tianhen: “…..”

To say it like that, it was a bit incredible.

Xuan Ziyun glanced at Yan Tianhen and said with good intentions, “Longyao Lingguang is nothing, but in the eyes of Ying Guanchao, you are about the same as Longyao is in my eyes. However, when I make a move, I will always stop before going too far, but the same cannot be said of Ying Guanchao.”

Yan Tianhen nodded in agreement. “One can see at first glance that he is not a gentleman.”

Xuan Ziyun said, “I have been on a mission with him before. This person deserves to be called selfish, ruthless, narrow-minded, and vengeful. However, his attainment in swordsmanship is very good, and that Teal Frost is also extremely rare. I am afraid that the rusted sword you have will not be his match.”

Yan Tianhen received the advice and said with great affection, “They all say that Ziyun Gege never cares about other people’s business and always has a detached outlook. Now it seems that the rumors are false.”

Xuan Ziyun glanced at him and said, “If you didn’t threaten me with the East Sovereign and East Empress, see if I’ll even bother speaking to you.”

Yan Tianhen acted as if he didn’t hear it, and he laughed twice. He looked like he was asking for a beating.

Xuan Ziyun said, “Ying Guanchao’s weakness lies in his irritability. Once he is irritated, there will be flaws in his movements. It looks like that sword of yours can’t exert any real strength. If you want to get away unscathed, you must learn to find the holes in his moves.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes shined and he nodded thoughtfully.

“If Ziyun Gege wants to make more money, I suggest that when I go against Ying Guanchao, you bet on me winning.” Yan Tianhen shook his finger and said, “And, it will be within a hundred moves.”

Xuan Ziyun nodded. “Whether I bet on you or not, it is inevitable that the fight will end within a hundred moves.”

If they went past a hundred moves, Yan Tianhen would definitely lose.

After all, the amount of spiritual Qi in his body after a hundred moves couldn’t be compared with Ying Guanchao’s. After a hundred moves, Ying Guanchao would still have some spiritual Qi remaining, while Yan Tianhen may have used it all up.

On the second day, Yan Tianhen went to Little Penglai, but did not practice swordsmanship, and he also did not ask Lin Xuanzhi how to fight Ying Guanchao in the future. Instead, he just asked for the two tiger cubs.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “What do you want Ah Bai and Hu Po for?”

Yan Tianhen said, “I’m going to take them to the Demonic Beast Garden so that they can gain some experience.”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him. “You didn’t take them earlier. Why must you take them right now? What do you want to do?”

Yan Tianhen grinned and stuck to Lin Xuanzhi’s side and said, “After this assessment, isn’t it time for me to go out on missions? I want to take Ah Bai and Hu Po and let them experience in advance what other demonic beasts are like to prepare them for the future.”

Author’s note: Ah Hen is going to be bad~

Translator’s note:

Laplace: I deeply relate to Xuan Ziyun, other than the reasons he has for probably acting the way he does, why be awake when you could be sleeping?

Ea: Xuan Ziyun is such a mood

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