Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 533 - Meeting Huarong Again

Chapter 533 – Meeting Huarong Again

On the afternoon of the same day, the examination contents and the arrangements had already come out.

All the disciples who had entered the sect would be assessed according to three categories — alchemy, crafting, and Dao. In addition to the practical portions, the disciples needed to take two other assessments first.

One was specialized basic knowledge, and the other was general basic knowledge.

The two subjects would be assessed together and finished in two hours.

It was said that these two subjects didn’t need to be assessed before, but later a gentleman from Myriad Dao Academy thought that in order to cultivate a path, one had to start from the fundamentals and become an all-rounder on the topic, so the gentleman added these miscellaneous comprehensive examinations, which brought a lot of pressure to the candidates.

But there was nothing they could do. Myriad Dao Academy’s rules couldn’t be easily changed.

Fortunately, there were still seven days to go before the written test, and the candidates could cram for a review, so they weren’t too nervous.

Yan Tianhen went to look for Gu Ruyu and Qi Feiqing on the same day. The disciples of the Divine Clans stood out and were easy to find, because their regulations and accommodation were completely different from those of other candidates. They were many times fancier. After all, in the words of Myriad Dao Academy, fairness and equity were aimed at the disciples of Myriad Dao Academy, but right now these candidates weren’t official disciples yet. Therefore, the academy wouldn’t care about ostentation and hierarchy for the time being.

Yan Tianhen soon found Qi Feiqing, who lived in a single-person luxurious dormitory in Falling Plum Park. Gu Ruyu lived next door to Qi Feiqing.

The two of them grew up more spoiled than Yan Tianhen, so they would not wrong themselves when they were away from home.

When the three people met each other, Gu Ruyu looked pale. If it wasn’t for Yan Tianhen’s face, he would’ve started swearing on the spot.

After enduring for a while, Gu Ruyu asked, “Where on earth have you been these days? Why didn’t you even send me a message? I thought something happened to you, and you couldn’t reach the Myriad Dao Academy.”

Qi Feiqing also looked at Yan Tianhen’s disguise. “Say, Ah Hen, aren’t you playing too much? Does this mean that you intend to use Gu Tiantian’s identity to enter Myriad Dao Academy?”

When the three people were traveling outside before and didn’t want to reveal their identities, Yan Tianhen would also take on this appearance, and the name he used was also Gu Tiantian, so they soon recognized his disguise.

Yan Tianhen felt guilty about making them anxious and rubbed his nose sheepishly. “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when I have a chance. By the way, were you safe in the evil spirit array?”

Qi Feiqing nodded. “It wasn’t too hard to leave, and I didn’t know until I came out that our assessment scores were calculated according to the time spent in the evil spirit array. The shorter the stay, the higher the score, but I still don’t know how many points we got.”

Yan Tianhen remembered that when they were in the evil spirit array, Huarong Sword Immortal tried many methods to send him out as soon as possible, and his heart became warm. So there was also this layer of meaning behind those actions.

Yan Tianhen was in an extremely good mood. He smiled. “I came to see you two. Firstly, I wanted to report my safety. Secondly, I wanted to ask you if there’s any information about the exam ah!”

Gu Ruyu took a deep breath. “There are some. Just now, I asked several elder martial brothers and sisters. They told me that it is enough to just answer correctly the parts you know well. They said that it is extremely difficult to answer these basic knowledge exams. People who can answer ten percent correctly are already considered experts. So far, only that genius from the prophet family could answer everything correctly.”

Gu Ruyu said with disdain, “You only know how to walk these crooked paths and enjoy your success without putting in any effort.”

Qi Feiqing blinked. “Didn’t the Elder Martial Brother say just now that we shouldn’t confine ourselves to outer appearances? If we can cheat successfully under the proctor’s eyes, we can also be regarded as capable.”

“But if you’re caught cheating, you will directly be disqualified from the exams.” Gu Ruyu shook his head. “Let’s play it safe and steady. Don’t provoke the academy’s authority.”

Qi Feiqing said, “Then I’m done for.”

Gu Ruyu took out some books from his storage bag. “These are the exam topics I bought from the previous exam’s senior martial brother, and I also bought books for each of you. You can memorize as much as you can over these few days.”

This kind of thing actually exists? Yan Tianhen took the book and flipped through it. His entire person became dumbfounded. This is clearly just a list of book titles!

It was full of 《Appreciation of a Hundred Kinds of Continental Spiritual Plants》, 《Eighty-One Paths of Craftsmen》, 《Illustrated Handbook of Spiritual Beasts》, etc. From those that flew in the sky to those swimming in the sea; from those running on the ground to those growing on the ground; the list even included a hundred named weapons and all kinds of rare treasures mentioned in ancient legends. The exam could be called all-encompassing with an extremely broad focus.

Yan Tianhen looked puzzled and pointed to the book. “What the hell is this?”

Gu Ruyu answered, “Ha, these are the test topics. It’s said that they won’t test anything outside of these topics.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

He decided to give up.

Who are they kidding? I can’t even read so many books in a year, let alone seven days.

Qi Feiqing had more of a reaction than Yan Tianhen. He tore up the book in anger, indicating, “Do what you want, honorable me won’t accompany you!”

Gu Ruyu also said, “It’s fine if you don’t look. In any case, there’s nothing to see.”

The three people hit it off immediately and decided to enjoy themselves. Thus, they left the sect and ordered a table of food in Ethereal City’s biggest restaurant, eating and chatting.

“Which Courtyard do you all want to go to cultivate?” Qi Feiqing stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth and asked.

Gu Ruyu answered, “I’m going to the East Courtyard.”

Qi Feiqing blinked at Gu Ruyu. “Shouldn’t you inherit the family tradition and go to the North Courtyard to cultivate? How come I remember that your Dage came out of the North Courtyard?”

Gu Ruyu nodded. “Yeah, the North Courtyard has tough rules and really suits our Gu family’s style, but before I left, my Dage told me that I must go to the East Courtyard.”

Qi Feiqing was puzzled. “Why?”

“The atmosphere in the East Courtyard is good, and there are too many rules in the North Courtyard. My Dage hopes that I can have more choices.”

Qi Feiqing smiled while propping his chin with his hands. “On the other hand, I prefer the South Courtyard. It’s said that there are the most beauties in the South Courtyard. If I go there, I’m afraid I will take to it like a fish to water.”

Gu Ruyu said, “Rest assured. I will report it all to your Dage truthfully.”

Qi Feiqing, “…Don’t ah, I’m just saying this. I’ll go wherever you guys go.”

Two pairs of eyes looked at Yan Tianhen, and Yan Tianhen slowly picked up some food with his chopsticks. “I want to go to the East Courtyard too.”

Gu Ruyu said, “I have inquired. The East Courtyard’s Alchemy Division is the worst among the four courtyards’ Alchemy Divisions. You might as well consider again.”

Yan Tianhen shook his head and looked at them. “Do you guys think that I really came to Myriad Dao Academy just to cultivate? I can cultivate anywhere. I have more important things to do here.”

Gu Ruyu, as if deep in thought, said, “Indeed, this is a great opportunity to win over talented people and keep an eye on the other Divine Clans. It’s more important than cultivation. Your Highness really is far-sighted.”

“No ah.” Yan Tianhen’s expression screamed, “The fuck are you talking about?” Instead, he explained, “The East Courtyard is the closest to Penglai Island. If I want to see Huarong Sword Immortal, it is also the most convenient.”

Gu Ruyu, “…”

Qi Feiqing, “…”

How come we still don’t know you after so long?

These three people were big-hearted. The others were all burning the midnight oil, trying to cram more knowledge into their brains, but these three were fishing in troubled waters outside, drinking tea and wine.

Ethereal City’s restaurant did not disappoint; it was just a little more expensive.

After they were full, the three people walked towards the Myriad Dao Academy together.

The location of their accommodations in the sect was not where the official disciples lived, but in the peripheral guest area, so the curfew management was very loose. When they got back, they happened to see a lot of other young masters wandering back as well.

When they were about to reach the dorms, the two sides parted ways.

Gu Ruyu really wanted to send Yan Tianhen back, but was rejected by Yan Tianhen on the grounds that there was someone in the room.

Back in the dormitory, Yan Tianhen was just about to make a hand seal for cleaning his body to wash up and sleep when Hu Po suddenly jumped out from his storage ring and shouted at Yan Tianhen after bobbing his head a few times, then jumped out of the window.

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Yan Tianhen knew that Hu Po’s reaction was definitely abnormal, so he could only jump out the window and follow.

At the back of the dorms was a mountainous forest, where pear tree blossoms were blooming at this time of the year, with rich fragrance and white pear flowers.

It was probably because everyone was studying hard and cramming, so no one was watching such beautiful scenery.

Yan Tianhen ran for a while, only to hear a tiger roar all over the place. He suddenly realized something, and his entire person became light and happy.

A ball of white fluff rushed out like lightning and collided with Hu Po. Hu Po jumped up and pressed another tiger cub beneath him, then rolled together very intimately.

Yan Tianhen was naturally delighted to see Ah Bai, especially when he saw Ah Bai’s present master.

“Huarong Sword Immortal.” Yan Tianhen looked at the man with white robes and black hair standing under a blossoming pear tree, then grinned happily.

Lin Xuanzhi also nodded slightly to him and beckoned, “Come here.”

Yan Tianhen eagerly ran over and stood three feet away from Lin Xuanzhi. He said somewhat nervously, “So you’ve already left the evil spirit array ah?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “The person in the evil spirit array isn’t me.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Don’t deny it, I can see it.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen’s expression, which was constantly fluctuating between “Don’t tease me” and “Should I pretend I don’t know?”, and couldn’t help smiling faintly. “I’m just joking with you.”

Yan Tianhen was full of questions. Now that he had caught the culprit red-handed, he naturally wouldn’t let go of this good opportunity so easily.

Yan Tianhen asked, “Huarong Gege, why were you dressed as a woman? You even said that you couldn’t remember anything except your name?”

“Things happened for a reason.”

“What’s the reason? “

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him and didn’t speak.

If he didn’t want to say it, then most people wouldn’t ask any more questions, but Yan Tianhen was different — he genuinely cared.

He knew that if it weren’t for a major disaster, Lin Xuanzhi would never dress up like that.

Yan Tianhen frowned and continued asking, “Huarong Sword Immortal, when I saw you, you were seriously injured, and you didn’t even have any cultivation in your body. This can’t be fooled over by a word or two. I also saw the toxin. It wasn’t enough to make you lose all your cultivation. So, you either took some strange pills, or something went wrong with your cultivation techniques, right?”

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