Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 523 - Outer Hall Disciple

Chapter 523 – Outer Hall Disciple

Yan Tianhen entered the next room, but didn’t sleep. He couldn’t sleep in this kind of environment, so he just meditated cross-legged and refined a batch of Muscle Regeneration Pills.

It was almost evening before he knew it. Yan Tianhen had just refined the pills when he heard someone coming towards this side.

Lin Zhizhi’s spiritual Qi was empty. Obviously, her cultivation was not good, or it was suppressed by something. Therefore, Yan Tianhen could still hear the sound of her footsteps even when she walked very quietly.

Yan Tianhen opened the door and saw Lin Zhizhi standing at the door, ready to knock.

Yan Tianhen was stunned instantly.

He originally thought that the women in the world were either as gorgeous as his Senior Martial Sister, or as graceful and luxurious as the South Sovereign, or elegant or innocent, but the moment he saw the woman in front of him, he found that he was really a frog in the bottom of the well. His horizons were too shallow.

There was also another kind of woman in the world. When you see her, you will know that she is not a person you can play with. She is not cold, not alienated, and her actions are not soft and gentle, but she is unforgettable and makes you forget all about the material world. Such a woman has her own immortal aura. Standing there quietly without opening her mouth, she becomes a beautiful ink painting.

“I ran out of rouge, my hairpin is broken, I’m hungry, and I want to buy new clothes.” Lin Zhizhi said, adding, “I don’t have any money.”

Yan Tianhen, “…” It’s better for you not to speak.

Yan Tianhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She seemed like a baby chick who had imprinted on him, but indeed, she didn’t make any pretenses and directly asked for things. She really didn’t treat him as an outsider.

No money is easy, this young master has plenty of money.

Yan Tianhen waved his hand and said boldly, “Let’s go, Gege will take you to buy everything.”

Lin Zhizhi curled her lips slightly and said, “I am older than you.”

Yan Tianhen glanced at her and said, “I seem to remember forgetting to bring my wallet when I went out.”

Lin Zhizhi changed her words, “Tiantian Gege.”

Yan Tianhen, “… ”

If I had known, I would not have said a fake name. I always feel like she’s not calling me. This is my loss.

Yan Tiahen said, “Forget it, you’d better call me my name.”

“En, Tiantian,” Lin Zhizhi said.

Yan Tianhen then took Lin Zhizhi to the side of the street shopping.

The half street rented by the Yan family could be described as having the best location. It was not only close to the place where Myriad Dao Academy had appointed every year to pick up people, but also faced the most abundant square city in Jade Ocean City, so it was very convenient.

The two arrived at the market within a short time.

The square market in Jade Ocean City was open all night. After all, there was only one opportunity to rob visitors of their money every seven years, so local residents naturally had to prepare well.

So even though it was late, the streets were still bustling with people.

The number of cultivators who had come here to wait for the examination was numerous, and many of them came with the mentality of watching a show or trying for fun. So in order to prove that they had been here, they naturally had to buy more local specialties.

The market was quite lively all day long, with bright lights like daylight.

“Wishing Lane?” Lin Zhizhi suddenly raised her eyebrows.

“Wishing Lane is not the same as that brothel. This is a shop that makes hairpin rings in the name of Heaven and Earth Pavilion. It’s just a coincidence that they have the same name.”

Lin Zhizhi’s eyebrows continued to rise.

Yan Tianhen’s mouth was dry, and said, “Didn’t you forget what happened before? How can you care about Wishing Lane so much?”

Lin Zhizhi said, “I suddenly felt some impressions, but I don’t know where this impression came from.”

Yan Tianhen was shocked and thought to himself, It can’t be that Lin Zhizhi worked in Wishing Lane before! However, if Wishing Lane could recruit such a woman, it would have spread in the industry.

Although Lin Zhizhi pondered for a while, she finally stepped into Immortal Raiments Shop.

There were countless kinds of clothes here, and most of them were well-made and gorgeous. They were decorated with jewels, and more importantly, had some defensive functions, which was both gorgeous and practical.

Of course, the price was also pretty high.

The women next to them were all looking at each one of the items. They loved everything and thus had difficulty choosing, but Lin Zhizhi just glanced over and picked the blue dress with the simplest style.

This set of clothes was regarded as a very simple style, and its color was very light. It had been hanging there for a long time without anyone interested.

Lin Zhizhi said, “I want that set. ”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Zhizhi and said, “It’s quite suitable for you.”

So he called the boss over and said, “I’ll take that set of clothes.”

The boss asked, “Do you want to order or get ready-made clothes? The ready-made clothes can be adjusted according to the size of the body, and the price will naturally be higher.”

Yan Tianhen looked like a man who didn’t lack money at all. He said, “We’ll have ready-made clothes.”

The boss smiled and immediately sent someone to take off the clothes carefully and said, “My guest, you really have a unique eye. Don’t look at how this dress looks very dull. In fact, the material is the best in the whole shop, and there is only one such set. Moreover, this material is warm in winter and cool in summer, it’s invulnerable to weapons, and is also silky….”

Lin Zhizhi asked, “Is there a place to change clothes?”

The boss looked at the girl with a unique temperament and delicate appearance, which was inevitably pleasing to the eyes, and said with a smile, “It’s the most suitable match for you, lady. Little Meng, you take the lady to the back to change clothes.”

The girl called Little Meng immediately came over and said to Lin Zhizhi, “This elder sister, follow me.”

Lin Zhi nodded and followed her to the back.

After Lin Zhizhi passed by, the boss felt her heart and said to Yan Tianhen, “My guest, your wife is really tall.”

Yan Tianhen almost choked and said, “She’s not my wife, you can’t talk nonsense about this.”

The boss was quite astonished, thinking, If she’s not the wife, then she must be the lover. Otherwise, how could he be so quick and decisive when spending money?

However, the lady did not look like the type to be someone’s mistress.

At this time, Yan Tianhen thought in his heart, Lin Zhizhi is really tall. I’m already considered tall, Lin Zhizhi is still half a head taller than me.

Yan Tianhen asked, “How much is it?”

The boss said, “Ten middle-grade spirit stones.”

Yan Tianhen readily paid the spirit stones.

Ten middle-grade spirit stones — if placed in the ordinary family of the Nine Lands, they probably wouldn’t be able to get them for a lifetime.

A middle-grade spirit stone was equivalent to a thousand low-grade spirit stones, and a low-grade spirit stone could be exchanged for a thousand gold.

Even though the Nine Lands rarely traded in gold and silver, spirit stones were also rare in circulation, especially middle-grade and high-grade spirit stones.

Yan Tianhen was very generous, and the boss was overjoyed, so she went on, “How about buying more clothes? The lady just now is very beautiful. She is tall, slender, and well proportioned. She not only looks good in plain clothes, but also looks beautiful if she is dressed in full styled clothes.”

Yan Tianhen looked at it. He had not researched women’s clothes before. He said, “It’s up to her to see what she likes.”

A moment later, Lin Zhizhi, who had changed her clothes, came out.

All of a sudden, the whole clothing shop’s line of sight swept towards Lin Zhizhi.

Originally, Lin Zhizhi’s height was imposing and her appearance was excellent. As soon as she entered the door, she was watched by many people. Now that she had changed her clothes, many women wanted to see the result.

After they saw her, many guests who were looking at the gorgeous and colorful clothes asked the boss whether the clothes that Lin Zhizhi just tried were still in stock.

The boss had been making clothes for many years and had a keen eye for business. She knew that most likely, only the woman in front of her eyes could wear this kind of clothes. Other people couldn’t easily produce this effect.

Lin Zhizhi walked to Yan Tianhen, looked at the clothes, and asked, “Does it look good?”

Yan Tianhen gulped and said, “Everything you wear looks good, so don’t you want to buy more?”

Lin Zhizhi shook her head and said, “I’m happy as long as I have clothes to wear, I’m not picky.”

Yan Tianhen twitched the corners of his mouth, thinking that a good figure is happiness.

“What, only one set of ready-made clothes?” A girl’s voice came, and she seemed very dissatisfied, “I don’t care. I’ve long been interested in that one, and the other clothes are not as good-looking as that one.”

Yan Tianhen turned his head and glanced when he heard the words. A young master who was rich at first glance shook the royal blue fan in his hand, and said in embarrassment, “The others are pretty good too, Junior Martial Sister, can’t we pick others?”

“I want that one. I have been fond of that dress for a long time. How can I give up easily when I went out of the sect to buy it?” This girl could be called very imposing and walked directly to Lin Zhizhi and Yan Tianhen. She raised her face and looked at Lin Zhizhi. “Take it off, I will give you double the amount you paid for it.”

Yan Tianhen was shocked. Ever since he changed from a no-named Yan to Little Prince Yan, he had not seen anyone making such a fuss in front of him for a long time.

Lin Zhizhi was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, and said indifferently, “No.”

The girl narrowed her eyes and said, “I’ll add money.”

Lin Zhizhi was a little moved, and asked, “How much?”

Yan Tianhen almost vomited blood. He pulled Lin Zhizhi’s sleeve and blocked the person behind him. He said, “I won’t sell it for any amount of money. Honorable me has already bought it. A gentleman doesn’t snatch other people’s possessions. Girl, please go and choose another.”

The girl said coldly, “I’m talking to her, what are you cutting in for?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Honorable me paid the money. Who will interrupt if I don’t interrupt?”

He turned to Lin Zhizhi and said, “We don’t need money. It looks best on you, not selling.”

A smile flashed in Lin Zhizhi’s eyes, and she nodded and said, “Well, since Tiantian Gege said no, then we won’t change it.”

The girl probably really liked this dress. She immediately became anxious. “You shouldn’t have refused when I was asking nicely. Do you know who this Young Lady is?”

Yan Tianhen said calmly, “I don’t know, but no matter who you are, this Young Master won’t sell it.”

Lin Zhizhi nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

The girl narrowed her eyes and said, “You are here to participate in Myriad Dao Academy’s entrance exam, right?!”

Lin Zhizhi glanced at her and said, “So what?”

The girl sneered, and said arrogantly, “I am an outer hall disciple of Myriad Dao Academy’s Tool Ocean Hall. Dare you offend me?”

The people around who had been watching the excitement couldn’t help gasping.

In this Jade Ocean City, Myriad Dao Academy meant absolute authority.

No sect dared to provoke them easily.

Yan Tianhen stopped and asked, “What’s your name?”

The girl said, “Are you scared? I am Zang Ziyue. If you know someone who is in Myriad Dao Academy, you must have heard of my name.”

“Zang Ziyue? So you’re actually the Purple Moon Craftsman. This is the person most likely to be selected as a core disciple by an elder of Tool Ocean Hall this year. My brother is in the outer hall of Tool Ocean Hall and told me about this girl before.”

“Hiss— to think she’s this incredible!”

The eyes of everyone looking at Zang Ziyue were suddenly filled with awe and fear.

However, the boss here did not intend to intervene. After all, after staying in Jade Ocean City for a long time, she could always see the Daoist lords who came from Myriad Dao Academy, and their Immortal Raiments Shop was the most popular with Myriad Dao Academy’s Daoists. What kinds of people hadn’t she already seen?

“I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of it,” Yan Tianhen said.

Zang Ziyue changed her face and said, “It seems that you don’t intend to go to Myriad Dao Academy.”

Yan Tianhen said indifferently, “It is not you who decides whether I will go or not. If you can stop me from going, you will be considered to have some ability.”


Author’s Notes:

Of course Lin Zhizhi is one of Lin Xuanzhi’s identities~~


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