Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 514 - Two-Faced

Chapter 514 – Two-Faced

Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows and said, “Elder Martial Sister.”

Baishi Shuying’s face was cold, but she showed no signs of grievance or looking haggard, as if it was not her who Yan Tianhen had met in the secret room that detained her before.

Baishi Shuying walked to the front of the stage, glanced coldly at Fu Yu, and looked toward the Beast Empress and Huarong Sword Immortal. She bowed, “Greetings, Beast Empress.”

She made another courtesy call. “Greetings, Huarong Sword Immortal.”

Huarong Sword Immortal was a man from the outside world and seldom got involved in earthly affairs. Therefore, when Baishi Shuying faced him, the etiquette she performed was pure Daoist Rites. As for the Beast Empress, she had entered the secular world as soon as she became the Beast Empress of the Southwest Land, so Baishi Shuying’s etiquette became a secular courtesy instead.

For some people, this was very particular, but more people didn’t pay attention to these details. Seeing Baishi Shuying’s words and deeds, it made people feel appropriate and courteous.

When the Beast Empress saw Baishi Shuying, she was caught by surprise by her beautiful appearance. Regardless of other people, it was difficult to hide her good looks even in plain clothing.

She was a peerless beauty.

The Beast Empress said, “This Honourable One is polite. Dare I ask who this girl is?”

Baishi Shuying answered humbly, “I’m a core disciple from Fuyao Sect, the third martial sister, and Empress may call me Shuying.”

“A year ago, when I was cultivating in the Southwest Land, I came across a beast clan woman who was being pursued. I rescued her and helped handle her pursuers. The woman told me that the beast clan’s Fu Yu made the woman conceive his child and gave birth to it so that he could cook the child’s bones, eat its meat, drink its blood, and refine its core to improve his cultivation. This woman was one of many victims. Once she gave birth to the child, the woman would no longer be useful and was, thus, hunted down.”

Having said this, Baishi Shuying gave a hard look at Fu Yu and said, “I thought that those women were too pitiful, and what Fu Yu did to them was shocking and outrageous, so I decided to inquire about it myself. If it was true, I would expose this hypocritical prince in public and let him pay for his actions. If it was not true, I would correct Fu Yu’s name. Therefore, I broke away from my sect and went to White Tiger City, where I met Fu Yu and developed a relationship with him. Unexpectedly, Fu Yu was really a two-faced fiend in human shape. He kept saying that he wanted to marry me as his wife and in my diet, he would give me pregnancy pills–”

Hiss. “Pregnancy pills?” Someone in the crowd gasped.

Pregnancy pills couldn’t be easily found, because it was a pill medicine of divine level. There were probably only a few people who had the ability to refine it, and the premise was that you had to have found a certain kind of spiritual grass that was difficult to trace.

But it was said that Fu Yu could take these things out easily, which made people feel really doubtful.

“Girl, you can’t be mistaken, can you?” Someone said playfully, “Pregnancy pills are not a treasure that can be handed out casually.”

Baishi Shuying looked at the man. “I just said that I come from Fuyao Sect. I had to learn how to identify medicinal pills, spiritual herbs, and all kinds of magic treasure materials since I was a child. It was difficult and complicated, and ancient books were numerous. I naturally can recognise the pregnancy pills.”

The name of the Fuyao Sect was really powerful. As soon as this name was brought out, the number of people who suspected Baishi Shuying suddenly decreased by more than half.

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In Fu Yu’s eyes, there was like a storm surging, brewing bigger and bigger.

Yue Lingxi had a stiff face, and her gaze when looking at Fu Yu had changed a few times.

Although she wanted to join hands with Fu Yu and seek a lot of benefits for the Yue family, if Fu Yu really did such a thing, she absolutely wouldn’t accept it.

After all, she was still a person and not a ruthless demon.

Yan Tianhen, however, was relieved.

His mood was also quite good.

Hearing that Baishi Shuying broke away from their sect and was bullied by a slag rat had made him uncomfortable at the time. He didn’t think Baishi Shuying was actually merely putting on a show. As such, she certainly won’t let herself suffer any losses.

However, he didn’t expect that Fu Yu would commit such a heinous thing.

Compared to others, Yan Tianhen naturally believed in his Elder Martial Sister.

Baishi Shuying said, “If you don’t believe me, go and search Fu Yu’s storage bag. I think there are more than one or two pregnancy pills on him, but I don’t know where these pills came from.”

“Yes, the origin of the pregnancy pills is even more doubtful and cannot be thought deeply.”

If there was a great backing behind him to refine those pills, it would be very shocking, something far more harmful than Fu Yu himself.

The scene at once fell into a buzzing discussion.

Fu Yu looked on coldly.

Anyway, Baishi Shuying didn’t have any strong evidence, and the beast clan would never listen to this woman’s side of the story.

However, he didn’t expect that Baishi Shuying, a minor extra, would deliberately set a trap for him to dig into it. Of course, when he thought about what he had done with this bitch, his mind was a lot more balanced.

It’s just that she found out about the pregnancy pills but did not get pregnant, so he had some regrets about that.

The Beast Empress took a deep breath and calmed down her confusion. She said, “Miss Baishi, now that you have roughly stated your side clearly. If you have any evidence, you might as well take it out directly, which would make it more convincing. “

Baishi Shuying nodded. “Of course.”

She clapped her hands and said, “Yi Fang, come out.”

As soon as she spoke, a woman with a veiled cloak came out from behind the people of Reincarnation Palace.

In fact, she hadn’t been among the women who had cried for justice earlier, but in reality, she was the only real victim here.

Yi Fang took off her cloak and a pale face appeared in front of everyone.

Fu Yu’s expression suddenly changed and said, “You’re actually not dead?”

However, there was a louder voice. A strong man suddenly stood up and walked towards Yi Fang, holding her hand and saying, “Sister, is that you? Sister, sister, you’re not dead.”

When Yi Fang saw the man, she began to cry. “Gege, sister has been badly hurt. If it weren’t for Sister Shuying’s rescue to send me back to the Southwest Land and hide me away, I’m afraid I’d already been a piece of loess under the cliff by now.”

The man’s eyebrows furrowed and his arms were shaking. He asked, “Quickly tell me, what happened?”

Yi Fang’s hateful eyes turned to Fu Yu, who was surprised and appalled, and pointed to him. “It was he who took advantage of my feelings and my body, and gave me the pregnancy pills to make me conceive his child. And that’s not all. When I gave birth to his child, he took the child away from me. I was very suspicious, so I followed him secretly, and actually saw him cut out my poor child’s core. Gege, my child was still so small, his core only the size of a thumb, he was so pitiful! Wuwuwu…”

The wolf clan brother’s eyes immediately grew wide, looking almost bloodshot. He gnashed his teeth and glared at Fu Yu.

Fu Yu said coldly, “I don’t know you at all. What are you talking about?”

“Don’t know? Hahaha,” She laughed and continued, “I discovered your secret and knew that I couldn’t save my child, so I tried every means to follow you and find out more secrets. Unexpectedly, I found the place where you dealt with the children’s corpses. Go to the bottom of the mountain at the back of Fu Yu’s mansion to see if there are dozens of baby skeletons there.”

The Beast Empress gestured with her eyes to the fox minister nearby, and the fox minister walked towards the backyard with his bodyguard.

Yi Fang’s elder brother, full of grief, resisted the impulse to kill Fu Yu and said, “Sister, what else have you found?”

Yi Fang sobbed a few times before saying, “A few days later, I was going to sneak back home and tell you about it. I didn’t expect him to find out my plan and actually try to kill me. I was afraid and I used the magic treasure you gave me to save my life. First, I escaped, and then I was chased all the way to the West Land. I was already at the end of my strength and was in danger. I didn’t expect sister Shuying, who had been training in the West Land, to give me a helping hand. If it wasn’t for her, I would have fallen to his schemes at this time.”

“Fucking absurd!” The anger of several wolf clan members was beyond words.

Yi Fang’s elder brother was called Yi Lan, and he also had a considerable position in the wolf clan.

Yi Lan stepped forward and stood in front of the Beast Empress, kneeling on one knee as he said with gritted teeth, “Your Majesty has heard what had been said. If what my sister said is true, I ask the Beast Empress to please let me take revenge myself.”

The Beast Empress sighed. “If Fu Yu really did such a terrible thing, I will allow you to execute him yourself.”

Yi Lan showed a fierce light in his eyes and responded, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Two guards walked onto the stage and stood by Fu Yu from left to right. They said, “We’ll have to offend you, please take out your storage bag and let us check it.”

Fu Yu hooked his lips and said, “Okay. “

He stretched out his hand and moved to reach for his storage bag. Suddenly, something silver flashed out, and the two guards had no time to open their mouths and before their heads were cut off by sharp tools.

Yue Lingxi screamed. Before she could turn into a bird to escape, she was choked by Fu Yu, who was very close to her.

Yue Tufeng exclaimed, “What are you doing? Let my sister go!”

Fu Yu hissed, and the strength of his hand increased. “Let her go? How could I leave if I let her go?”

Yin Nian said, “This cornered dog has reached a dead end and is desperate.”

The Beast Empress’s expressions shifted, and she stood up. “Fu Yu, you have already committed a monstrous sin. Don’t add more crimes and make more mistakes.”

“Ha.” Fu Yu made a scornful sound. “Since I already have no way out, why do I have to wait and die here? I’m doing this for the sake of the prosperity of the tiger clan!”

“Bullshit, you’re just doing it for your own sake!”

Fu Yu retorted, “What do you know? The tiger clan has not produced pure white tiger blood for ten thousand years, and its position with the Divine Clans has fallen to rock bottom. Even a peacock bird could bully and humiliate us at will. My clan lacks sparrow spirits, and every year, we have to pay tribute to the capital, so we had to turn to the West Land. But what about the West Land?”

He stared coldly at Yue Tufeng, who looked grim-faced, “For this reason, our tiger people had to subject themselves.”

The eyes of Southwest Land’s Beast Empress suddenly became sharp and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. This is something that never happened before. You’ve always ignored political affairs. What do you know?”

Fu Yu stared at the Beast Empress. “Then, why do you think the Beast Emperor wouldn’t leave secluded cultivation for many years and didn’t want to meet with the people from the West Land? He didn’t want to bow down, so he could only avoid them. The ambitions of the West Land are very obvious. The Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital has been strictly controlling the submission of sparrow spirits over the years, and now they’re getting more while we’re getting less. The days when the West Land dominates the country are not far away.”

Yue Tufeng was about to vomit blood, and he angrily said, “Don’t you dare sabotage our relations with the Southwest Land. Who exactly is the mastermind behind you? Beast Empress, please let the Beast Emperor come out and explain clearly. My West Land has no such plans.”

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