Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 494 - Go to the Southwest Together

Chapter 494 – Go to the Southwest Together

You Ming slapped Yan Tianhen on the back of his head and sneered, “So you want a great beauty?”

Yan Tianhen said, “That is a must.”

You Ming slapped him again. “Then you can continue being a loner. Why even marry a wife ah?”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Was it his fault that he liked good looks?

In the early years, the territory of King Ye’s Palace was located in the former palace site where there was rich spiritual energy outside the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. But after Yan Zhonghua returned to the center of power and Yan Tianhen was recognized by the Emperor, they moved back to the inner city now.

Although the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital was only a capital of the central divine world, it covered a large area, which was comparable to that of a whole continent from the Five Continents.

Although King Ye’s Palace was in the city, it was still thousands of miles away from the temple. Because the Consort liked luxury by nature, and King Ye doted on this exotic Consort very much, he decorated the whole palace with extravagance. Just a casual decoration in the house was a rare treasure.

Two boys suddenly came out to speak to You Ming, and You Ming’s face changed slightly. He said a little gravely, “Ah Hen, something happened to your Elder Martial Sister.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

You Ming said, “Do you still remember why your Elder Martial Sister betrayed her master?”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes dimmed, and he nodded. “Master despises the lover she found, saying that he is not the one for her. Master asked her to stop dealing with him, but she didn’t listen, so she had a big fight with Master and followed the man anyway. Dad, but what happened to her and the man?”

You Ming said, “Baishi Shuying did a stupid thing. Do you know the identity of the Dao companion she found?”

Yan Tianhen replied, “My Eldest Martial Brother and I specially checked, but we found nothing.”

You Ming told him, “He is from the Fu family, a main branch of the Southwest beast clans. His name is Fu Yu.”

Yan Tianhen looked awe-inspired. “Southwest beast clans, no wonder I couldn’t find out his identity.”

Although the land was divided into nine parts with the nine lands unified and all nine Divine Clans obeyed the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital’s orders, this was only nominal.

In reality, every single one of the Nine Lands had already formed their own independent laws and rules. Their class structure had already been solidified, which made them equivalent to small countries. It was rare for the Divine Clans to completely obey the orders of the Yan family. In addition, there had been an agreement among them. Except for some rules that must be observed, they would not intervene in the internal government affairs of other Lands unless absolutely necessary.

You Ming said, “Fu Yu is going to marry someone else as the main wife!”

Yan Tianhen exclaimed, “What?!”

Fu Yu was naturally romantic. Although he was keen on Shuying before, in fact, he never thought of making Shuying his legitimate wife.

After all, Baishi Shuying merely came from an ordinary royal family from a small world and had no status at all in the strict hierarchy of the Nine Lands.

“Since Fu Yu wanted to compete for the beast king’s throne in the southwest, it was naturally impossible to marry such a person who was of no help to him.

However, if Fu Yu knew that Baishi Shuying came from the Fuyao Sect, how could he still dare to treat her as a chess piece that would be discarded at any time?

A few days ago, Fu Yu proposed to the West Land’s peacock clan, the clan currently in charge of imperial power over all the bird clans. How could Baishi Shuying’s temperament accept sharing a husband with others? She made a fuss, but Fu Yu, who was a shameless man, actually locked up Shuying. If she hadn’t left a successful backroute by letting a paper crane run to Fuyao Sect for help, who knows how bad her situation would be at this point. “

“Motherfucker!” Yan Tianhen was angry after hearing this. “Fu Yu doesn’t want to live anymore. That shameless thing dares to bully my Elder Martial Sister. Dad, let’s hurry and go save her. ”

You Ming said, “Your father still hasn’t returned from the Dao Assembly, which is in the East Lands. Here, who knows what kinds of sly tricks Yan Zizhang will stir up, so I also cannot leave. Therefore, people from the sect will have to go to the Southwest beast clans together. You can go and have a look. After all, the title of King Ye’s heir is also easy to use.”

Yan Tianhen naturally nodded and promised, rubbing his hands together. “Don’t worry, Dad, I will definitely beat Fu Yu’s head bloody.”

You Ming said, “The most important thing is to let your Elder Martial Sister come back safely.”

Yan Tianhen agreed, “Of course.”

You Ming patted Yan Tianhen on the shoulder. “In any case, you must come back after three months. The Myriad Dao Academy entrance selection is just around the corner. If you miss this year’s, you will have to wait another seven years. After seven years, you will be in your thirties. I can’t afford to lose this face.”

There was no age limit for accepting disciples in Myriad Dao Academy. However, those disciples of great families who were the same as Yan Tianhen as a Divine Clan or subordinate officials of a Divine Clan would be assessed together for entrance in the Myriad Dao Academy. Moreover, half of them were under the age of Yan Tianhen, so he was already considered relatively old.

Yan Tianhen smiled. “Don’t worry, Dad, it will definitely be resolved in two months.” He had just taken a step home but another task was already at his heels. Yan Tianhen couldn’t help saying that his dad didn’t really care about him at all and was just looking for him to do things.

You Ming said calmly, “Although you are young, when your father and I were as old as you, we had already gone out to travel. These years, whenever you wanted to go to mysterious lands or dangerous places to gain experience, I have never restrained you. After all, no matter how high your cultivation is, none of that will matter if you lack practical experience. So you’d better run outside more.”

Yan Tianhen curled his lips up, “Dad, you only say this because you think I disturb you and father kissing at home. I know, I understand.”

You Ming, “… “

This dead brat is getting more and more presumptuous.

So Yan Tianhen didn’t stay at home for a few days. He decided to leave for the southwest border and seek revenge. Before he left, he specially found Gu Ruyu and Qi Feiqing.

As soon as Qi Feiqing heard that it was a fight against a scum man, he immediately shouted excitedly and shamelessly wanted to go with Yan Tianhen too.

However, Gu Ruyu said, “Things are busy at home these days, and the Myriad Dao Academy entrance selection is just around the corner. My dad wants to prevent me from running around, so I will not go.”

Although Qi Feiqing said he had no sense of loyalty, he was still willing to forgive Gu Ruyu this time. The next day, Yan Tianhen and Qi Feiqing left Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital together, but they didn’t make too much of a publicity stunt. They both rode their swords instead, flying straight to the west.

Before long, the two were in a tower, meeting with Hai Kuanglang and the others, who had been waiting here. Yan Tianhen first swept a look around and raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t Eldest Martial Brother here?”

Hai Kuanglang and Zhan Fengting could be regarded as an inseparable pair, and it was rare to see the two of them sailing separately. Hai Kuanglang said, “Master can’t leave when he’s in the middle of a divination in closed-door seclusion, so someone must take care of the sect.”

Yan Tianhen said thoughtfully, “Yes, there are very few things that can make us go all out. After all, Baishi Shuying is a core disciple of Esteemed Lan Yue. Even though she had a bad time with our sect before, the tendons are still connected, even though the bones may have already broken. She was wronged by an outsider, so all of Fuyao Sect will never give up.”

This time, he sent all the other disciples except Zhan Fengting to the Southwest Land to ask for an explanation. Wan Yitong also jumped over with a smile and looked at Yan Tianhen for a moment. He said, “Ah Hen darling, I heard that Princess Yuqing, who was personally conferred that title by the Emperor, is deeply in love with you, and she can’t wait to commit herself to you. What do you say?”

Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes to the sky. “Elder Martial Brother, if you mention that crazy woman again, I am going to rearrange your face.”

Wan Yitong blinked. “I heard she’s quite good-looking. After all, the Emperor is so obsessed with her sister that he can sing every night.”

Yan Tianhen pushed Wan Yitong away. “Do you think I’ve never seen a beauty before? I heard that Huarong Sword Immortal is the number one beauty in the world — can anyone compare to him?”

“Tsk tsk, Little Martial Brother, you take things too seriously. You really are incredible. You can mention anyone, but you just had to mention him.” Wan Yitong raised his eyebrows and said, “Be careful not to let the disciples of Myriad Dao Academy hear you, or else you will be drowned by spit.”

“That’s right.” Qi Feiqing heavily patted his shoulder. “Those immortal figures are not something we ordinary people can covet. I’ve heard that he grew up drinking fairy dew and bathing in nectar since he was a child. When he spits out a mouthful of saliva, he can materialize spirits. With a wave of his sleeve, he can make it rain.”

“Isn’t making rain the dragon clan’s ability?” Yan Tianhen expressed his doubts.

Qi Feiqing cleared his throat and said, “Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. He is the person most likely to ascend as an immortal in recent years. No matter who you covet, it still can’t be him, otherwise you’ll be sad.”

Yan Tianhen became angry from embarrassment and pushed Qi Feiqing. “Who coveted him? I just mentioned him casually.”

Qi Feiqing also didn’t mind Yan Tianhen’s reaction. After all, Yan Tianhen was still a boy with no passion, and suckling on milk. He was obviously just a child.

Qi Feiqing had a very clever baby face. He had a good relationship with Yan Tianhen, and so he, of course, knew about Yan Tianhen’s martial brothers.

Qi Feiqing said hello to all of them, and his smile was lovely. Bei Shitian still stood by with his sword in his arms and said nothing. His whole person seemed to want to blend in with the shadows, but everyone was already used to his behavior.

After the round of greetings, they took a magic boat together and went to the Southwest Land. It was a long way to the southwest, and they sailed in the sky for more than half a month before it reached the Southwest Lands.

Because the Southwest Land was a world of beast clans and the king of beasts was the white tiger clan, the name of the imperial city was simply and roughly called White Tiger City.

After passing through the city gate with their travel documents, Yan Tianhen breathed in the rich spiritual Qi and said, “Nevertheless, this Southwest Land has many spiritual trees and the spiritual energy is purer.”

Wan Yitong said, “It’s not just because there are many spiritual trees here. The White Tiger clan is the boss of the place. Of course, they chose the head position of the dragon spiritual vein to live on. Below this place is a natural spiritual vein, which wraps around the whole Evil Tiger Ridge. Naturally, it’s full of spiritual Qi.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “I see.”

Qi Feiqing looked at everything and was in awe. He couldn’t help but curiously look around. Most of the beasts were warm and open, and the demonic beasts who could transform into human forms were barely dressed, showing off their breasts and buttocks to the fullest. It made for a dazzling sight.

Qi Feiqing said with emotion, “I heard that the brothels here are full of demonic beast races. I haven’t tried the taste of a demonic beast race yet.”

Yan Tianhen replied, “Don’t worry, every move you make here, I will truthfully report to your eldest brother.”

Qi Feiqing, “…” Damn, I want to cry.

After entering the city, Hai Kuanglang found the largest inn in White Tiger City and booked a guest room. He then walked to the southwest palace without stopping.

The White Tiger Palace in the Southwest Land was majestic and entrenched on a whole mountain that stretched for tens of thousands of miles. It occupied half of the whole White Tiger City.

After explaining their intentions, Yan Tianhen and the others were respectfully invited in. It was the Beast Emperor Fu Baiya who came to welcome them. When he saw Yan Tianhen, the Beast Emperor was very surprised. “Why did the prince suddenly show up at the Southwest Land? What’s the matter?”

Yan Tianhen raised his brows. “I’m here for your family’s Fu Yu.”

The Beast Emperor Fu Baiya raised his own eyebrows. “Fu Yu will hold a wedding ceremony at the beginning of next month. Are you here to attend the ceremony?”

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