Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 480 - Return to the Ancestral Temple

Chapter 480- Return to the Ancestral Temple

You Ming frowned, “It’s not that this Venerable is deliberately slandering you, but there’s definitely something weird in your family’s ancestral temple. The last time I went in, I could feel that there were more than one kind of powerful entity above me. I don’t know what your ancestors were thinking. They actually suppressed these things in ancestral temples. If those things ever were to come out, your whole family is waiting to be exterminated.”

Yin Xingli also looked grave. “My brother and I also divined the place after we left the ancestral temple of the Lin family on that day. However, not only could we not figure out what was in it, but we also saw the word ‘ferocious’ appear every time. Therefore, we did not mention the ancestral temple during this period, but since this creature is likely to have come from the ancestral temple, it seems that we can’t avoid it.”

“Since we can’t avoid it, we must find a place to go in,” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Yin Xingli sighed slightly, “That’s the only way.”

After the disciple woke up on the second day, he was obviously greatly traumatized. His whole person was dumbfounded, and he was uttering “there’s a ghost” in his mouth, as if he had lost his soul.

Yin Xingli patted his forehead twice, and the disciple immediately yelled and fled back, but he was considered to have recovered his mind.

As soon as he saw Lin Xuanzhi, Yin Xingli, and the others, he immediately cried as if he had seen a life-saving straw. He cried while kowtowing, “Wuuuu, Young Master save me, Young Master save me!”

Seeing that his soul had returned, Lin Xuanzhi also heaved a sigh of relief, and said calmly, “Please tell me carefully about what happened last night.”

The disciple hurriedly talked about what happened last night.

He had been meditating in the room last night, but suddenly he heard a burst of laughter coming from the window, and smelled a strange fragrance. Unconsciously, he yearned for the laughter. When he came to his senses, he had already gone outside.

When he was attacked by that thing, he could not speak, hear, nor see, but he still felt something. He could clearly feel that there was a hard pole like thing trying to insert itself into his head. His heart was scared to death, but his body could not move at all. If Lin Xuanzhi had not arrived in time, he would have been sucked into a dried corpse!

After listening, Lin Xuanzhi lit a slender incense. When the curling smoke gradually dispersed, the disciple opened his eyes in horror, pointed at the cigarettes, and exclaimed, “This is the smell, this is the smell!”

Lin Xuanzhi put out the smoke.

This incense should not have appeared in Lin Xuanzhi’s hands, but he was naughty when he was a child. He secretly took one and hid it when he was worshipping his ancestors. Unexpectedly, he had a use for it now.

He turned to Yin Xingli, “It seems that we are really going to the ancestral temple.”

The ancestral temple of the Lin family had been there for many years. The tablets of the ancestors of the Lin family had been placed in the ancestral temple. Although it wouldn’t easily appear in front of people, it always protected the Lin family from intrusion.

Before entering the ancestral shrine, Lin Runru also prepared a lot of things for worship, saying that he wanted to worship the ancestors first, and then apologize to them, and ask them not to get angry.

You Ming laughed, “You’re going to violate the ancestral precepts and break into the ancestral temple. It’s useless to apologize to them.”

Hearing the speech, Lin Runru solemnly explained, “It’s not that I deliberately intend to violate the ancestral precepts, but special matters should be treated with great care. The ancestral temple is about to be defiled by those things. Of course, I want to subdue and cast down the demons and defend the dignity of the ancestors.”

You Ming laughed. He put his hand on Lin Runru’s shoulder, leaned over and touched the Fifth Elder’s face with his other hand, “Fifth Elder, how come I didn’t realize you were so interesting before?”

Yan Zhonghua looked at Yin Xingli and curled his lips, “You want to fish information from me?”

Yin Xingli said generously, “Two days ago, Demon Venerable You Ming came to ask me if you had proposed to the South Sovereign before leaving. I was a little curious. Didn’t the South Sovereign already get married three years ago, and even has children now? Does His Royal Highness King Ye want to serve one wife together with others?”

Yan Zhonghua said without changing his face, “So how did you respond?”

Yin Xingli said, “Of course I answered Yes! His Royal Highness King Ye wanted to tease the cat, so how can I ruin His Royal Highness King Ye’s interest just because I am an outsider?”

Yan Zhonghua was very satisfied, “You have a good eye.”

Yin Xingli said with a smile, “Accompanying a king is akin to accompanying a tiger, and I’ve been with the East Sovereign for a long time. Of course, I have to have a good eye.”

There were no stairs in the ancestral temple of the Lin family, only teleportation arrays. However, the teleportation array leading to the seventh floor was opened once every ten years. No one knew where the other teleportation arrays were except the family head.

After Lin Runru came in, he stood in the middle of the first floor, biting his right finger, then he drew a blood symbol on the ground.

“This rune is the key to opening the teleportation array.” After Lin Runru finished painting, he patted the symbol heavily and looked at the seven circular teleportation arrays lighting up in turn. He said, “Only the blood of the Family Head can awaken the teleportation array, and this rune is inherited. Once he becomes the Family Head recognized by his ancestors, he will know how to draw it.”

A violent gust of wind surged in the ancestral temple, blowing the window paper with much noise, which seemed to be the atmosphere before something unclean came out.

Demon Venerable You Ming sucked in a cold breath, rubbed the goose bumps on his arm, and muttered, “Why does your ancestral temple look like a haunted house? This Yin wind…”

Yan Zhonghua stood beside You Ming, staring at the seven teleportation arrays on the ground emitting golden light with a frown.

After the strong wind, it returned to calm.

Yan Tianhen looked down and couldn’t help saying, “The layout of this teleportation array is very unique. The normal teleportation array is symmetrical with a six-pointed star plus a positive center point, but these seven arrays are crooked everywhere.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “It’s the Big Dipper Array.”

Yan Tianhen took a closer look, and it was indeed so.

The Big Dipper was a group of stars in the sky. Generally, when used as a transmission array, it was used to suppress demons and purify their demonic Qi.

Lin Runru said thoughtfully and solemnly, “Is it possible that there are really some demonic creatures in our ancestral temple?”

“It is absolutely certain. Ordinary monsters do not eat the human brain.” You Ming said, “But you don’t know whether or not it’s a demonic thing.”

Because of the need to protect those Yin constitution people outside, Esteemed Lan Yue did not follow. After looking at the Big Dipper Array for a long time, Yin Xingli sighed and said, “I don’t know too much about the Big Dipper Array. Let me go back and draw it on the paper for my elder brother to have a look.”

Lin Xuanzhi always felt that there was something wrong with this Big Dipper Array.

He frowned, stepped back, and stood by the window.

“Dage, what did you find?” Yan Tianhen asked.

Lin Xuanzhi turned to a direction and asked, “Which side is North?”

When Yan Zhonghua heard this, he showed a trace of satisfaction in his eyes. This boy has some ability.

Yan Tianhen pointed in a direction, and Lin Xuanzhi nodded, saying, “The direction of the Big Dipper Array is wrong.”

“Wrong direction?” Lin Runru took a closer look. When he found the problem, his whole body shuddered.

The so-called array had extremely high requirements for both the overall arrangements and small details. Just like the Big Dipper Array, which was related to the stars, even if the position of each small array was different from the actual requirement, at least the direction should be right. Otherwise, eight or nine times out of ten, it would become a completely useless array, and in the remaining one or two times, it would cause major problems.

Obviously, in this case, the Big Dipper Array here did not become a useless array.

The smell of burning incense became stronger.

Lin Runru felt a chill on his back, “What is your opinion about this array?”

Yin Xingli’s complexion was also not very good, he did a lot of research on killing arrays, so naturally he could see the effect of the Inverted Big Dipper Array.

Yin Xingli said, “Master Lin, your old ancestor was not a good sprout. He actually used arrays to nurture demons in the ancestral temple.”

Lin Runru was greatly shocked, “You can’t talk nonsense about this.”

“What do I need to talk nonsense for?” Yin Xingli sneered, “The Big Dipper Array is used to disperse demonic Qi, but the reverse is to raise demons. Your ancestors are really afraid that the demons in the ancestral temple will die ah.”

You Ming nodded, “Yes, the array indeed has such an effect when inverted, but I don’t know what exactly is trapped inside.”

Yin Xingli’s inspiration suddenly flashed, “Didn’t we divine before that the fifth magic treasure is in Qing City? Could it be in the Lin family’s ancestral temple?”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up, “It’s possible!”

Lin Xuanzhi asked about the situation with the soul plate.

“Is there a Great Demon-Sealing Array in the ancestral temple?”

“I don’t know.” Yin Chongyue said lazily, soaking in the water, “Although I was divided into five parts and sealed in different places, each separate ‘me’ can’t sense the others very well. I can’t perceive it, unless the array opens.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked again, “Do you know what that thing is?”

Yin Chongyue, “I will not tell you even if I know it.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “… Solve it one day earlier, and you will be resurrected one day earlier.”

Yin Chongyue thought for a moment, “There is some truth in your words. So, you have to get closer and let me feel if I can resonate with it.”

There was no need for Yin Chongyue to say that. Since Lin Xuanzhi came here, he naturally wanted to go up and have a look.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “We might as well go to the seventh floor to have a look.”

Lin Runru nodded, “It can only be like this.”

The seventh floor was the place where the memorial tablets of Lin’s ancestral temple were located. When one entered the ancestral hall, they had to worship the ancestors first. If they didn’t do that and instead did something else first, that might make the ancestors angry. Even if the ancestors weren’t angry, it was also very important to pray for blessing and protection.

So a group of seven people stood on the last array.

The Big Dipper Array was activated and the golden array rotated rapidly. The surrounding wind and clouds were surging and the sky was rolling with thunder. After a while, when the people opened their eyes again, there was a long and seemingly endless corridor in their sight.

Moreover, they were separated.

Lin Xuanzhi was holding Yan Tianhen’s hand, so they were still together even now. The corridor was empty and there were walls on both sides, so they couldn’t see much.

But Lin Xuanzhi was certain that this was not the seventh floor of the ancestral temple.


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