Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 475 - Sharp Change in Attitude

Chapter 475 – Sharp Change in Attitude

Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes. “You’ve always been good at attracting bees and butterflies.”

You Ming stood by, watching the interaction between Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen as his eyes moved thoughtfully.

In the evening, when Lin Xuanzhi was just about to turn off the lamp and rest, someone knocked on the door. When he opened it, Lin Xuanzhi was surprised to find that it was You Ming who came to find him so late at night.

“I can see that you and Ah Hen are at odds,” You Ming didn’t even bother to say any greetings and spoke as soon as he entered. “Furthermore, the conflict between the two of you isn’t small.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought, I’m afraid he’s here to criticize violently.

Lin Xuanzhi asked You Ming to sit down. “There are indeed some conflicts between me and him.”

You Ming sized up Lin Xuanzhi. “Although there are some matters that make people feel embarrassed when mentioned, there will always be a solution, or else the conflict will accumulate and become deeper, don’t you think so?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “What Martial Uncle said is quite right. I think so too.”

You Ming was very pleased. “It’s very good that you have this awareness. Ah Hen is thin-skinned. He’s too embarrassed to talk about this, but this kind of matter is also very important to the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. It’s not like you can hide a sickness for fear of treatment just because you are thin-skinned. It’s better to find someone to treat it earlier.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

He didn’t quite understand this.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but ask, “Martial Uncle, what do you mean by ‘hide a sickness for fear of treatment’?”

You Ming swept a glance at Lin Xuanzhi’s lower body and spoke quite straightforwardly, “Feng Jingyu said that you two’s problems are due to a disharmony in bed. I’ve given it much thought — my son will never have any problems, so is that part of yours not working well?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

Very good, sold the culprit out in one sentence.

Even though Lin Xuanzhi’s temper was ordinarily quite good, at this time, he still had an urge to catch Feng Jingyu, pluck out his feathers, and roast him till he was cooked.

Of course, he could explain.

Therefore, after careful consideration, Lin Xuanzhi gritted his teeth and swallowed blood as he spoke with difficulty, “Martial Uncle, thank you for your concern. I will be careful.”

You Ming narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a while, then suddenly smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Actually, I don’t care about this kind of matter like top or bottom. If you can’t top, it’s also not bad to have Ah Hen top.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

In his two lifetimes, he finally experienced what “flushed with anger and embarrassment” meant and earnestly wished that he could dig a hole and never come out. However, what else could he say?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled bitterly as he repeatedly agreed with You Ming.

You Ming tossed Lin Xuanzhi a bottle of miraculous pills that was said to be able to keep a man’s golden spear from falling down. After showering Lin Xuanzhi with an extremely sympathetic gaze and showing concern for a moment, he got up and left.

After a long time, Lin Xuanzhi finally calmed down his complicated mood.

“It seems that the problem is a bit serious.” Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know that after returning to his room, You Ming told Yan Zhonghua, “He would rather let me misunderstand that he’s physically ill than explain the truth. It seems that the reason his and Ah Hen’s relationship has become like this is much more serious than we can imagine.”

Yan Zhonghua commented, “You really went to test him.”

You Ming replied, “This concerns my son. Of course I needed to understand this personally.”

Yan Zhonghua put down the scroll in his hand. “Ah Hen has avoided talking about it, and Xuanzhi also acts as if it’s an important secret. I’m more and more curious about what exactly happened between them in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land.”

You Ming frowned. “I also asked Jingyu. He said that they became like this after the two made love to each other, and that he also didn’t know why.”

Yan Zhonghua remarked, “It doesn’t seem like he’s telling the truth.”

“What do you mean?”

“West Phoenix Monarch has always liked to get to the bottom of everything. If he truly knew nothing, then he would doubtlessly pester Ah Hen or Xuanzhi every day to fish for information,” Yan Zhonghua nonchalantly analyzed, “but he didn’t. He never even showed curiosity from beginning to end, which is not in his nature.”

You Ming was stunned, then fiercely slammed his hand on the table. “Fuck, he dared to fool me.”

Yan Zhonghua interjected, “After being with you for a long time, he will naturally learn to fool people.”

You Ming looked at Yan Zhonghua and scooted close to him. “Yan Zhonghua, what do you mean by this? Are you mocking me?”

Yan Zhonghua calmly answered, “I’m merely telling the truth.”

You Ming became angry when he heard those words, but Yan Zhonghua cut him off just before he could speak.

“You Ming, do you really think that what happened back then has simply been forgiven on my side?” Yan Zhonghua asked. “Originally, I didn’t want to bring up our matter during this time, but you look like you seemed to have forgotten everything.”

You Ming’s haughtiness immediately dropped by half, and his voice also dropped. “It’s already been so long, what else do you want? Didn’t we make up already?”

“I just feel that some matters don’t need to stay entangled. In this world, there are many other relationships to choose from besides husband and wife.”

You Ming understood the implication behind Yan Zhonghua’s words and asked with his eyes full of shock, “We’ve already slept together and even had a child, yet you actually want us to go back to being brothers?”

Yan Zhonghua looked at You Ming for a moment. “After we return to the Nine Lands, you should go back to the demon realm.”

You Ming’s expression stiffened. “What did you say?” You Ming grabbed Yan Zhonghua’s collar. “Do you fucking know what it means if I return to the demon realm?”

“It means a lot.” Yan Zhonghua still looked calm and composed, as though he would remain indifferent and unmoved even if Mt. Tai collapsed right in front of him. He and You Ming locked gazes. “In order to give my son a rightful, legitimate identity, I’ve laid out the groundwork and arranged matters for ten years. Before I came, I had already proposed marriage to the South Sovereign Shuiyun Nichang; you should also know the position the South Sovereign holds in my father’s heart. If I combine with her and adopt Ah Hen under her name, then even if Ah Hen has half-demon blood, the Emperor will still have to turn a blind eye. At that time, no one in the entire Nine Lands will dare to bully Ah Hen, and no one will dare to have any ideas about him.”

You Ming’s expression looked as though he could eat someone alive, but Yan Zhonghua didn’t seem to see it. He even smiled at You Ming and continued, “It’s fine if you sacrifice a little for your son’s sake, right?”

“Fucking hell it is!” You Ming’s hands were shaking, and he was so furious that he smiled. “What bullshit are you talking about? If you want to marry Shuiyun Nichang, that old woman, then marry her. Don’t fucking use my son as an excuse. My son will never acknowledge that old woman as mother! I will never let him return to the Royal Heavenly Capital with you!”

Yan Zhonghua looked at the completely furious You Ming and casually turned the ornamental thumb ring on his hand. He spoke calmly, “You Ming, do you still not understand? The reason that the Emperor stripped me of my succession right wasn’t because of Ah Hen, but because of you — so what if he has half-demon blood? Isn’t he still my, Yan Zhonghua’s, son? Do you know what His Majesty said to me on that rainy night twenty years ago?”

Yan Zhonghua leaned close to You Ming, looked into his eyes, and whispered, “He said, as long as I kill you, I will still be the first-ranked successor, and my son will also receive supreme honor and favor.”

You Ming took a step back and stared at Yan Zhonghua through trembling eyelashes. He had never seen such a Yan Zhonghua before, and this person felt incomparably unfamiliar.

“I also know that he told you what he said to me, word for word.” Yan Zhonghua smiled.

There were a lot of things in the smile that You Ming couldn’t understand.

“Which was why you avoided me during that time, but whenever I held Ah Hen, you would bare your teeth and claws at me. Later, you drugged me and left with Ah Hen overnight.”

You Ming bit his lower lip lightly. This matter was indeed his guilty conscience. “Back then, my head was in a mess.”

Yan Zhonghua stood up and slowly walked towards You Ming. His words were very slow, “In reality, His Majesty had already seen that you are naturally paranoid, cunning, and deceitful. He also knew you weren’t a human, so your goals and views would inevitably be different. He had subtly warned me before our wedding, but at that time, I believed that although you behaved unreasonably and wasn’t human, you always loved me and trusted me. I didn’t expect…”

You Ming retreated a few steps, until his back was against the wall.

Yan Zhonghua lowered his eyes and looked at him. He raised his right hand, which had always been warm and cool, and gently stroked You Ming’s face. “Since you didn’t trust me from beginning to end, why stay with me?”

Yan Zhonghua hung a long strand of hair behind You Ming’s ear. “When Xuan Wushe told me that you and Ah Hen are here, I came without thinking. When you’re in distress, I won’t sit idly by and ignore it, and whoever you want to kill, I will never stand in the way. It’s just that after we return to the Nine Lands, we’ll go our separate ways. The fate between us had already been severed by your own hands when you left with Ah Hen back then.”

You Ming spoke with difficulty, “I don’t want to hear you say such things. I didn’t know any better at that time. Later, I learned that I was wrong, so I went back to you to admit my mistake. You’re the one who didn’t want to see me no matter what and locked your door. In order to see you, I was almost caught–”

“I’ve had enough of you rolling on the floor and causing an unreasonable scene. You cry and make a fuss; you can throw any kind of tantrum to get what you want.” Yan Zhonghua seemed to recall something. There was a smile on his face but coldness in his eyes. “You Ming, you were already like that when you were a teenager. Now that so many years have passed, you should also grow up — not everyone will spoil you, indulge you, and allow you to mess around. What makes you think that I will wait for you in the same place until now?”

You Ming’s lips trembled and he sniffed. “I made a mistake, you can beat me or scold me, but I don’t want to hear you talk to me like this.”

It wasn’t like Yan Zhonghua never got angry with him before, but Yan Zhonghua’s behavior was very obvious those times. He would take off You Ming’s pants and ruthlessly hit his butt until it was full of finger marks, or send him to the ice prison to freeze and calm down. However, Yan Zhonghua had never spoken even a single harsh sentence to him.

However, the current Yan Zhonghua had completely overturned You Ming’s understanding of him.

“I won’t beat you or scold you,” Yan Zhonghua said, “because you are no longer under my charge. I don’t have the responsibility to discipline you.”

“You do.” You Ming pursed his lips, wanting to cry but not being able to cry. “How can you ignore me? What if you leave me alone and I go out to harm others?”

“Then naturally your sect will discipline you.” Yan Zhonghua was very ruthless and cold-hearted. “Fuyao Sect has plenty of methods to discipline people.”

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