Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 469 - Reversing Black and White

Chapter 469 – Reversing Black and White

Although Yan Zhonghua’s smile without words left Esteemed Lan Yue with countless possibilities for imagination, after listening to him talk in such a light way, Esteemed Lan Yue naturally had to ask one more question, “The bodies at the courtyard doorway looked like they were ripped apart from Lord Chuibi’s hook, did they fight during the day?”

“Not only did they fight, but he was also beaten to a mess. If it wasn’t for me hurrying over, he might have been beaten half to death.” Yan Zhonghua, in front of so many people, did not give You Ming any face. “But he got his revenge on the spot.”


“Yin Xinghan is dead,” Yan Zhonghua answered.

He acted like he was talking about something ordinary and had no emotional fluctuations. Lin Xuanzhi and the others actually simultaneously changed their expressions. Most of them were appalled and surprised, and a few of them even felt somewhat complicated.

Feng Jingyu felt very incredulous.”You guys actually dared to kill him? He is Yan Zizhang’s right-hand man. When beating a dog, one must look at who its owner is first. If you killed him, Yan Zizhang has all the more reason to suppress you and deal with you.”

Yan Zhonghua remarked, “You and Yin Xinghan actually thought the same thing.”

“Damn you, do you have to be so disgusting? At the very least, I was concerned about you!”

Yan Zhonghua sneered, “He.”

Feng Jingyu, “…..”

Esteemed Lan Yue could not help frowning, and said, “The West Phoenix Monarch is right. Your Majesty King Ye will always have to return to the Nine Lands, at that time your situation will be even more dangerous.”

Yan Zizhang had long been unhappy with Yan Zhonghua, out of fear that he was once the first heir, so he could potentially experience a reversal of fortune and make a comeback. Yan Zhonghua was deeply rooted in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. Although his influence was now pruned and cut, it was still nine-stories tall, surrounded by countless people. In addition, his cultivation level was quite high, and he was the first ranked person of his generation in the Yan family, so he was even more questionable.

Yan Zhonghua had avoided the world for many years with the intention of avoiding suspicion. He was peaceful with Yan Zizhang. But when he came out of seclusion, no one knew what crazy things Yan Zizhang, who had long wanted to eliminate him at his roots, would do. Not to mention the fact that he spectacularly killed Yin Xinghan as soon as he left seclusion, which would probably drive Yan Zizhang crazy.

Yan Zhonghua glanced at Esteemed Lan Yue and said, “I didn’t kill him.”

Esteemed Lan Yu replied, “Without your acquiescence, You Ming would never have been able to kill him.”

Yan Zhonghua said, “He wanted to kill. If I didn’t let him, he would’ve been angry with me.”

Esteemed Lan Yu felt rather irritated. “His temperament is caused by spoiling him like this. Who knows many people he will offend in the future?”

Yan Zhonghua smiled faintly and gave off a feeling of arrogance as he answered, “As if I didn’t wipe his ass many times before?”

“…….” Esteemed Lan Yu stared at Yan Zhonghua full of inquiry and asked, “From now on, you’ll bear the consequences of all the deaths he causes?”

How bloodthirsty can this be considered?

However, after all, he was still a younger martial brother under the same master. In the end, he wanted to confirm again out of worry, “You won’t let go halfway through and not care about him again, right?”

After all, Yan Zhonghua’s past actions were still vivid and served as a warning.

Yan Zhonghua looked at Lan Yue with a smile that didn’t resemble a smile. “Is that what your younger martial brother told you? That I’ll desert him after seducing him, and I’ll share in his riches and wealth but won’t share his troubles and misfortunes?”

Esteemed Lan Yue’s face was honest. “How is that possible? Mingming has never spoken ill of you in front of anyone.”

Yan Zhonghua understood You Ming so well, so how could he believe the words of Esteemed Lan Yue? He sneered, “You might as well ask him clearly whether he has a guilty conscience, taking my son and running away with an adulterer when I grew careless and wasn’t observing, or whether I, Yan Zhonghua was unfair to him. In the end, You Ming’s skills of reversing black and white have still been as perfect as ever.”

Esteemed Lan Yue, “…..”

“Fuck you!” Feng Jingyu suddenly exploded, “Who the hell is an adulterer? So that’s why you just watched this king die without doing anything. Just from You Ming’s rotten temper coupled with that brain flooded with water, this king will be blind to have a crush on him!”

“Didn’t you abandon your wife and son, and even sent someone after them?” Esteemed Lan Yue was shocked.

“You listen to his shit!” Yan Zhonghua sounded like he forced this out through gritted teeth. Other than You Ming, there was no second person who could make him this angry.

Esteemed Lan Yue froze.

Feng Jingyu was also stunned. “A few years ago, You Ming went to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital to find you. Why did you refuse to meet him? And in these years when he was on the run, you didn’t go find him, but even put a bounty on that stupid head of his.”

Yan Zhonghua regained his composure, but his eyes were slightly cold. “He did something wrong, shouldn’t he be punished? He is too self-righteous, lawless, and arbitrary, and will never change without experiencing some suffering.”

Esteemed Lan Yue’s mood was very complicated. He wanted to immediately pull You Ming from the warm bed to carefully investigate. If it was according to what Yan Zhonghua said, then all the so-called “truth” that he and Feng Jingyu knew were directed and acted out by You Ming alone to reverse black and white in order to shirk responsibility and win sympathy! And to tell the truth, although his relationship with Yan Zhonghua was absolutely inferior to his relationship with You Ming, the credibility of Yan Zhonghua was obviously several times higher than that of You Ming.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.

Originally, when meeting Yan Zhonghua, Esteemed Lan Yue always stood at a moral high ground and criticized Yan Zhonghua as “the closest elder martial brother of the bullied younger martial brother”. However, at this moment, he suddenly felt that he could not lift his head in front of Yan Zhonghua. This You Ming was good at screwing people over.

Feng Jingyu touched his nose, and his eyes drifted and looked around.

Yan Zhonghua grunted softly in his heart. Looking at these two people who helped You Ming commit evil kidnap his son, naturally he wouldn’t have any good expression to greet them. However, when Yan Zhonghua’s eyes fell on Yan Tianhen, they were obviously much gentler.

“You grew up,” Yan Zhonghua said.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose and became nervous for a moment. “It’s….it’s not like I can grow younger. That’s against the laws of this world.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…..”

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

What the hell am I talking about?

Yan Zhonghua couldn’t help laughing. He smiled more than once today, but this was the only time when it looked pure and had no further meaning. Yan Zhonghua turned to Lin Xuanzhi again and looked at him. He said, “Xuan Wushe and Lord Guangling’s son is indeed a dragon and phoenix among men, magnificently incomparable.”

“Your Royal Highness King Ye, I’m flattered.” In comparison to Yan Tianhen, Lin Xuanzhi was much more calm, even though this was probably his future father-in-law.

Yan Zhonghua said, “Your father and I are also considered intimate friends. You can just call me Uncle.”

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t stubborn and changed his form of address, “Uncle Yan.”

Yan Zhonghua’s eyes were slightly warm and he said, “Since it’s our first time meeting, I’ll give you a first meeting gift.”

Yan Zhonghua’s hand flipped over, and a blue tripod with three feet emerged in the air and fell into the hands of Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi looked intently at it, he sighed in his heart and said, “Heavenly Thunder Tripod.”

They said that Yin Xinghan was lucky before, but now it seemed that their luck was much better than Yin Xinghan’s, so much it could be called divine help. This Heavenly Thunder Tripod went around in a circle, and they didn’t have to spend any effort to get it in their hands.

Feng Jingyu couldn’t help but Tsk. “King Ye, you really are stingy, borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha. Is this thing even yours? Yet you just brought it out as a gift?”

Yan Zhonghua glanced at Feng Jingyu. “I don’t know what powerful magic weapon West Phoenix Monarch gifted his junior upon their first meeting?”

Feng Jingyu instantly meekly shut up, “…..”

The scene of his original meeting with Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen — Let’s not mention that, just forget it!

Truly, Yan Zhonghua delivered water when they were thirsty and pillows when they were tired. He never made any pretenses. To Lin Xuanzhi, the Heavenly Thunder Tripod was much more important than any other magic weapon.

“Thank you, Uncle,” Lin Xuanzhi thanked him neither haughtily nor humbly and asked, “I wonder if Uncle has heard any news about my dad?”

“Your dad is now in the Lotus Sea Mirage in the East Lands with your father. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Then I am relieved.”

Yan Zhonghua said, “It’s getting late. You all should rest first. It’s not suitable to stay here for a long time. We will leave for the East Continent tomorrow.”

Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and went to get some rest.

“Ah Hen, you stay,” Yan Zhonghua said.

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

Father and son meeting, there was no mutual hostility like Yan Tianhen had imagined, merely some alienation and strangeness.

“I assume that I don’t need to introduce myself too much.” Yan Zhonghua said, “You only need to know that I’m your father.”

Yan Tianhen, “……”

He just went out for a few days, and when he came back, a father had appeared out of thin air. This feeling was a little strange. Yan Tianhen could not describe it, so he took it as if he didn’t hear or understand it.

For some reason, when he was in front of Yan Zhonghua, he always felt like he was under a lot of pressure, so he thickened his skin to say, “That, I heard that you personally made the seal on my body. I was wondering if you can help break it for me?”

Yan Zhonghua said, “Naratually it is possible to break it, but you’ll have to go back to Nine Lands first, otherwise something will go wrong.”

Yan Tianhen pulled out the pendant hidden in his chest, saying, “Actually, I have already broken half the seal. Apart from being unable to control my body’s demonic Qi and being discovered by many people, I don’t know if there are any other side effects.”

Yan Zhonghua’s face was getting darker. “Is it Lin Xuanzhi?” Yan Zhonghua asked.

Yan Tianhen nodded his head, thinking that it was strangely embarrassing, but he was afraid this kind of thing could not be concealed. Yan Tianhen kept nodding his head. Yan Zhonghua didn’t speak for a long time.

Yan Tianhen’s mood slowly became more and more nervous, and his hands were crossing in circles, staring unblinkingly at Yan Zhonghua, for fear that he might get angry or furious or something.

However, after a moment’s time, Yan Zhonghua still seemed to be in a stable mood. He looked at the pendant in the Yan Tianhen’s hands and said, “In those days, your Dad used this thing to hide the demonic Qi on him. Ever since he met me, he has never taken it off for a day.”

Yan Tianhen paused for a moment, eagerly looking at him, not saying anything.

“He and I were from the same generation. In the Nine Lands, the talented youths of the same generation and the younger generation of the large influential families will leave the family at a certain age, and enter celestial-level sects to experience every hardship and peril. Firstly, influential families, especially the Divine Clans, will never allow useless people to appear in their families. That time was a good opportunity to expand connections and kill enemies.” Yan Zhonghua’s voice was calm and soft, bringing a feeling of giving one peace of mind. “I met him at the first Beast Hunting Feast.”

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