Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 466 - Heavenly Thunder Tripod Pot

Chapter 466 – Heavenly Thunder Tripod Pot

You Ming screamed. His misery was not inferior to Lord Chuibi, whose hand had just been cut off. His tears suddenly came, and the terrible pain made him swear, “Yan Zhonghua, you son of a bitch, fuck your ancestors 18 generations back, ow ow ow… It hurts so much … ow ow ow … Mmph!”

The spicy medicinal pill was stuffed into You Ming’s mouth, and took the chance while he was screaming to slip down his throat to his belly.

You Ming stared at Yan Zhonghua in panic. “What did you give me?”

Yan Zhonghua replied, “Poison that rots the intestines.”

You Ming, “…..”

In fact, this poison doesn’t exist, and it will not exist in his entire life.

The medicinal pill took effect immediately. First, the pain gradually lessened, then the blood stopped flowing out, and the wound gradually healed from the inside area out at a perceptible speed. In a short time, the skin and bones had been restored to normal. If it wasn’t for the bloody hole on the robe, it would be absolutely impossible to see that there had been a frightening injury.

You Ming was still sobbing with his face buried in his hands, and when he felt that his legs could move, he squatted on the ground and cried, like a child who had been greatly wronged.

Yan Zhonghua was originally looking on coldly, but after a quarter of an hour, You Ming was still crying sadly without any change in his posture. Yan Zhonghua’s calm, impassive face finally showed a somewhat unbearable and helpless expression.

Compared to other injuries that You Ming had received in the past, the injury just now simply wasn’t worth mentioning. Clearly, there were other reasons for him to cry so miserably.

Yin Xingli stood not far away, watching this scene as if it was a play. He took out a pipe and used the handle to knock on Yin Xinghan’s head, shaking his head and clicking his tongue, “To think that Demon Venerable You Ming still has this side to him, it’s really very rare, very rare.”

Yin Xinghan was angry but did not dare speak. In theory, he and Yin Xinghan should be equal in terms of cultivation, but who knew what deadly magical treasure Yin Xinghan had in his hands — it tied him up firmly, and he could not move.

He rolled his eyes, secretly scolding the two people for being unkind and dishonest while thinking of a safe way to escape. As he thought that, You Ming looked up and stared at Yan Zhonghua with bloodshot eyes as he spoke maliciously, “Who let you help me? I’m not the only fish in the sea! Why do you care about what I do? I thought you didn’t even want to see me. Who wants your stupid good intentions!”

Yan Zhonghua frowned slightly. “After so many years, how come your temper hasn’t changed a fraction?”

“My temper won’t change for my entire life!” You Ming stood up, sucked in his nose, and wiped his eyes. “You should’ve already known that.”

Yin Xinghan had never suffered such humiliation before. He glared at You Ming with clear and fierce eyes and spat a mouthful of blood. “You Ming, fortunes rise and fall. You should be careful not to fall into my hands!”

You Ming smiled coldly as he pinched Yin Xinghan’s chin. “Fortunes rise and fall; to kill the weeds, it’s important to eliminate the roots. Thanks for reminding me that today I must smash your bones to powder and scatter your soul so that you won’t even have the opportunity to rise back up again.”

Yin Xinghan was scared by the dense murderous intent in You Ming’s eyes. He spoke in a trembling voice, “Don’t forget, I am a person standing next to the Crown Prince of the Qianyuan Dynasty. If you dare to kill me, be careful that the Crown Prince will never let you or King Ye off in the future!”

You Ming narrowed his eyes and didn’t answer the words for a while. He seemed to be weighing something.

When Yin Xinghan saw it, he thought that the statement worked, and he hardened his courage and said, “It can’t be that you want to provoke the Crown Prince’s authority and have a treasonous heart? The Black and White Crow Guards’ leaders are seriously hurt, which is already your fault. If His Royal Highness knew about this matter, he surely will get to the bottom of it and find you guys responsible. If you stop in time and send me back respectfully, we will forget about this matter, and it’s not impossible for me to act as if nothing had happened.”

It wasn’t that Yin Xinghan had no fear, but when you beat a dog, you have to look at its master first. Being Yan Zizhang’s right-hand man, he held a lot of authority and had a high position in Yan Zizhang’s mind. These days, Yan Zizhang was precisely the person who obeyed only one person and reigned over ten thousand people. As long as the Emperor didn’t leave secluded cultivation, he represented the highest-ranking person. All living beings in the Nine Lands had to obey his commands. If word got out that someone dared to casually attack his subordinates, that would be the crime of treason, which was punishable by death. If Yan Zizhang wanted to use this as a reason to order a Kill Order, it would be within reason, and nobody would be able to object.


“Anyone can kill me, but only King Ye — Yan Zhonghua — cannot.” The more Yin Xinghan thought the more clear his thoughts became. He couldn’t help feeling smug, narrowing his eyes at Yan Zhonghua. “You are a man of sin, leaving the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital without authorization. This has already broken the rules and left a weak spot that your enemies can exploit. If you kill me today on top of that, even within the Nine Lands, there will be no place for you anymore. Your Highness King Ye, back then, His Royal Highness only spared your life because you shared a blood relationship with him, and he was unwilling to raise a hand against his siblings, but if you don’t know your position today and go the wrong way, it’s unclear what will happen next.”

You Ming swung a fist at Yin Xinghan again, directly knocking out a few teeth. He grabbed the front of Yin Xinghan’s clothes and his smile was colder than ice and snow, just like a devil crawling out of hell. “You seem to have mistaken something. I am me, he is him, and his future has nothing to do with me. Today, he is not going to kill you, but I am going to kill you. If you have something to say, tell it to Yan Zizhang again when you go to the underworld!” When he was done speaking, You Ming directly clawed Yin Xinghan’s heart out. He squeezed hard and directly crushed the beating heart.

Killing the person and seizing the soul.

This series of behaviors You Ming did was done cleanly and without hesitation. Although it was difficult for him to kill Yue Suhua and Lord Chuibi, and it would also lead to a turmoil in heaven and earth, killing a trapped Yin Xinghan was different. Yin Xinghan’s soul wanted to run away, but You Ming restrained it in one move and completely scattered it, so that he couldn’t even enter the cycle of reincarnation.

Yin Xingli couldn’t help saying, “Demon Venerable You Ming is really domineering.”

You Ming’s hands were full of flesh and blood. He gently shook them and applied a cleaning spell, and his body became as clean as ever. He couldn’t see any color of blood, and even the smell faded.

You Ming turned and looked at Yan Zhonghua, cocked his head at him. “I’ve caused you trouble again. All of a sudden, I’m afraid you will be singled out by Yan Zizhang. Even if you go back to Nine Lands in the future, life will not be easy.”

Yan Zhonghua, however, replied very calmly, “If he’s killed, then he’s killed. After all, this isn’t the first time you’ve caused me trouble. It’s nothing more than one more trouble, I can still tolerate it.”

Sighing deeply, You Ming took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped the right hand he just got dirty. “Then again, how can King Ye personally come here?”

Yin Xingli answered, “The Five Continents’ seal, the Five Continents’ magic treasures, as well as Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen — any one of these is enough to make people feel tempted. When the East Sovereign found out about this matter, he naturally sent someone here to oppose Yan Zizhang.”

You Ming sent a disdainful look and grumpily said, “What this Venerable means is, why didn’t your East Sovereign come in person but let King Ye come with you? Does he want King Ye to become a target in his stead? Your East Sovereign is really good at scheming.”

As thick-skinned as Yin Xingli was, when asked so directly, he was still slightly embarrassed. He used force to shake his fan and kept a strained smile on his face. “If it was possible, the East Sovereign is naturally willing to come in person. It’s just that the East Sovereign can’t leave the East Lands easily. As for why, as a mere subordinate, I can’t say the reason.”

“What reason? It’s just because he’s a cunning old fox.” You Ming was not polite at all when speaking ill of Xuan Wushe.

Yin Xingli let You Ming say whatever he wanted. He knew that You Ming was a madman who shouldn’t be provoked, so he smiled and nodded without a word.

You Ming suddenly felt it was meaningless. He walked over and angrily kicked Yin Xinghan’s corpse twice, and even took a look at his storage ring. This one look was critical — besides many gold, spirit stones, sparrow spirits, astrology magic treasures, it turned out that there was one more item that he couldn’t even think of: the Heavenly Thunder Tripod.

You Ming looked puzzled as he stared at the Heavenly Thunder Tripod for a long time, and then looked at Yan Zhonghua standing beside him with an inexplicable expression. “Help me check to see if this is actually the legendary Heavenly Thunder Tripod.”

As the name implied, there were three legs evenly arranged under the pot. The prototype of the tripod was only as big as an ordinary incense burner. Its color was a dark green. It felt a little uneven. If you looked closely, you could find that many magic spells were engraved on it.

Heavenly thunder furnaces could be big or small, and its greatest use was to resist and absorb the heavenly thunder and turn it into one’s own use, which was a good tool with both offensive and defensive abilities. With such a magic weapon, one would be almost invincible with regards to lightning tribulations. However, almost no one had seen it nowadays, so few people could judge whether the rumors were true or not. But this wasn’t a difficult thing for Yan Zhonghua.

He was the first heir ever since he was a child, and he was liked by those who were higher ranked than him. Naturally, he always cultivated with these peerless magic weapons according to his successor status. Although it had disappeared for many years, there were always remaining records in books. If nothing else, Yan Zhonghua, among other things, was first-rate at identifying magic treasures.

Yan Zhonghua injected a stream of spiritual Qi, which collided with the ugly black, and the furnace made a long and deep buzz.

After enlarging the furnace, and spending a few minutes checking the layout and content of the inscriptions and spells, and finally looking at the texture and overall appearance, Yan Zhonghua threw the tripod to You Ming and said, “It’s genuine.”

You Ming scrambled to hold the Heavenly Thunder Tripod in his arms, staring at Yan Zhonghua. “Your Highness King Ye, this is also a Divine level magic treasure, but you’re throwing it to me like it’s junk?”

Yan Zhonghua glanced at the furnace carelessly and said, “This magic treasure is still asleep. If you want to awaken it, you need the blood of its owner. It’s just a piece of junk for the time being. Although you could use it to take a bath.”

You Ming stared with big eyes, Yin Xingli was bleeding from his heart as he listened. Everyone, everyone, listen, listen! What is the peak of extravagance? This is.

“Can’t believe you can even think of that.” You Ming smiled.

“To use everything to the fullest extent is definitely considered not wasting it.” When Yan Zhonghua finished speaking, he changed the subject, ”Where are Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi now?”

You Ming looked at him, thought for a moment, and said something irrelevant.

“I’m tired.”

Yan Zhonghua stopped asking and replied, “Then go back and rest, I’ll take care of the rest.”

You Ming turned to go, in his hands, he was playing with throwing the Heavenly Thunder Tripod. Yin Xingli watched from the side, with a hard to explain expression watching a couple engaged in an illicit love affair

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