Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 457 - Throwing In One’s Life for a Treasure Hunt

Chapter 457 – Throwing In One’s Life for a Treasure Hunt

Yan Tianhen nodded, not in the least concerned. “If they can kill me, then they can be regarded as capable.”

His 《Eighteen Hells of the Underworld》 had already fully revealed itself within his sea of knowledge, and in the short span of two months, he had already cultivated it to the sixth level. As far as he knew regarding this secret manual, it covered utilizing a combination of Yin flame and Yin Qi to create weapons. The highest level that anyone cultivated it to was the eighth level, and that person was still his dad, You Ming. As for other people, they could only cultivate it to the fifth level at most and wouldn’t experience any breakthroughs for many years.

The past life’s cause became this life’s effect. Not only could the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire mend his soul, but it could also complement the Yin fire in his body. The two Qi overlapped and changed, increasing steadily with each passing day, which made the results of his meditation techniques improve at an extraordinary speed.

Although the current Yan Tianhen hadn’t yet reached Profound Realm’s Return Origin Stage, he was confident that 70-80% of Return Origin Stage experts were no match for him.

Lin Xuanzhi, who didn’t talk much for two months, walked up at this time. He stared into Yan Tianhen’s eyes. “When you leave this time, you won’t have to hide anymore.”

Yan Tianhen casually glanced at Lin Xuanzhi out of the corner of his eyes. “I’ve never liked hiding. If it wasn’t for the fact that you didn’t want me to reveal my identity, I would have acted according to my wishes a long time ago.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly. “Indeed, the current you has no need to hide or conceal anything.”

Yan Tianhen’s expression looked cold. “After we leave, we’ll go our separate ways and look for the magic treasures. There’s no need to work together anymore.”

Lin Xuanzhi said softly, “If there’s one more person helping you find the magic treasures related to the Five Continents’ seal, don’t tell me that you’ll still refuse?”

Yan Tianhen became silent.

Lin Xuanzhi continued to strike while the iron was hot, “Ah Hen, regardless of our other relations, you’re still my dad’s adopted son, my younger brother, and my fellow junior martial brother from the same sect, right? Anyhow, you won’t be able to cleanly cast aside these relations. Moreover, Ah Hen is a smart person. I delivered myself to your door offering to hunt down the magic treasures for you and to throw my life in for you; you shouldn’t refuse.”

Yan Tianhen turned away as he avoided looking at Lin Xuanzhi’s enchanting face. He spoke with a cold voice, “It’s not like you’ll give me the magic treasures you find.”

“If you want, I will give you the soul plate right now,” Lin Xuanzhi replied. “Frankly speaking, except for you, everything else in the world, be it magic treasures, medicinal pills, or miraculous medicines, are no more than fleeting clouds to me. I’ve never cared for those.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly turned his head around and stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a long time before saying, “You’re the one who said this, so don’t regret it when the time comes. I don’t want the soul plate, and I don’t want the Twin Lotus Lamp either. I just want to leave the Five Continents.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “I’ll help you.”

Yan Tianhen took a deep look at him, then turned his head and left.

“If you’re willing to follow, then follow. In any case, this is your own choice. If you regret it in the future, you mustn’t say that I forced you.”

With Xia Xiaochan leading the way, even if they had no teleportation array, they could still smoothly find the exit.

Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land was about to close soon, so there were many cultivators heading for the exit. Along the way, Yan Tianhen swaggered at the very front, followed by his corpse puppet Ling Chigu, followed by Lin Xuanzhi, who took the two tiger cubs along. These cultivators had already memorized Yan Tianhen’s appearance and team composition after learning about them by word of mouth. When they saw Yan Tianhen and the rest, their gazes showed hatred, fear, and restlessness.

However, not many people dared to rush forward.

When Yan Tianhen was about to reach the exit, he heard someone call him.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Leng Jixue walked up with several Sky Peak Sect disciples.

“You guys are really famous these days.” Leng Jixue seemed as though he couldn’t see the demonic Qi on Yan Tianhen’s body. He still smiled faintly and continued, “I’ve been looking for you all for a long time, and I finally met you guys here.”

Yan Tianhen regarded Leng Jixue with a slightly complicated expression.

In his previous life, although he’d never killed Leng Jixue, he developed an indescribable jealousy towards him because of the ambiguous relationship between Leng Jixue and Lin Xuanzhi. Later, Lin Xuanzhi even crossed swords with him because of Leng Jixue, which made Yan Tianhen unable to have a good impression of Leng Jixue in his heart.

It was still fine when he hadn’t recovered his memories previously, but now that he could remember the past, how could he still welcome Leng Jixue with a smile?

Yan Tianhen stared at Leng Jixue with a cold expression. “Are you looking for me or my Dage?”

Leng Jixue paused slightly and felt that Yan Tianhen was a little strange, but he still answered, “You two are always stuck together, so naturally I’m looking for you two.”

Yan Tianhen asked, “What is it?”

“Did you kill many disciples from famous sects these days?”

Yan Tianhen said impatiently, “They started shouting about wanting to beat me and kill me as soon as they saw me. Don’t tell me that only they are allowed to kill me, but I’m not allowed to protect myself? The strong survive, the weak die — this has always been the truth of the cultivation world. It can’t be that Gentleman Leng doesn’t know this?”

Leng Jixue suddenly became tongue-tied. He had merely asked a single sentence, but he didn’t expect to get such a sharp answer.

However, it confirmed what he had heard.

Although he didn’t know the reason, Leng Jixue could sense the strong demonic Qi on Yan Tianhen. Leng Jixue sighed lightly and spoke, “Although people say that humans and demons cannot coexist, nevertheless, I still have some friendship with you. The news that you’ve become a demon and killed many disciples has already been spread outside by people. Right now, I’m afraid that there are several disciples from sects or families outside the exit waiting for you to walk right into a trap. If possible, it’s better to stay in this Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land first.”

After all, Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land had some restrictions on cultivation level, and all the experts who could actually deal with Yan Tianhen were blocked outside. This was the biggest reason why Yan Tianhen could run amok in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land unimpeded.

It’s just that at this very moment, Yan Tianhen’s identity was mostly exposed. Countless people were waiting to “subdue the monster and exterminate the demon” while snatching the Twin Lotus Lamp from Lin Xuanzhi’s hands in passing.

The degree of danger was self-evident.

Yan Tianhen’s mood was quite complicated. To be honest, he had never been very fond of Leng Jixue. However, he didn’t expect for this guy to dare brave the risk of committing what the world regarded as a heinous crime in order to kindly warn him about danger. Yan Tianhen felt a little ashamed that he tried to measure the depths of a gentleman’s generosity using the heart of a petty person.

Yan Tianhen’s expression warmed slightly. “Many thanks for warning me. However, I still have many things to do, so I can’t possibly remain in this Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. Besides, Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land is not a place where ordinary people can stay for a long time. Gentleman Leng should also leave early. If the mysterious land throws you out, I’m afraid it will damage your cultivation.”

Leng Jixue nodded. “Many thanks for reminding me.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly changed the subject and looked at Leng Jixue as he asked, “Huangfu Jin…”

“Has already married the Bai family’s eldest miss.” Leng Jixue’s expression remained unchanged, as though he already knew what Yan Tianhen wanted to ask.

Yan Tianhen lamented, Even if everything has started over again, history still won’t completely change. Those who should marry will eventually marry, and those who should leave will eventually leave. I just don’t know whether Leng Jixue and Huangfu Jin’s final outcome will still be the same.

Yan Tianhen turned his face as he clenched his fist, a long whip appearing in his hand. He flew towards the exit, closely followed by Lin Xuanzhi, who already had the Zhige sword in his hand.

The two disappeared before their eyes. A disciple behind Leng Jixue came forward and asked in confusion, “Shixiong, why did you kindly warn them? I feel uncomfortable as soon as I look at Yan Tianhen. I’m afraid that he truly is part of the demon clan and is a natural enemy of human beings.”

Leng Jixue looked at this junior martial brother whose face still looked youthful. “Since when has the good and evil in this world been distinguished by race? There are bad humans, and there are also good demons. It all depends on one’s heart.”

The junior martial brother nodded, not really understanding.

There was a flash of multicolored light, and demonic Qi soared to the skies.

The people keeping guard outside had no time to react and were hit by a strong gale, which threw them far away.

Yan Tianhen made a preemptive attack. As soon as he came out of the mysterious land, he sent ten palm strikes outside continuously out of the blue, opening a path for himself first. Then, he waved his sleeve and stirred up clouds of dust, blocking these people’s sight.

“The devil came out!”

“Everybody attack together and capture him!”

“Hurry and find the elder!”

“Quickly inform the Sect Master!”



Unconcerned, Yan Tianhen curled his lips as he turned the whip into a bow. He casually created an arrow and pulled the bow into the shape of a full moon. With a swish, the arrow shot at the swordsman running the fastest towards him with the fiercest expression.

The arrow was so fast that the person couldn’t dodge it and was pierced through the chest.

The Yin Ghost Banner emerged, floating up behind Yan Tianhen. The flag swayed gently. The tail of the flag floated like a dark cloud, dragging a tail with a faint skull, which absorbed that disciple’s soul into it. With another shake, the soul turned into spiritual Qi and entered Yan Tianhen’s body.

Everyone looked horrified when they saw this, and for a while, no one dared to attack.

Yan Tianhen remembered that person.

During the Demon Suppression Battle on Green Jade Mountain, after Yan Tianhen had been captured, that disciple slashed his shoulder with a blade. In this life, Yan Tianhen used his life to repay debts from his past life.

After frightening the others, Yan Tianhen sent out a Yin fire and turned it into a thin cloud under his own feet, wanting to take the opportunity to run away, but to his surprise, a more powerful pressure descended from the sky and blocked his path.

“Ah Hen, be careful!” Lin Xuanzhi, who was close behind him, drew out the Zhige sword to block that palm strike.

They heard a loud sound. Lin Xuanzhi turned over and pressed Yan Tianhen beneath him. A defensive magic treasure activated a shield of light behind him, but the remnant power from that palm strike showered down and shattered the light shield, and the heavy attack hit Lin Xuanzhi squarely in the back. Even though Lin Xuanzhi had already tempered his body in the land of lightning strikes, he still felt like his internal organs were being smashed to pieces.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, which dyed Yan Tianhen’s back red. Soon after, another palm strike approached, and Lin Xuanzhi broke out his sword. The Zhige sword showed off its ability, and a flash of teal sword light met the palm attack head-on.

A misty white fog emerged. When the attacker waved a palm to disperse the fog, they found that there was not a single blade of grass left in the deep palm-shaped pit. Let alone a human being, there wasn’t even a bug left.

“Hehe, they can even escape this. It seems that there are indeed quite a few powerhouses around Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen.” A beautiful woman dressed in a plain robe swiveled her wrist as a smile appeared on her face.

Yin Xinghan walked over and frowned as he looked at the deep pit in the ground. “We actually let them escape.”

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