Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 449 - A Scene of Battle

Ch449 – A Scene of Battle

Just when the Old Ghost of Yin Corpse Sect was about to order the Yin corpse snake and lion to destroy Yan Tianhen, he suddenly found that the connection between him and the Yin corpses had actually disappeared! He commanded them to move again, but the connection was still utterly gone.

“You, what have you done!” Old Ghost asked in horror, pointing at Yan Tianhen.

“Nothing more than reverse-controlling your Yin corpses.” Yan Tianhen’s identity was hidden at this time, so he was very self-indulgent. Laughing his head off, he snapped his fingers and said, “This move is called ‘getting a taste of your own medicine’. I’m afraid you haven’t had a taste of an Yin corpse yet, right? I’ll give you a taste of the power of the Yin corpse now!”

His voice didn’t completely fade away yet when the lizard suddenly increased in size, swaying from left to right as it directly shook off the Old Ghost, who had been standing on him. The Old Ghost’s body hit the ground and was temporarily overwhelmed by the extreme gravity on the ground, unable to extricate himself. His heart abruptly tensed, and he saw the Thunder Frost Lion who used to obey him growl and spray a mouthful of lightning containing Yin Qi at him.

The Old Ghost was very familiar with the Thunder Frost Lion’s attacks and barely managed to take out a magic treasure to block it. Just as he wanted to relax, he found that something had mercilessly wrapped around his neck.

Snakes have always had strong binding abilities. Once they clung to their prey, they would never let go easily.

The Yin corpse snake wrapped around his original owner’s neck, and the Old Ghost’s face turned a frightening shade of red. His legs kicked fiercely, and he pulled out a double edged sword and delivered a heavy slash toward the Yin corpse snake. However, at this moment, a bolt of thunder and lightning struck the Old Ghost, who had no time to dodge and was turned into a piece of charred ash.

Most of the people who controlled Yin corpses didn’t have too much power on their own. Even until his death, Old Ghost probably didn’t know why his contracted Yin corpse was actually reverse-controlled.

Yan Tianhen smiled and looked at the other cultivators who were eager to move but were quite vigilant. He commanded the three Yin corpses that were completely under his control and pointed to those people. “Whoever dares to come over, bite him to death!”

Most of the people were frightened by Yan Tianhen’s fierce appearance. In addition, the heavy gravity and lightning in the lightning strike area really distracted them, so most of them hesitated to move forward.

Feng Jingyu squatted on top of Yan Tianhen’s head and chirped, “It seems that you’re very imposing right now.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help feeling smug. “Of course, after studying with my eldest brother for so long, I naturally have this much power.”

All of a sudden, the three Yin corpses who were originally facing the front suddenly turned around and started roaring at Yan Tianhen. Yan Tianhen’s expression changed and he thought, Not good. The three Gu worms he raised directly escaped from the corpse puppets and ran inside of Yan Tianhen’s body to hide themselves.

There must be a more powerful Imperial Corpse Technique user coming.

Just as expected, a group of cultivators who controlled humanoid corpse puppets came, and the young man who led them smiled at Yan Tianshen and said, “Yin Corpse Sect has really fallen into degeneracy in recent years. Any random disciple of our Corpse Palace is much more powerful.”

Yan Tianhen looked at the three corpse puppets around the young man. The corpses who opened and closed their mouths as they coldly stared at him. Yan Tianhen frowned slightly. He smelled a strange fragrance, it didn’t smell like anything normal.

“Boy, which Imperial Corpse method are you cultivating?” Mo Jianchi asked.

Yan Tianhen didn’t understand why Mo Jianchi was arguing about this matter right now but was not in the mood to argue. He only hoped that Lin Xuanzhi and Ling Chigu would come over quickly.

Hua Zifeng, from Twin Flower Palace, glanced at Mo Jianchi and asked, “You from Corpse Palace, that boy belongs to you, those who can control the corpses will produce better effects after being made into a corpse puppet, right?”

Mo Jianchi gave a strange smile and replied, “It’s hard to say. Some puppets will betray their master. You want the Jade Cicada King, and I also want the Jade Cicada King. Everyone has the same thoughts.”

Hua Zifeng sneered, “Then let’s take him down first and then talk about how to split the spoils.”

When he finished talking, Mo Jianchi and Hua Zifeng attacked Yan Tianhen at the same time.

Mo Jianchi’s three corpse puppets were very powerful, and there were several Corpse Palace disciples who followed him.

The puppets could be manipulated by the master from a distance to accomplish a ranged attack. Moreover, Mo Jianchi’s three puppets were already at the Corpse General level, so the three cooperated with each other with great understanding. At the same time, they reached Yan Tianhen and were not too affected by the increased gravity. For a while, Yan Tianhen was trying his best, but he could only barely fight evenly with these three corpse puppets.

Feng Jingyu was worried to death. If it weren’t for Lin Xuanzhi telling him that he could never reveal his identity unless it was a last resort, he certainly would have spewed out fire already.

Mo Jianchi stood far away and looked at the corpse puppets with his lips curled, watching as they constantly sent out attacks toward Yan Tianhen. Yan Tianhen waved a whip in his hand and sent out palm attacks from time to time, barely keeping his form from becoming messed up. However, he couldn’t take a step forward, no matter how much he wanted to.

When Twin Flower Palace’s Hua Zifeng saw this situation, he also wanted a piece of the benefits and suddenly made a surprise attack from the flank, releasing a fire dragon towards Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen was struggling to cope with the three Corpse Generals. When he saw the fire dragon roaring towards him, he could not counter it. Just when he thought he was going to be licked by the fire dragon, a Fire-Devouring Beast emitting golden light rushed out from somewhere and swallowed the fire in one gulp.

Hua Zifeng paused. “What is that thing?”

The Fire-Devouring Beast said with disgust, “Thish kindling ish really not taishty. Retuwning it back to you!”

After he said that, the Fire-Devouring Beast directly aimed at Hua Zifeng and sent a poisonous flame to Hua Zifeng, engulfing him in an instant.

Hua Zifeng cried with pain. The flame was originally refined inside his body. He was completely immune to the fire, but he just didn’t expect that after the Fire-Devouring Beast processed the fire he could no longer bear this flame attack.

Mo Jianchi ‘s gaze gradually changed, which seemed somewhat inscrutable.

The Fire-Devouring Beast was hidden in Lin Xuanzhi’s soul plate. Since the Fire-Devouring Beast appeared here, it meant that Lin Xuanzhi was also here.

In addition, bringing Ling Chigu along.

When Ling Chigu saw the corpse puppets similar to him, he didn’t even need Yan Tianhen’s order, so he held his spear and swept it towards them. Every movement of Ling Chigu was free and unrestrained, which seemed like he was sweeping thousands of troops away. He cultivated in the deepest part of the lightning strike place for so long. Ling Chigu’s body had already been tempered, so his movements were lighter and more sensitive than before. Every move and every style carried a sharp gale and thunder, and one of the corpse puppets was flicked away by his spear.

Mo Jianchi’s expression changed greatly. “Corpse Monster?”

A Corpse Monster was two levels higher than a Corpse General and was equivalent to Profound Realm cultivators.

In the Five Continents, few people could refine a Corpse Monster. After all, there weren’t many Profound Realm cultivators to begin with, so Profound Realm Corpse Monsters were even rarer. Unexpectedly, the boy who cultivated an Imperial Corpse Technique and whose cultivation was just so-so had a very powerful corpse puppet.

While Mo Jianchi was spending time estimating Ling Chigu’s rank, another of his corpse puppets was easily and swiftly killed by Ling Chigu.

Mo Jianchi’s expression turned dark.

With a large wave of his hand, he released a group of black corpse bugs. There was a large number of corpse bugs and they had fast crawling speed, plus they weren’t very affected by the region because of their small bodies.

These corpse bugs climbed onto the lion’s body, and when they passed, the lion became a complete skeleton, which was very frightening.

The Fire-Devouring Beast called out “Mama ah!” and jumped up, spraying a mouthful of fire toward the corpse bugs.

Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze was cold. With one clean sweep of his sword, the corpse bugs that were not burned were all lifted by a strong shock wave and crashed toward the rear.

“This is the Zhige Sword!” Nobody knew who suddenly cried out.

The crowd suddenly stirred up in extreme excitement and stared at Lin Xuanzhi.

“He is Lin Xuanzhi!”

“Sky Peak Sect has offered a reward of 10 million. Everyone, let’s work together to take him down!”

Feng Jingyu narrowed his eyes and suddenly turned into a phoenix with three long feathers on his head. His previous appearance could not be seen anywhere any more. With one phoenix cry, a hundred birds in the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land received the summon from the royal family, and one after another, they rushed out and flew over in this direction.

When they saw that, the two tiger cubs beside him who were initially unsure if they should transform also turned into two vigorous large cats, howling as they bravely jumped into this group of people, slapping someone down with every strike of their paws.

Mo Jianchi’s expression changed greatly. He already knew that it would be impossible to win against Lin Xuanzhi today, so he wanted to flee, only to find Lin Xuanzhi’s sword mercilessly slashing towards him. Mo Jianchi turned out to have already been killed.

The instant Mo Jianchi died, his corpse turned into a pile of bones.

Yan Tianhen was originally fighting Hua Zifeng, but when he inadvertently looked over, he suddenly exclaimed, “He is actually also a corpse puppet! But he seemed exactly like a living person just now!”

Lin Xuanzhi naturally also noticed. He lifted his right hand and grabbed a transparent fragment in his hand. He looked at it and put it in his storage bag.

The bird families in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land were all creatures who had survived after many hard-fought battles. Every one of them was fiercer than the other, and swarms of birds flew towards this side. They followed Feng Jingyu’s command and attacked the people below. The whole battlefield was instantly reversed.

Not long after, these people who originally wanted to snatch the Jade Cicada King were completely annihilated.

After the battle, everyone gained a lot. Ling Chigu collected all the remaining spiritual Qi in these people’s bodies so that he could refine these spiritual Qi for his own use.

Yan Tianhen picked the storage bags on these cultivators and found a lot of good items. Of course, in Lin Xuanzhi’s view, most of them were trash.

Only then did Xia Xiaochan run out from Yan Tianhen’s clothes .

Yan Tianhen said with a dark expression, “You are really capable. You ran away at the most critical moment.”

Xia Xiaochan defended with a feeling of injustice, “I don’t know how to fight. We have to play to our strengths. As soon as I attack, I will be instantly killed.”

Yan Tianhen’s expression continued to look unsightly. “Let me guess: a hundred years ago, Palace Master Xia didn’t voluntarily save you, but rather, when you were in danger, you hid on him and he had no choice but to save you, right?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded. “How do you know? You guessed it right, that’s amazing.”

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

Damn it, even after a hundred years, you still haven’t made any progress!

Feng Jingyu flew around Ling Chigu, and Ling Chigu’s eyeballs kept following him.

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