Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 447 - Land of Lightning Strikes

Ch447 – Land of Lightning Strikes

The Fire-Devouring Beast could understand people’s words, and he immediately bulged his chest and used all his strength and nodded his head, rather proud.

Xia Xiaochan looked at the Fire-Devouring Beast, slightly in shock, and rubbed his chin, “The Fire-Devouring Beast has a very high rank and is a rare exotic beast. Since its birth, its strength is comparable to beasts in the Wisdom Stage, and can receive things passed down from its bloodline. Apart from being incapable of transforming into a human, the Fire-Devouring Beast can crush other demonic beasts of the same rank in all aspects. It is only that I have never met a strange beast who would take the initiative to demand a slave contract with the human as the master — Hey, why did you ask Mr. Yan for help instead of me? Don’t I obviously look more reliable?”

The last few words were obviously Xia Xiaochan talking to the Fire-Devouring Beast.

The Fire-Devouring Beast was pleased with the words spoken, jumping off Lin Xuanzhi’s head, bouncing and vivaciously leaping to the ground, putting his hands on his hips and said, “He hash fouw diffewent firesh on his body. I am a Fire-Devouring Beast. Of course, I wike people with diffewent firesh!”

Feng Jingyu flew behind the Fire-Devouring Beast and faintly asked, “This king’s natural attribute is fire. This king’s fire is much more powerful than those different fires. Why did you not ask me for a contract?”

Everyone was willing to accept a powerful underling without having to pay anything.

Once the Fire-Devouring Beast saw Feng Jingyu, even though he had courage, he had a stronger urge to kneel down and shout “big king”. He suddenly ran over to Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder and poked his head out. “I am not dumb. Your fire comesh from your own body. We Fire-Devouwing Beasts can only eat fire that are of a lower rank than us, or the firesh in heaven and earth. I absolutewy don’t want to be burnt to death by you!”

“You, burn to death, your whole family should burn to death.” Feng Jingyu disdained, “Where is your accent from? Your flat consonants sounds and your rolled tongue sounds are indistinguishable.”

The Fire-Devouring Beast answered, “Aiya, I had no father or mother who taught me, that’s why my Mandarin is not very good.”

The corners of Xia Xiaochan’s mouth twitched. “I remember that the Fire-Devouring Beasts here from before were much more powerful and magnificent than you.”

The Fire-Devouring Beast sighed and replied, “It seems that you are also an old fan of my father here. My father had been bitten to death by the Divine Flame Beast. Now I am the only Fire-Devouring Beast in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. You should treat me well!”

Lin Ran couldn’t help showing an expression of sympathy and was seen by the Fire-Devouring Beast’s sharp eyes. He despised it, “It’s a big fuss about nothing, we Fire-Devouring Beasts and Divine Flame Beasts are natural enemies of each other. Since we were born, we were prepared to kill or be killed. What’s the matter? In a matter of life and death, this Fire-Devouring Beast had already become inured to the unusual. What’s so happy about life; what’s so painful about death?”

Lin Ran suddenly had the feeling that he was facing a master who had seen through life and death.

“But …” Yan Tianhen asked in a puzzled manner, “If you seriously think this way, why did you absolutely insist on having my big brother save you when you were almost about to be killed by that Divine Flame Beast?”

Mlgf-Gfnbeglcu Dfjra, “……”

He, he really doesn’t want to talk to this fellow who also has a flame on him!

Olc Ejc, “…..”

Therefore, with the Fire-Devouring Beast guiding, Lin Xuanzhi and others walked safely through the burning fire domain.

Just as they left the territory of the Divine Flame Beast, Lin Xuanzhi and the others felt that their footsteps were somewhat much more heavy, like an iron block that weighed about 1,000 catties tied to it. There was also lightning pouring down from time to time on top of them, and there were also crackling sounds by their feet. The situation seemed very dangerous and strange.

Lin Ran was nearly chopped in half by a lightning, and was blocked by Lin Xuanzhi’s fast usage of a magic weapon.

Lin Ran scowled miserably, “What is this place? Why can’t I move my feet? There are lightning strikes above my head as well?”

Although Xia Xiaochan felt the same, his eyes were full of eager excitement. He said, “This is the feng shui treasure land that I mentioned before that can temper your body. Don’t judge this place as something you can’t use your feet on, or a place where there are lightning strikes. In fact, this lightning can temper your body, making your flesh as hard as iron, invulnerable, and powerful! Besides, it’s hard to move because there is a huge magnet on your feet, which is similar in principle to the gravity chamber in the Sky Peak Sect. However, I heard that the gravity chamber has no function of lightning tempering the body, and you need to spend a lot of money to buy it, which is not particularly profitable. In this place, you can stay as long as you want, as long as you can bear it.”

When people looked at the terrain of upright rugged rocks that resembled a maze of black rocks again, their outlook had changed.

The Fire-Devouring Beast nodded. “This is indeed a good place. Many beasts come here to gain experience. However, in recent years, the territory leading to this place has been occupied by the Divine Flame Beast, so this place has been abandoned. You are really lucky to have met me.”

Xia Xiaochan rolled his eyes and thought, Even without this Fire-Devouring Beast, he could have brought Lin Xuanzhi and others here, but he was too lazy to compete with a small bratty child.

The outermost layer of this land of lightning strikes has the lightest gravity and the lightest lightning strikes. If you take one more step inside, your perception would change. If you can go further to the innermost part, your body can be hardened into a lightning-tempered body, which can withstand the pain of being torn by space and won’t be torn again easily.

However, the experience here should be done according to what one’s ability allows them to. If you force yourself inside blindly, you will easily be torn apart and will be turned into coal by lightning.

Seven people, including Ling Chigu, were eager to try. Not wasting time, they went together side by side and walked towards it.

Three days later, Lin Ran and Ji Zhuoye stopped walking inside. It turned out that it got increasingly more difficult when one bypassed one stone forest. At most, they could walk past one stone forest pillar every day. When they attempted to go one step further, they were not only having difficulty breathing, but were also having difficulty lifting their feet. Even the thunder that hit them left a burning sensation. They were afraid that they could not hold on and just sat down outside to cutivate.

On the seventh day, Xia Xiaochan and Xiao Mo also stopped.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, and Ling Chigu, along with one bird and two tigers, couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Xia Xiaochan was tired and collapsed on the ground. He couldn’t stand it and retreated behind a stone forest pillar. When Xiao Mo saw this, he followed Xia Xiaochan.

Xia Xiaochan gasped, leaving sweat on his forehead, and said in a confused voice, “Those people are simply not human beings. Back then, Old Xia only went to the seventh Pillar at most. Up to which pillar does Lin Xuanzhi want to go to consider it finished?”

Xiao Mo also ruefully said, “It seems that they are not ordinary people. I watched them go ahead. Although they were not capable of going further at first, they will be able to go further before long. This cultivation ability is too frightening.”

Xia Xiaochan remarked, “This Lin Xuanzhi had originally killed Mo Yan, who had reached the Profound Realm. He is not a normal person. I wonder if brother noticed that there are countless treasures on Lin Xuanzhi’s body, not to mention his already famous Zhige sword. Just the rumored heavenly flame and Twin Lotus Lamp have already made him destined to be far superior to others.”

Xiao Mo nodded and said, “Besides, there should be a very powerful person around Lin Xuanzhi. I heard that he is also from the Nine Lands, but I don’t know what kind of status he has.”

At the time when Yin Xinghan declared the West Phoenix Monarch’s identity, not many people were present. After that, Yin Xinghan didn’t mention Feng Jingyu again, so the outside world was not aware that it was the West Phoenix Feng Jingyu who sent Qu Buyi flying with a single slap back then. After all, Feng Jingyu’s appearance now was far different from before.

When Xia Xiaochan heard this, he looked out into the distance, revealing an unpredictable expression on his face.

The talking bird named “Maomao” had a naturally strong race suppression. Even when he was chased by the most powerful bird clan in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, His soul did not want to bow down to them like it did when he faced Feng Jingyu for the first time.

Xia Xiaochan was always observing Feng Jingyu’s every move during this period of time. He was shocked to find that the food Feng Jingyu ate that was hidden in Lin Xuanzhi’s storage bag were bamboo food and sweet wine spring water!

A terrifying identity gradually formed in Xia Xiaochan’s mind, and he was gradually certain after he saw Feng Jingyu spitting fire from time to time.

A Phoenix.

The biggest natural predator of the insect clan, the natural supreme king of the Bird clan.

It took Xia Xiaochan a long time to accept this fact.

Just, Feng Jingyu’s identity, he can’t say it, and he will never say it out loud and make trouble for himself.

By further inference, since Feng Jingyu’s identity was already so noble, if he could follow someone, how can they be an ordinary person?

The golden cicada king can track all the land secrets in the world. He has a natural perception of these things. Therefore, when Xia Xiaochan first saw Lin Xuanzhi, he had already noticed that there seemed to be a very hidden and high-level mysterious land on him. Most of the time, this mysterious land could not be perceived. Only when Feng Jingyu, Ling Chigu, and the two tiger cubs appeared inexplicably, and when the Fire-Devouring Beast disappeared and reappeared after being rescued by Lin Xuanzhi, did Xia Xiaochan feel the existence of the mysterious land.

The place was hidden inside of Lin Xuanzhi’s body!

Xia Xiaochan couldn’t stop shivering when he thought of this. Xiao Mo’s eyes inadvertently swept Xia Xiaochan, and he saw his pale face as if he had discovered something terrible.

“Young Palace Master, what happened?” Xiao Mo immediately became alert and looked around and asked, “Is there any danger?”

Xia Xiaochan shook his head and took a deep breath. “Nothing, I just feel that in the future, the Five Continents will not be peaceful.”

Speaking of which, the jade cicadas are still a little mysterious. They are similar to the insect clan’s prophets, but because they are too lazy by nature, not many people are aware of their ability since a long time ago, and even the jade cicadas themselves don’t care as much.

Only, Xia Xiaochan genuinely used his infallible sixth sense, and felt that the structure of the Five Continents was changing rapidly similar to a situation of a secret storm surging up.

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