Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 444 - Gifting the Location

Ch444 – Gifting the Location

The skylark who had been coerced and bribed by Feng Jingyu to run errands in Jade Cicada Palace trembled as he carried the teleportation array plate and 10 million gold back to Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen quickly opened the bag and counted the gold. He could not help but say, “The Palace Master of Jade Cicada Palace is indeed a man of his word. He is also very generous. If I knew this, I would have asked for tens of millions more gold.”

Ji Zhuoye side-eyed him. “You are too kind. If I were you, I would directly ask for the Jade Cicada Palace.”

Yan Tianhen remarked, “You are too greedy. Jade Cicada Palace is so big. You can’t swallow it all by yourself. Even if you really did obtain the palace and all the people in it, they still won’t accept you.”

Ji Zhuoye replied, “Naturally, I can swallow it. I don’t want the Jade Cicada Palace to do anything for me. I only need their money. That’s why I said, you are too generous.”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, “We are not generous, but this way, the Jade Cicada Palace will owe us a favor, which will last longer.”

Ji Zhuoye was a little unhappy, “You can say that, but the Jade Cicada Palace doesn’t even know whose favor they owe.”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows. “You seem to have some thoughts about the Jade Cicada Palace.”

Ji Zhuoye snorted. “Who let them have a good relationship with the Ji family?”

Lin Xuanzhi immediately smiled. “I see. I thought you didn’t care so much about the Ji family. But after this incident, I’m afraid that the relationship between Jade Cicada Palace and the Ji family will be over.”

Ji Zhuoye asked, “Why is that?”

“I got the news that Xia Yuzhi personally went to the Ji family to ask for the Heaven Reversal Pill, but he was ridiculed and driven out of the house, which made him lose face and he finally saw what kind of people they are. People show their true natures during times of crisis. The Ji family was so stingy. As long as Xia Yuzhi is not a fool, he should know that some people can’t be trusted.”

When Ji Zhuoye heard this, he gave a comfortable sneer, “Not all of the Ji family are like that, but the main branch, who’s currently in control, are greedy and dishonest. However, I didn’t expect that the Ji family would actually have a Heaven Returning Pill.”

With ten million gold in his hand, Yan Tianhen said happily, “Whatever you say, but what you have in your hand is the surest thing. After this, we’ll have money to spare when buying young Gu worms!”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up excitedly. “That would be good.”

Three days later, the Gu Fighting Conference was held.

Yan Tianhen looked curiously at these weirdly dressed Gu Masters with Gu worms crawling on their hands. He couldn’t help being attracted by the dazzling Gu worms.

During this period, Yan Tianhen visited the Gu market in Tailan City and selected five or six kinds of young Gu worms that he needed. Most of these were young Gu worms that could control a corpse and enhance its flexibility, which was not too harmful. However, this time, Yan Tianhen wanted to find out whether there were Gu worms with stronger attacks.

The Gu Fighting Conference was a small feast for Gu masters. All the Gu masters from all walks of life gathered in Tailan City Square to exchange their experiences in raising Gu. It’s very lively as some people were having their Gu worms battle each other and debating with each other or just comparing their methods. Of course, the meeting could only be held in the South Continent, where the acceptance of Gu worms and insects was relatively high. If it was held in other places on the mainland of the Five Continents, the Gu Fighting Conference would be besieged as part of the evil demonic path as soon as it appeared.

Yan Tianhen selected a type of young Gu worm named “Indigo Clothes”. This Gu worm is raised with spiritual Qi and normally only likes to sleep in the box. After becoming an adult Gu worm, it will be able to communicate with the master who feeds it. The “Indigo Clothes” is a non-poisonous but frightening Gu worm. It can penetrate into the human body and devour the spiritual Qi of the enemy’s Dantian Qi Sea, and transfer it to the master’s body through the contract. Unless the cultivator’s cultivation base is much higher than that of the contract owner, there is absolutely no way to get these Gu worms out. “Indigo Clothes” have always been known as evil and vicious existences, and they are difficult to feed, so the quantity is scarce and the price is expensive. Yan Tianhen bought that young Gu worm for half a million gold, but he still didn’t know whether he could raise it well. Zhuoye had many Gu worms in his hands, and he exchanged several kinds of Gu worms with other Gu masters and was very satisfied with today’s harvest.

The guards of Tailan City stood around and watched vigilantly as if they were facing powerful enemies, for fear that a melee would break out if they were not careful.

The Gu Fighting Conference ended when the sun was about to set. Although Yan Tianhen only bought a few Gu worms, he gained a lot of knowledge and left the square with great satisfaction.

As soon as he walked to a slightly quieter place in the market, Yan Tianhen saw Xia Xiaochan with Xiao Mo and Lin Ran guarding him on both sides. The other party also saw them from a distance. Xia Xiaochan quickly ran towards Yan Tianhen and the others.

Xia Xiaochan stared at Yan Tianhen and asked, “Were you the one who saved me?”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “It seems that you have found the Heaven Reversal Pill.”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Yan Tianhen and asked suspiciously, “Did you secretly give me the Heaven Reversal Pill?”

Yan Tianhen replied innocently, “Why do you think so? If it were me, instead of asking for so little money, I would definitely ask for more in return.”

Although Xia Xiaochan was very suspicious, he thought about it and said, “Yes, you don’t seem to be rich. If it really were you, it is reasonable to ask for more rewards.”

Yan Tianhen almost couldn’t hold back from rolling his eyes. He only saved Xia Xiaochan out of the goodness of his heart, not to take advantage of people while they were in danger. Unfortunately he was regarded as a poor man by Xia Xiaochan.

This boy really didn’t know how to talk.

Lin Xuanzhi, however, smiled slightly. “It seems that your body is recovering well.”

Xia Xiaochan nodded. “Yes, I am now back to my heyday. Now, whether I’m cultivating or eating, it is very smooth and soon I will be able to leave for the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up and he inquired, “Xia Xiaochan, you are from Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. Why don’t you tell us in advance what good things are there in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land?”

Palace Master Xia Yuzhi was a very generous man. Two days ago, he sent someone to Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen to give two Transportation Talismans for the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, and gratefully gifted a lot of Jade Cicada Palace’s self-brewed hundred flowers nectar to thank Yan Tianhen for the sticky divine pill that Yan Tianhen gave to Xia Xiaochan, which extended his life.

Yan Tianhun felt a little guilty when he thought of where the life-prolonging divine pill came from.

Xia Xiaochan chuckled. “There are a lot of good things in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. I won’t be able to finish talking about it all day and night, but there is a place in Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land that is very suitable for cultivating. I will take you guys there when the time comes.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “However, this Transportation Talisman doesn’t seem to be able to teleport us to the same location.”

Xia Xiaochan winked at Yan Tianhen. “My family’s Old Xia has already reserved the location of the Teleportation Array for the three of you. Those Transportation Talismans are clearly for you to give away as favors, or to sell and exchange for some goods.”

Yan Tianhen was pleasantly surprised. “Is this true?”

Xia Xiaochan patted his chest and answered, “Of course it’s true. Come find me in Jade Cicada Palace in five days, and then we will be able to enter the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land.”

Although it was announced to the public that it will take half a month to open the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, in fact, there are other entrances to the secret place that have been opened in advance. Of course, only Xia Xiaochan, the Jade Cicada King who came out of Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land, knows the location of this entrance.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Xia Xiaochan. “We will go in with you then.”

Ji Zhuoye asked, “You have a good relationship with the Ji family, will you take them with you too?”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly pulled a long face. “The Ji family has a Heaven Reversal Pill in hand. I don’t mind that they didn’t give it to us, but they even sneered at my family’s Old Xia for asking for it. If it wasn’t for Old Xia, who gave them the Transportation Talisman in advance, I wouldn’t let them into the Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land this time no matter what.”

Ji Zhuoye nodded. “I can rest assured now that you’ve seen the Ji family’s main branch, which is currently in power, being so shameless.”

Xia Xiaochan, “…”

They chatted some more, then Yan Tianhen and the others left.

After Yan Tianhen left, Xiao Mo asked, “How come I didn’t know that the Palace Master saved them a spot on Heavenly Swamp Teleportation Array this time?”

Although they were all Teleportation Arrays, there were differences in the location and time of transport. Heavenly Swamp Teleportation Array was a transmission array specially prepared for Heavenly Swamp Mysterious Land. It could only be opened once a hundred years, and there were only six locations, which were very precious. Therefore, Jade Cicada Palace originally reserved this for its own people. Xia Xiaochan’s eyes flashed with a shining bright blue light as he answered, “You won’t understand even if I tell you. Anyway, I insist on entering together with them, and the Palace Master will certainly agree to this.”

Not long after returning to Jade Cicada Palace, Xia Yuzhi came to find Xia Xiaochan. “I heard that you met Mr. Lin Mo and the others today?” Xia Yuzhi asked.

“Yeah.” Xia Xiaochan was gnawing at a plum cake but when he saw Xia Yuzhi coming over, he threw down the plum cake and flew into his arms to be coquettish. “I made my own decision and left three positions for them. You won’t blame me, will you?”

Xia Yuzhi chuckled., “You were the one who brought the Heavenly Swamp Teleportation Array out of the mysterious land to begin with. Naturally, it’s up to you.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Xia Xiaochan nuzzled his head into Xia Yuzhi’s chest. “I smelled the residual aroma of the Heaven Reversal Pill on Lin Mo’s body. They should be the ones who saved me, so I want to repay them well.”

Xia Yuzhi’s expression changed slightly, “Are you sure?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded. “I am very sure. It’s because the Golden Cicadas naturally have a better sense of smell than others. Besides finding mysterious lands, I can also find Spiritual Plants. Moreover, the Heaven Reversal Pill contained many high-grade spiritual plants, which needed refining for many days. The lingering fragrance will inevitably remain on the alchemist for a while. Others can’t smell it, but of course I can.”

Xia Yuzhi nodded thoughtfully and said with great joy, “So, it seems that Master Lin Mo is really a hidden powerhouse. We almost offended them because of the Ji Family before. Fortunately, I got back from the brink in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.”

When Xia Xiaochan heard about the Ji family, he was so angry that he suddenly came up and said with a dark expression, “Today, I met Ji Yufei in the square market. He even came up to say hello to me as if nothing happened. If it wasn’t for the first and second elder martial brothers to stop me, I would have gone up and beaten him.”

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