Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 440 - The Jade Cicada Palace

Chapter 440 – The Jade Cicada Palace

The Jade Cicada Palace was located in the South of Tailan City, which covered a wide area. The pavilions appeared to be very elegant from a distance, and had a sense of beauty and serenity of a water town.

When that eldest disciple, Xiao Mo, learned that Ji Zhuoye was coming, he personally came to the door to receive them. Xiao Mo was handsome in appearance and his body was not as rugged as that of men in the North. He appeared to have well-proportioned bones and smoother muscles, looking much like a scholar. This was also the appearance and style of most men in the South Continent.

When Xiao Mo saw Ji Zhuoye, he had a faint smile. “Brother Zhuoye, you didn’t come when I invited you yesterday. I can’t believe you’ve taken the initiative to come today. What a rare visit.”

Ji Zhuoye looked at Xiao Mo, “Who asked you to tell me that that annoying bug from the Ji family will also come over today.”

Xiao Mo asked, “Ji Yufei is coming to cure Xiaochan’s illness, so Jade Cicada Palace still has to ask the Ji family for treatment. I can’t keep them out of the door. As for you, the relationship between you and the Ji family still haven’t eased?”

“I just had a disagreement yesterday about this kind of thing. There won’t be a chance for reconciliation in this lifetime,” Zhuoye said faintly.

Xiao Mo replied somewhat helplessly, “Alright, I won’t talk much about your family affairs, but who are these two?”

“My name is Lin Mo.” Yan Tianhen quickly introduced himself, and conveniently introduced Lin Xuanzhi as well, “This is my Dao companion, Yan Tianqing.”

Xiao Mo nodded in acknowledgement. “My name is Xiao Mo and I am the eldest disciple of Jade Cicada Palace. Welcome to Jade Cicada Palace. I heard Zhuoye say that one of you is an alchemist?”

Yan Tianhen raised his hand. “That would be me.”

Caww caww!! Feng Jingyu let out a cry and suddenly flew towards a tree with an extremely dense canopy beside him. When he came back, there was an emerald green round worm in his mouth.

Xiao Mo’s face suddenly changed and asked, “I’d like to ask what’s the origin of your bird?”

For a moment, Yan Tianhen thought that Feng Jingyu’s identity had been exposed, but he soon calmed down and thought of Feng Jingyu’s fluffy appearance, which didn’t have a powerful and domineering temperament at all, so he definitely wouldn’t be recognized. “We picked it up on the road. I don’t know what kind of species it is. Why?”

Xiao Mo’s face paled and answered hesitantly, “Your bird may have to wait outside. Ever since he was a child, the Young Palace Master has had some psychological shadows about fierce birds.”

Feng Jingyu’s face suddenly darkened. Although there were feathers blocking it and it could not be seen clearly, Yan Tianhen could see his eyes burning with displeasure and giving off sparks.

Lin Xuanzhi held out his finger and tapped Feng Jingyu’s head. “This is a domestic bird raised by my family and will not attack people randomly. However, if you do not feel at ease, then it is okay to find a place for it to play and rest.”

Xiao Mo’s face turned pale and swallowed hard. “Your bird is really powerful. This cage is made of dark steel, and I can’t even break it with my bare hands.”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose with a guilty heart and said, “My family’s bird eats a lot and has innate super strength. There’s no need to pay too much attention to these details.”

Xiao Mo reluctantly accepted his remarks and smiled forcefully, then led them towards the courtyard.

In the young palace master’s bedroom, a delicately beautiful and adorable young man, who was in a light green robe, sat on a vine woven chair in the pavilion. There were nectar and succulent plants that looked like a small grape cluster in front of him, but he looked indifferent to all these delicacies.

There were several disciples from the palace who were earnestly persuading him to eat.

“Please eat something quickly. If you don’t, you will starve and become thinner.”

“Look at these spiritual teas. They were obtained from all sorts of flowers the moment dawn broke, so they taste very sweet and delicious.”

“And these spiritual insects as well. They all grew up eating five-color rice and drinking dew, so they are very clean and taste delicious.”

“Young Palace Master…….”

“No, they’re not tasty. I’ve no appetite, so I don’t want to eat. All of you don’t surround me anymore, it’s so annoying.” The boy was impatient, and he rolled his eyes at the roof of the pavilion.

Lin Ran said with a good temper, “Then what do you want to eat? Shixiong will find it for you.”

The boy answered, “I want to eat the cleanest insects in the world. Find them for me.”

Lin Ran couldn’t help laughing bitterly. “Xiaochan, you always say that you want to eat the largest and cleanest insect, but you have to tell me, what is the name of this insect?”

Xia Xiaochan curled his mouth. “You are such an idiot. You don’t even know about this kind of bug. You don’t need to come and serve me anymore. You are not qualified.”

Lin Ran looked embarrassed.

Xiao Mo came over. “Xiaochan, you are bullying Junior Martial Brother Lin again.”

Xia Xiaochan looked up and saw Xiao Mo, then Zhuoye and the others. He immediately tilted his head and asked, “Why did you bring them here?”

Xiao Mo went to Xia Xiaochan and stood next to him, before saying, “They are my friends. One of them is an alchemist and I wanted him to check on your health.”

Xia Xiaochan immediately pursed up his mouth and said with displeasure, “I don’t want to see an alchemist. They are all liars. They have no ability and can’t save me.”

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he became a little unhappy. “I haven’t even treated you yet, so how can you know that I’m a liar?”

Xia Xiaochan held out his hand. “Even if you look at it, you still won’t be able to see what the problem is.”

Yan Tianhen stepped forward and pretended to hold his wrist for diagnosis. Originally, he just wanted to go through the appearances of diagnosing Xia Xiaochan, but he did not expect to actually feel a problem with his pulse. “Why is your pulse so weak? Also, your Dantian Qi Sea seems to be having a problem too.” Yan Tianhen frowned and said, “I remember that only a dying old man would have this kind of pulse condition and Dantian Qi Sea situation.”

Xia Xiaochan instantly pulled his hand back and said with a dark expression, “You… Do you even know how to talk properly? If you don’t, then don’t speak. Who are you saying that is going to die? ”

Lin Ran also showed his displeasure. “Xiaochan only has a bad appetite. From the looks of it, it seems that you have no ability as an alchemist. We, the Jade Cicada Palace, don’t welcome you. Elder Martial Brother, next time don’t just bring anyone here.”

Xia Xiaochan nodded his head, waved his hand and said impatiently, “I’m exhausted. I want to head back and sleep.”

Xiao Mo asked anxiously, “Xiaochan, besides not wanting to eat, do you have any other discomfort?”

Xia Xiaochan answered, “It’s already unlucky enough to not want to eat. Is it possible to be any unluckier?”

At this moment, Ji Yufei, who had made an appointment to see Xia Xiaochan today, stepped into the courtyard together with an elder of the Ji family, accompanied by the Palace Master of Jade Cicada Palace. Xia Xiaochan, who had originally planned to leave, had to sit back down again.

When Ji Yufei saw Zhuoye, his face darkened, and asked, “Why are you here?”

Zhuoye ignored him.

Ji Yufei frowned. “Ji Zhuoye, the Jade Cicada Palace is not a place where you can run wild. It is better for your Gu worms to stay away from Xiaochan, otherwise it will make his illness worse. You won’t be able to bear this responsibility.”

Ji Zhuoye rolled his eyes and fanned his palm in front of his nose. “Where did these smelly bugs come from? It smells terrible.”

Seeing this, Xia Yuzhi, the Palace Master, said, “Since everyone is here to visit Xiaochan, it’s better to be more polite with each other.”

As soon as Xia Yuzhi spoke, it was natural that the guests followed the host’s will. Quarreling in the Master’s house seemed very disrespectful. So Ji Yufei tried to hold back his anger and suppressed his words. However, he had already made a serious note of Ji Zhuoye in his heart.

“Master.” Xiao Mo saluted Xia Yuzhi and respectfully said, “These three are my friends. This is Zhuoye and the other two are Lin Mo and Yan Tianqing.”

Xia Yuzhi was a Profound Realm cultivator. However, he was very reserved and gentle. In the face of the younger generation, he deliberately restrained his strong pressure, so as not to make people feel uncomfortable. Xia Yuzhi nodded his head gently and said, “These three friends of yours are the people who will help diagnose Xiaochan?”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “The diagnosis has been made, but there may be some inconsistency, so Palace Master should ask for another expert.”

“Hmph…” Ji Yufei sneered scornfully and said in his heart: Who knows where Ji Zhuoye found these two men. With just a glance, one could tell that they are unreliable and have no skills.

Yan Tianhen looked at Ji Yufei sharply. “If you can feel the pulse, you may as well give this little friend a diagnosis. I want to see what results you can get.”

Ji Yufei walked slowly to Xia Xiaochan, who was listless and worn out, and said softly, “Xiaochan, I will check your pulse and see if your situation has improved from last time.”

Xia Xiaochan stretched out his hand disgruntledly and Ji Yufei held his wrist. After a while, he released his hand. “The original congestion has been alleviated after taking pills. I believe that if you continue to eat Jade Snow Pill, you will be able to fully recover in two months.”

Xia Xiaochan glanced at him and said nothing.

Yan Tianhen was instantly stunned, as he stared at Ji Yufei. “It’s merely a blockage in the veins? Are you sure?”

Ji Yufei coolly looked at Yan Tianhen, and sarcastically said, “I don’t know what your thoughts are, but to have actually used the term ‘merely’. Could it be possible that you wish for Xiaochan’s body to become worse than before?”

Xia Yuzhi’s expression also looked a little unsightly. Since his precious grandson had become like this, he was already heartbroken enough. He did not want to hear any more unpleasant words.

Yan Tianhen felt a little anxious. “I’m not talking nonsense. His current pulse is like that of a dying old man and his ​​Dantian Qi Sea is also shrinking. If you don’t find the right way to treat it, it won’t be long before the situation gets worse!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Lin Ran pounded the table and stood up, glaring at him. “If you say one more word like this, the gate of Jade Cicada Palace will never open for you!”

Yan Tianhen still wanted to explain something, but Lin Xuanzhi stopped him. Lin Xuanzhi then said indifferently, “If this is the case, then just consider it as we have been a nuisance today, so we bid you farewell; no need to send us off.”

After speaking, Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen along as they left.

Ji Zhuoye also sneered and said to the palace master, “These two friends of mine, although they do not look like it, but they really are capable people. Since you all would rather conceal his illness and are reluctant to have him cured, as well as not being able to distinguish the good from the bad, then forget it, we are unable to save this kind of person.”

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