Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 435 - Unrest on All Sides

Ch435 – Unrest on All Sides

“Young Master is wise.” Bai Wuya added, “I also heard that he used a sword technique no one had ever seen before and broke through Mo Yan’s rock armor all of a sudden, piercing straight through his heart.”

Bai Yichen’s hand paused slightly. “What technique is it?”

Mo Yan’s rock armor had already been cultivated to a certain realm. Even Ren Bulin himself couldn’t break through it in a single move.

Bai Wuya answered, “According to people’s descriptions, the sword struck him with a whoosh, followed by a flash of teal light, and then Mo Yan was killed.”

The corners of Bai Yichen’s mouth twitched. “I can think of 180 kinds of sword techniques just from your description alone.”

“That’s why I can’t describe it. It can only be seen with one’s eyes.” Bai Wuya took a deep breath and continued, “When Yin Xinghan went to challenge his opponent to a fight, his subordinate was sent flying by a single slap from the West Phoenix Monarch. Yin Xinghan was so scared that he ran away, stumbling and crawling.”

“West Phoenix Monarch?” In a moment of carelessness, Bai Yichen’s fingers accidentally plucked off the flower. His face immediately twitched, and he touched that flower with great heartache as he asked Bai Wuya in an uncertain tone, “Feng Jiushao?”

Bai Wuya paused before replying, “Young Master, the Jiushao Monarch has already been dead for many years.”

Bai Yichen stared blankly for a moment, then sighed slightly. “Then it’s his child? If I remember correctly, he seems to be called Feng Jingyu?”

Bai Wuya nodded and replied solemnly, “That’s right, it’s the Feng Jingyu who burned the entire Parasol Mountain in a single breath as soon as he broke through his shell a thousand years ago.”

Bai Yichen, “…”

Bai Wuya continued, “Inferring from Yin Xinghan’s words, it seems that Feng Jingyu should have been dead, but he has resurrected and appeared on the Five Continents. I suspect that the dull gray bird by Lin Xuanzhi’s side is the phoenix.”

Bai Yichen took a deep breath and lost all thoughts about continuing to care for the flowers and plants. He mused, “What exactly is Lin Xuanzhi’s identity? And what is Yan Tianhen’s identity? What exactly happened in the Nine Lands in recent years? How come these Divine Clans, one after another, couldn’t resist the loneliness anymore and just had to come to such a small demon-sealing site to stir things up? Say, Wuya, don’t you think I’ve been out of touch with this world for too long ah?”

Bai Wuya expressionlessly replied, “Young Master has never left the Five Continents for hundreds of years. It’s normal to know nothing about these matters.”

“He might not have told us anything before, but that’s not necessarily true right now. Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, those two’s identities are special. I’ve already noticed this matter before; it’s just that I didn’t intend to delve into it.” Bai Yichen said lightly, “I’m afraid that Yin Xinghan already knows Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen’s identities at this time. On Esteemed Lan Yue’s side, he must want to pull some forces over in an alliance. If he won’t say anything now, then when else can he say it?”

Bai Wuya thought about it and found it very reasonable. “Young Master is indeed wise.”

Bai Yichen, “…”

Sky Peak Sect.

Ren Bulin received a letter with the whole story of what happened at Profound Sky Sect’s gate.

After reading it, his entire person was shrouded in a melancholic atmosphere. After a long time, he burned the letter to ashes.

A man with slender eyes and a shrewd look came in without knocking on the door. He asked Ren Bulin, “Sect Master Ren, did you finish reading the letter that sir sent over?”

Ren Bulin nodded. “I didn’t expect that Lin Xuanzhi had actually become so powerful. There are more and more treasures in his hands now.”

Lu Tianhe nodded. “That’s right, it’s precisely why sir suffered a loss from him. Moreover, this Lin Xuanzhi even boasted that he wanted to obtain several other top-level magic treasures as well. This kind of thing can’t be tolerated ah.”

Compared to killing Lin Xuanzhi, Ren Bulin was more interested in those magic treasures. What’s more, in the beginning, Yin Xinghan indeed used these rare, unheard-of magic treasures to lure Ren Bulin into his alliance.

Ren Bulin frowned. “What exactly are those magic treasures? Why would Lin Xuanzhi actually know their whereabouts?”

Lu Tianhe smiled inexplicably as he answered, “Esteemed Lan Yue is a prophet whose name was once known throughout the Nine Lands. He is part of one of the Divine Clans — the prophet family’s main branch. If it weren’t for the internal clan quarrel back then, where he broke off his relationship with the family, I’m afraid he would already be the Yin family’s Young Master. Esteemed Lan Yue’s divination ability is one of the strongest in the Yin family. It’s not impossible for him to find the origin of the Five Continents’ seal if he wanted.”

Greed flashed through Ren Bulin’s eyes. “Whatever Esteemed Lan Yue can find, I’m afraid that Esteemed Shen Ji can also find it.”

Lu Tianhe was a capable person who came here together with Yin Xinghan. When he heard the words, he naturally nodded. “Yes. Sir has already divined the whereabouts of those magic treasures. There are five magic treasures in total, which make up the entirety of the Five Continents’ barrier. Each continent has one magic treasure. Now that the West Continent’s treasure has been taken away by Lin Xuanzhi, we’ll have to see which continent the next one will appear in.”

Ren Bulin nodded heavily and squeezed his fist. “Lin Xuanzhi absolutely mustn’t find the next magic treasure.”

Inside Cloud Jade Sect.

Shen Rubing walked into a delicate room full of fragrance.

A woman wearing a gold hairpin and jade ring on her head sat gracefully on the soft couch, holding a secret manual in her hand. When she heard Shen Rubing’s footsteps, she asked without looking up, “Have you heard any news from the East Continent?”

Shen Rubing nodded as she quickened her steps and walked up to the woman. “Master, over in the East Continent, it’s said that ever since Lin Xuanzhi obtained the Twin Lotus Lamp, his cultivation has been at a pace of a thousand miles per day. He’s already killed Sky Peak Sect Sect Master’s capable subordinate with ease. Moreover, there are many talented people around him, and it seems that even Yin Xinghan was no match; he has already fled in defeat.”

This woman was Shen Rubing’s master and a Shen family elder, Shen Lejun.

Upon hearing this, Shen Lejun curled her lips. “What’s so rare about this? I heard that there’s a rumor in the Five Continents right now that Yan Tianhen is an exceptional furnace. If you obtain him, then your cultivation can improve by leaps and bounds.”

Shen Rubing’s expression looked a little strange. “Master, do you really believe this? With that appearance, does he even look like an exceptional furnace at all? Moreover, aren’t there also rumors that Yin Xinghan is an exceptional furnace as well?”

“Yin Xinghan has met his match.” Shen Lejun smiled. “The so-called exceptional furnace doesn’t necessarily have to be stunning in appearance, but they must have an excellent figure, soft muscles and bones, and jade-like skin. I’ve never seen Yan Tianhen, so I don’t know if he meets these requirements. What do you think?”

“I don’t think so.” Shen Rubing still hadn’t forgotten the conflict between her and Yan Tianhen in Pill Limit Mysterious Land. If it wasn’t for the bird that Yan Tianhen had obtained from who-knows-where, how could her Dage’s arm have been cut off?

Shen Rubing said with absolute certainty, “Master, Yan Tianhen is just a boy whose hair isn’t even fully grown yet; how can he have any figure to speak of? This is nothing more than rumors Yin Xinghan deliberately released to lure us into causing trouble for Yan Tianhen.”

Shen Lejun replied with great secrecy, “Although Yin Xinghan has a strong sense of purpose behind all his actions and feels difficult to get along with, he went to cause trouble for Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen as soon as he arrived in the Five Continents — I can’t help thinking deeply about the reason behind those actions. You shouldn’t be too careless either. At the very least, the Twin Lotus Lamp is definitely on Lin Xuanzhi.”

Shen Rubing’s expression changed a few times, and her eyes held viciousness. “Master, I just happened to receive a letter from Sky Peak Sect. Sect Master Ren invited us to go up Profound Sky Sect together in three days’ time and ask Profound Sky Sect for the Twin Lotus Lamp on Lin Xuanzhi.”

Shen Lejun thought for a moment. “This time, I will go in person.”

Recently, there was a turbulent wind in the Five Continents, and the root of this turmoil lied in Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi, with merely a Primary Realm peak Condensed Pulse Stage cultivation, easily stabbed Mo Yan to death in a single sword strike. However, Mo Yan’s cultivation had already been in the Profound Realm for many years. This news seemed to have grown wings and quickly flew to every corner of the Five Continents and attracted people to chase even more vigorously and crazily after the Twin Lotus Lamp.

They naturally attributed Lin Xuanzhi’s ability to the benefits he gained from the Twin Lotus Lamp.

Almost all of the famous sects and major aristocratic families in the Five Continents were beginning to stir. Representatives from various factions set off immediately to Profound Sky Sect to ask for such a peerless magic treasure that could benefit the entire Five Continents.

Although every single family, sect, and individual had the qualification to independently own magic treasures, some magic treasures whose levels were too high or treasures that could bring benefits to many parties were still not allowed to be possessed by individuals.

This was basically a common rule the entire Five Continents agreed on.

Moreover, ever since Yin Xinghan made his discoveries public and claimed that the Twin Lotus Lamp was instrumental to breaking through the Five Continents’ seal, many people who originally had no thoughts about the Twin Lotus Lamp began to feel tempted.

However, when these people arrived in Profound Sky Sect and were greeted by disciples who opened the sect’s main gates, they discovered that Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen had already disappeared from Profound Sky Sect the day after defeating Mo Yan.

“What? Disappeared? Do you take us for fools?”

“You all must know where they went. Esteemed Lan Yue, you should know that this Twin Lotus Lamp is a magic treasure connected to the prosperity and decline of the entire Five Continents, so it can never be controlled by individuals.”

“Yeah, when all’s said and done, it’s not safe to put the Twin Lotus Lamp in any individual’s hands. If it falls into the hands of demonic cultivators, the consequences will be unimaginable. It’s still the safest to put it in Sky Peak Sect’s seven-story treasure pagoda ah.”

Sky Peak Sect’s seven-story treasure pagoda was a place where magic treasures were specially stored. It was heavily guarded on the outside and had an inescapable net around it, guarding the pagoda. Up till now, no one had ever successfully stolen anything from it, so it was known as the safest place in the Five Continents to hide treasures.

Listening to the people standing below twittering and chattering, Esteemed Lan Yue, who made a rare personal appearance, impassively pretended to be deaf and mute.

Several of Sinking Sword Peak’s disciples stood behind him, and every single one of their expressions looked worse than the next.

Finally, Wan Yitong, who was tired of listening, spoke.

“All of you, don’t yell at random. If we were the ones who hid Youngest Martial Brother, then you tell me — where did we hide him?” Wan Yitong said grumpily, “When I woke up, my Youngest Martial Brother had already written a letter and left. Aren’t you all the ones who forced him to leave?”

“Your words are unreasonable.” Shen Lejun walked forward. “If he didn’t greedily covet the Twin Lotus Lamp, how can there be so many people chasing and besieging him?”

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