Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 429 - Fleeing from the Western Continent

Chapter 429 – Fleeing from the Western Continent

At this point, the Jian Family Head, Jian Shiming, was at the end of his rope. He hit his thigh, and with a face of resentment, he said, “That Yin Xinghan from the family of prophets, simply bullying others intolerably!”

“What did he do?” Qing Zhu firmly stared at Jian Shiming.

“The last thing I heard was Yin Xinghan letting people destroy Family Head Liu’s Dantian Qi Sea, reducing him into waste.” Jian Shiming took a deep breath and sighed. “What happened afterwards was cut off. Perhaps, Family Head Liu was afraid of being detected, so he destroyed the Voice Retention Stone on his side.”

“Destroyed his Dantian Qi Sea?” Qing Zhu gasped, his eyes suddenly becoming red.

He swayed unsteadily and nearly fell to the ground. Lin Xuanzhi hurriedly reached out his hand to catch Qing Zhu.

Liu Zhaoyue’s entire body was trembling, and his teeth were chattering. “I want to listen to that Voice Retention Stone. I want to know….. I want to know exactly what happened!”

Although Jian Shiming’s face revealed an unbearable look, he was restraining his frame of mind and said, “Nephew Zhaoyue, your brother probably had already anticipated the disaster Liu family will face. Before he left, he sent me a note saying that you would leave Liu Family with the young Lin and others, and entrusted me to look after you. I came in person because I feared that those people had already laid a hand on you. It is not safe here now. If you want to know anything, we might as well walk while we talk, the best plan is to reach a safe place first.”

Liu Zhaoyue wiped his tears and whimpered, “My eldest brother, he thought of everything. Why did he want to throw away his life? Why did he just let those people kill my Liu family? Woo woo…..”

Lin Xuanzhi was remorseful. Although he felt helplessness, grief, and indignation on the matter of Twin Moons City at that time, the fault was still not on his hands after all, and it had nothing to do with him. However, the destruction of the Liu family actually happened right in front of his eyes. Furthermore–it was closely related to him.

A strong sense of guilt almost drowned Lin Xuanzhi.

He closed his eyes and stated in a slightly hoarse voice, “This is all because of me. It’s my fault.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly looked at Lin Xuanzhi and moved his lips, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

He could not comfort Lin Xuanzhi, because his mood at this time was the same as Lin Xuanzhi’s. He was whole with Lin Xuanzhi, and the person who was the real target of Yin Xinghan was not necessarily just Lin Xuanzhi, he was afraid it might also be him.

Liu Zhaoyue sobbed for a while, sniffled and said, “I want revenge.”

Jian Yunxi said, “Revenge must be delivered, but not now.”

Liu Zhaoyue bitterly spoke, “I will fight them!”

Jian Yunxi said, “If you fight, you are just going to die. It is more important than anything else that you survive.”

Liu Zhaoyue cried even more fiercely. He sobbed and said, “Then….. Then I want to gather the bones of my family.”

Jian Yunxi hesitated then said, “Better to not gather them, although those people can’t find you and have already left, they might send someone to wander around the vicinity. If they discover that the bones of the Liu family have disappeared, they will inevitably suspect that you have come back, and your whereabouts will be easily exposed. The most important thing now is to protect your life and get to green hills without worrying about firewood.”

Liu Zhaoyue was even more distraught. He softly knelt with a leg on the ground, prostrating and crying. “Big brother, big brother…”

Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but wipe his tears. He felt that his breathing seemed to be difficult.

Qing Zhu’s expression, which was suffering in pain at the beginning, now turned numb. He raised his head and looked at the highest building of the Liu Family with unblinkingly dull eyes as if his soul already left him, thinking about something unknown.

Liu Zhaoyue wiped his face filled with tears of blood, and bit his lower lip for a moment before he firmly said, “Let’s go.”

He was still weak and couldn’t do anything now. He could only protect himself first and keep the Liu Family’s last stalk of grass alive. This way the chance to get revenge might come in the future.

There is a saying, the most dangerous place is often the safest place.

Yin Xinghan’s people finished killing all the Liu family members, and never found any trace of Lin Xuanzhi and the others. They would inevitably think that they had already escaped from Fenghui City and try to pursue them to the east.

Thus, the group took advantage of this difference in timing to leave from the Liu family’s secret passage once again. If there were no accidents, they could perfectly avoid their pursuers.

In addition, Esteemed Huai Yu and Su Mo had already left Fenghui City in advance to deceive the spies lurking in Fenghui City, so Lin Xuanzhi and others had a great probability of having a tranquil journey.

The Jian family also entered the secret passage together with Liu Zhaoyue. On this road, Jian Shiming handed that Voice Retention Stone to Liu Zhaoyue.

Liu Zhaoyue and the others gathered together. After listening to the Voice Retention Stone several times, their moods were mixed, almost falling to the bottom.

They found a lot of news from the sounds left in the Voice Retention Stone一一

For example, Yin Xinghan, who used to work for the Emperor, was now working for Yan Zizhang, one of the heirs to the throne. Another example, it was Yan Zijing who wanted to kill Lin Zhan.

Such as these things, if you call it useful, it is of no practical use. If you call it useless, it solves many previous doubts.

They could confirm that Yan Xinghan really didn’t know what was special about Lin Xuanzhi’s life and he was just in the stage of doubt. However, as for Yan Zizhang, the one who gave hundreds of Scarlet Kill Orders, it was uncertain whether he knew or suspected anything.

After listening several times, Liu Zhaoyue did dare not listen to it again. Instead, it was Qing Zhu who listened to Voice Retention Stone over and over again, as if he wanted to imprint these sounds in his bones.

A few days later, when everyone exited the secret passage, Jian Shiming left with the Jian family.

Before leaving, Jian Shiming said to Liu Zhaoyue, “Your brother entrusted you to me. You might as well come with us and at least lie low until it blows over.”

Liu Zhaoyue forced himself to barely perk up and said to Jian Shiming, “Thank you for your kindness, Uncle. I plan to go back to Profound Sky Sect.”

Jian Shiming sighed. “You can decide for yourself, but if you need any help in the future, don’t be polite and mention it.”

Liu Zhaoyue nodded. “Yes, Uncle.”

Jian Shiming said, “Although the Liu family and the Jian families have their own masters, this friendship for so many years is not empty. Our two families are family friends, sharing honor and disgrace. Today, the Liu family is in great trouble, and my Jian family will certainly not stay out of it. Don’t worry, I will unite with other great families and Sect Masters in a few days, and put pressure on Sky Peak Sect’s Sect Master and force him to give a statement.”

Liu Zhaoyue’s eyes were dark and unclear. He hung his head slightly and stared at the dirt and the ground. “I don’t want an explanation, I want their blood to be spilt.”

Jian Shiming nodded. “The cycle of karma gives appropriate retribution, that day will come sooner or later.”

Jian Yunxi stepped forward, took the piece of jade pendant hanging around his waist, and handed it to Liu Zhaoyue. He said, “Ah Yue, this is a jade pendant that I’ve had since childhood, and there are three restriction defences. If it is a critical moment, you can release the restrictions in the jade pendant, which will save your life. When you come to the Jian family’s house to find me, bring it, it will be much more convenient.”

Liu Zhaoyue looked at Jian Yunxi’s face, which was much more handsome than before, and it pulled out his first smile in recent days.

“Jian Yunxi, I used to say that I hated you very much, but those were actually lies.” Liu Zhaoyue held the cool jade pendant and continued, “You have always been my best friend.”

Jian Yunxi showed a touch of emotion and nodded. “You are the same to me.”

The two looked at each other for a moment, and Jian Yunxi couldn’t help saying, “Protect yourself. After a while, I will go to Profound Sky Sect to find you.”

Liu Zhaoyue said, “When the time comes, you must become more powerful than now.”

Jian Yunxi made a sound of agreement.

Although the Jian family was going to the East Continent as well, they didn’t intend to go the same way as Lin Xuanzhi and others. For one thing, there were too many people, the target was too big, and it was easy to be exposed. Secondly, Jian Shiming intended to confuse those bugs who were secretly watching them, so that they couldn’t find any trace of Lin Xuanzhi and others. The Jian family departed on swords and Liu Zhaoyue looked motionless at their disappearing back for a long time.

Wan Yitong leaned in and patted Liu Zhaoyue on the shoulder. “Actually, you should go with Jian Yunxi. The Jian family can protect you, because Yin Xinghan is not the contract owner of the Jian family, and they can’t cause any contract related suppression for the Jian family.”

Liu Zhaoyue shook his head. “It’s better not to, I don’t want to bring trouble to them, and I don’t want someone to take care of me too much.”

Since he was determined to take revenge, he could never go on his normal path.

Jian Shiming was bound to watch him, not allowing him to mess around.

In the next few days, dressed in disguise, they moved from the direction of the Central Continent near the North Continent, bypassed Sky Peak City and set out towards the North Continent’s boundary. When passing the place closest to Sky Peak City, Qing Zhu, who hadn’t shown too much emotion, suddenly stopped walking.

“I want to go to Sky Peak City.” Qing Zhu said, “Go ahead and leave as we originally planned.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “What are you going to do in Sky Peak City?”

Qing Zhu said emotionlessly, “Look for Liu Mengchen, and then get revenge for him along the way.”

Liu Zhaoyue showed a disturbed expression. He bit his lower lip and said, “Sister-in-law, is your cultivation enough to avenge my eldest brother?”

Qing Zhu showed an expression of rejection and said, “So what if it’s not enough? Don’t tell me that if my cultivation isn’t enough for all my life, then I can’t ever have my revenge?”

Esteemed Lan Yue frowned slightly. “Qing Zhu, the enemy is just there. He will never leave until he reaches his goal. We might as well follow our previous plans and go back first to make other plans.”

“Yes.” Duan Yuyang also nodded. “Besides, we all also want to avenge the Liu family. More people have more strength, and the possibility of success with one person may be smaller.”

Lin Xuanzhi spoke, “If you want to find someone, you have to collect intelligence, going to directly find Yin Xinghan is useless.”

Qing Zhu clenched his fist hesitantly.

Yan Tianhen looked at the Qing Zhu with a pair of apricot eyes and said, “Elder Brother Zhuzi, you don’t want Ah Hen anymore?”

“No.” Qing Zhu blurted out, and he was stunned. After a moment, he sighed, lowered his head and nodded. “Let’s keep walking.”

A sentence from Yan Tianhen changed Qing Zhu’s plans, but it was because Qing Zhu couldn’t let go of Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi. But for Qing Zhu, he already had other plans in his heart and would never give up easily.

At the end of the journey to the border of the Central Continent, Lin Xuanzhi met Esteemed Huai Yu, who came to pick him up, and a man he did not see often.

However, that man had been in contact with Lin Xuanzhi in the dark.

“Young Master.” A qingyi man with a breathtaking, unmatchable appearance and deceptive atmosphere appeared from behind Esteemed Huai Yu and walked to Lin Xuanzhi. He smiled at him. “It’s been a long time.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes were staring straight at this person. “Elder Brother, who is this beautiful little Gege? I definitely have never seen him before.”

The qingyi man smiled slightly at Yan Tianhen. “This younger brother really knows how to talk. I am the landlord of the main building of Wishing Lane in the Central Continent. You can just call me Yang Shuo.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly realized that he was a subordinate of his Elder Brother.

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