Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 426 - Giving a Task Before Leaving

Chapter 426  Giving a Task Before Leaving

Qing Zhu walked over and asked, “What will you be doing in Sky Peak City in the Central Continent? Don’t you know, during this period of time, Ren Bulin could still send people to harass you?”

Liu Mengchen looked at the Qing Zhu and answered calmly, “I am not afraid of him, but the person I am going to meet this time is not Ren Bulin.”

“Then, who is it?” Qing Zhu asked.

“It is the Family Head of another recursive family.” Liu Mengchen replied airily.

After pausing for a short while, Qing Zhu questioned, “The Jian family?”

Liu Mengchen nodded his head.

Qing Zhu asked doubtfully, “But isn’t the Jian family located near the East Continent?”

Liu Mengchen explained, “It is because he is in the East Continent while I am in the West Continent, we have decided to arrange the meeting place in the Central Continent. It would be more convenient for both sides.”

Qing Zhu nodded his head, “Oh I see….. But what are you going to be talking about?”

Liu Mengchen said, “It’s still these recent troubling matters, since everyone’s eyes are on both Lin Xuanzhi and the Twin Lotus Lamp. How many people have been plotting against them–”

“In my opinion, it’s fine if Lin Xuanzhi does indeed have the Twin Lotus Lamp, but he clearly doesn’t even have the magic treasure on him.” Liu Zhaoyue fumed, “How do the brains of those people actually work? Aren’t they clearly just giving Lin Xuanzhi a hard time?”

Qing Zhu’s face darkened slightly, “It’s all because of that shameless Yin Xinghan.”

Liu Mengchen’s pupil dilated slightly as he clenched his fists tightly in his sleeves, but very quickly he returned to normal.

Liu Mengchen looked at Qing Zhu intensely and asked, “Zhu’er, do you want to accompany me?”

Qing Zhu looked at him and asked, “What will I be doing there?”

Liu Mengchen explained with a smile, “You are my wife who has not passed through the doorway. I’ve always wanted others to know about your existence.”

Initially, Qing Zhu had intended to accompany Liu Mengchen, but the moment he heard Liu Mengchen say this, he then dismissed the idea.

Qing Zhu rolled his eyes and said in disdain, “Dream on, I still have yet to decide whether to forgive you or not. Go by yourself. I don’t want to go with you.”

Liu Mengchen could only show a regretful look on his face. However, when Qing Zhu least expected it, Liu Mengchen pulled him into his arms and stole a kiss from him.

Filled with anger and shame, Qing Zhu stomped on Liu Mengchen’s foot and turned to leave in a huff.

Liu Zhaoyue asked speechlessly, “Dage, did you notice that there is a third person present?”

Liu Mengchen smiled, “I know, Dage is going to give you some practical advice. When you woo your wife in the future, you must be thick-skinned, shameless, and just approach them directly.”

After thinking about it, Liu Zhaoyue said with shame, “I could only understand one.”

Liu Mengchen nodded and was reassured, “Just knowing one is not bad. From now on, you should be diligent and practice hard. Not only that, you should cultivate dual sword styles as well.”

Looking at Liu Mengchen, he said, “Those sword styles are so hard to learn.”

Liu Mengchen smiled, “Although it is difficult, it is also powerful. Speaking of it, when I was your age, I couldn’t even grasp any of the sword styles. If it wasn’t for a chance encounter, which I had fallen into and wasn’t able to escape the Great Demon-Sealing Array, I would not have improved my cultivation so quickly.”

“Dage, don’t lie to me.” Liu Zhaoyue had on a look of “I have already seen through it” and stared at Liu Mengchen, “I’ve heard people in the family say that when you were my age, you have already reached the Primary Realm.”

Liu Mengchen laughed. “You would definitely surpass me in some other aspects.”

Liu Zhaoyue nodded and boasted, “That’s for sure. I’m also a very powerful young master.”

Liu Mengchen looked at his younger brother whom he raised himself and couldn’t help laughing for a moment.

It was only after a long time that Liu Zhaoyue suddenly realized what Liu Mengchen had said were actually his last orders, as a form of farewell. If he had known earlier, Liu Zhaoyue would have done everything to stop Liu Mengchen from leaving.

Liu Zhaoyue looked at the remains of the torn letter on the ground and frowned. “Dage, was it really the Jian Family who had invited you to meet in the Central Continent?”

Liu Mengchen replied, “And also a few other families.”

For some unknown reason, Liu Zhaoyue began to feel quite uneasy in his heart. “I still don’t think it’s that simple. Ren Bulin had sent people over many times to look for Dage and each time he had been rejected by Dage. This time, you’d have to travel to his territory. Who knows whether Ren Bulin will make any move.”

In Liu Mengchen’s heart, he was overwhelmed with emotions; His younger brother was indeed much more thoughtful than before.

Liu Mengchen raised his hand and rubbed Liu Zhaoyue’s head, in a manner that was not too gentle or too hard. In the end, he still remained silent.

Liu Zhaoyue touched his head and was somewhat confused by his eldest brother’s actions–does he still think he’s a child?

“After I’ve left.” Liu Mengchen paused for a while and continued, “You should have Lin Xuanzhi and the others leave the Liu family.”

Liu Zhaoyue was stunned and even doubted his ears. “Dage, what did you just say?”

Liu Mengchen said lightly, “After all, they are not part of the Liu family. As a reclusive family, the Liu family originally should not be involved in matters of the mundane world. By letting them stay here for two months, I have already done all I could possibly do for them.”

Liu Zhaoyue widened his eyes and asked incredulously, “Dage, how could you think this way? If we were to drive them out right now, would we not be heartless people? ”

After a moment’s silence, Liu Mengchen asked, “Ah Yue, do you think staying in the Liu family is very safe?”

Liu Zhaoyue replied confidently: “At least it is much safer than outside.”

Liu Mengchen shook his head. “You are wrong. No matter how hard the impregnable fortress is, when there are numerous attackers, there will be a day when it collapses. The Liu family has a tunnel, you can use it to avoid Fenghui City and reach the borders of the West Continent directly. I have taken you down that road before, so you have to bring Lin Xuanzhi and the others with you and leave this place through the tunnel.”

Liu Zhaoyue was suddenly seized by some sudden feelings and stared at Liu Mengchen, “Dage, did something happen?”

Liu Mengchen rubbed Liu Zhaoyue’s head again and reassured, “Just taking precautions.”

Liu Zhaoyue felt a little uncomfortable and asked, “Dage, if this is the case, then do you still want to make up with sister-in-law?”

Qing Zhu would certainly feel that he was chasing people out. Based on Qing Zhu’s current attitude towards Liu Mengchen, he was afraid that this might just push Qing Zhu farther and farther away from him.

Liu Mengchen was alarmed for a moment, then looked at Liu Zhaoyue with a complicated expression, “Ah Yue, when it comes to love, they are the most important yet also the least important thing in this world.”

Liu Zhaoyue said, “I don’t understand.”

Liu Mengchen seemed to have sighed. “You will understand in the future, so you still don’t need to understand it now.”

With that said, Liu Mengchen did not say anything else and turned to leave.

However, Liu Zhaoyue still wanted to keep some precautions. After he went into the house, he picked up a pen and wrote a letter for the young boy of the Jian Family to send.

On that very day, Liu Mengchen left the Liu family’s mountain villa.

The next day, Liu Zhaoyue, who had dark circles under his eyes from staying up all night, approached Lin Xuanzhi and Esteemed Lan Yue. “Before my eldest brother left, he asked me to escort all of you off away from the Liu family.”

Qing Zhu was first rendered stunned before he became suspicious, “Why?”

Liu Zhaoyue answered, “He said the Liu family is no longer safe.”

Qing Zhu’s face grew a little hot and seethed, “If he thinks that we have brought trouble to the Liu family by staying here, he should have told us earlier, so we wouldn’t have to stay at the Liu family so shamelessly…”

“Qing Zhu, there’s no need to say these words.” Esteemed Lan Yue asked, “When shall we leave?”

Liu Zhaoyue whispered with some guilt, “Dage said to let all of you set off today.”

Esteemed Huai Yu frowned slightly and asked, “What else did Liu Mengchen say to you before he left?”

Previously, it was Liu Mengchen who had invited them to stay in Liu family’s villa. If not, it would be unlikely for them to stay there.

Liu Mengchen was suddenly called away by a letter and even asked them to leave immediately. If you were to think carefully, it was very strange.

Liu Zhaoyue shook his head, “Basically, he didn’t say anything useful to me. My eldest brother has always been like this. He usually likes to keep many things in his heart and not talk about it, carrying all the burden alone.”

“That’s strange…..” Esteemed Huai Yu stroked his chin while thinking.

Lin Xuanzhi interrupted, “However, we really should go. Nowadays, there are more and more people in Fenghui City and the cultivators, who will be attempting to attack the barrier of Liu family’s villa, will increase rapidly each day. I’m not sure how long it will take before the Liu Family’s barrier will be broken–we might as well leave first to spread out attacks and then make plans.”

Staying in the Liu family’s villa was indeed not a long-term plan. Even if Liu Mengchen did not say anything, Lin Xuanzhi had already planned to leave soon.

Yuan Tianwen also nodded. “Why don’t we return to the East Continent. After all, that is our territory. There are the Yuan Family and the Lin Family, as well as the Profound Sky Sect. Come to think of it, it should be quite safe.”

Duan Yuyang said, “Let’s set off at once.”

When Liu Zhaoyue saw that they were not angry, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He suddenly thought that he was the young master of the Liu family, so why was he so ashamed and guilty?

Liu Zhaoyue said, “There is an underground tunnel in my villa that stretches across the West Continent. There are many branch roads, so it is very easy to lose your way. That’s why I will be taking all of you through the road to leave this place.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Sorry for the trouble.”

Two days later, Liu Mengchen arrived at Sky Peak City in the Central Continent.

Although the journey is far, he had a magic weapon used for traveling, which shortened the duration immensely.

As soon as he arrived at Sky Peak City, Liu Mengchen was brought to Sky Peak Sect by two servants who had long been waiting at the city gate.

Liu Mengchen stepped into a room that looked magnificent. After a brief look at the room layout, he knew instantly that this ought to be the residence of a prophet–astrological staff, divination, chessboard and so on.

It was only after Liu Mengchen had waited for a moment that someone pushed the door open to enter the room.

The one who had entered was Yin Xinghan.

He was even followed by two ugly cultivators, but when he first entered, Liu Mengchen could feel the waves of pressure exuding from those two–the cultivation of those two was far above him.

Yin Xinghan sized Liu Mengchen up and said with appreciation, “It is beyond my expectation that the family head of the Liu family is so young.”

Liu Mengchen asked, “Why have you used the Yan family’s name to summon me?”

Yin Xinghan yawned and sat in a chair, “It seems that over these few years, the Liu family have made no contributions to the Five Continents.”

Liu Mengchen said humbly, “The purpose of the Liu family coming to the Five Continents is to maintain the stability of the Five Continents. Over these years, there has not been any major trouble that had occurred in the Five Continents. I personally think that this is the greatest achievement of the Liu family.”

“Hehe, Family Head Liu is actually eloquent.” Yin Xinghan could not help laughing, but his eyes seemed to be cold, as he stared at Liu Mengchen. “However, I am very curious as to how far you are able to maintain the stability of the Five Continents?”

Liu Mengchen stated, “That is up to you.”

Yin Xinghan said, “I originally thought the Liu Family Head was a coward… Unexpectedly, you actually dare to say this. I have no intention of provoking the alarm of the Five Continents and this really was not my original intention. However, if anyone dares to obstruct me, I will be impolite.”

Liu Mengchen narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure what is your purpose of coming to the Five Continents, but the Twin Lotus Lamp is indeed not with Lin Xuanzhi.”

“How does it matter if it is there or not?” Yin Xinghan continued coldly, “My curiosity about Lin Xuanzhi is much greater than that for the Twin Lotus Lamp. A few years ago, the prince sent a Scarlet Kill Order to the lower realm. Do you still remember? ”

The pupil of Liu Mengchen dilated suddenly. “Which prince?”

Yin Xinghan pretended to think and replied, “Oh, I forgot. Now that the Five Continents have been isolated from the Nine Lands for such a long time, even the Liu family isn’t sure who their master is now.”

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