Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 422 - Picking It Up in Passing

Chapter 422 – Picking It Up in Passing

“This must be so.” Feng Jingyu said triumphantly, “The Twin Lotus Lamp is indeed something good. Initially, this space was almost nearly beyond saving due to a lack of spiritual energy. Who would have thought that this king would actually stumble across the Twin Lotus Lamp! Hahaha, this is really a great fortune of both heaven and earth!”

Yan Tianhen was stunned for a moment and asked doubtfully, “Where’s the Twin Lotus Lamp?”

Feng Jingyu stuck his beak out in the direction of the lake and answered, “I threw it into the water. As of right now, this space is relying on the Twin Lotus Lamp to nourish itself. In the past, those awful forged stones were absolutely rubbish. You’d be lucky if it was able to sustain life. What damned use is that. Thanks to your Dage who still persistently wastes this amount of money, it purely seems like a stone sinking into the sea.”

While speaking, Feng Jingyu disdainfully swept his eyes over Lin Xuanzhi.

“So this is the reason why you stole the Twin Lotus Lamp?” Lin Xuanzhi looked at Feng Jingyu with a straight face.

Feng Jingyu straightened his neck, “Finders keepers, so it belongs to whomever managed to grab it, don’t you know the rules? If you have seen such a good thing, don’t tell me you don’t want to take it? ”

“The Twin Lotus Lamp was actually stolen by you!?” Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened immediately in surprise and asked, “Do you know how much trouble you brought my Dage and I when you stole that lamp? That’s the Twin Lotus Lamp, something that is even hotter than a hot potato! Moreover, after you’ve stolen the Twin Lotus Lamp, did Yin Chongyue not chase you down and scream at you for stealing it?”

“Oh, I know I know!” Feng Jingyu covered his ears and continued, “Over these past few days, I’m so sick of hearing your Dage’s nagging. Your Dage is experiencing premature menopause, could it be possible that you are facing the same thing too? I’ve already stolen it, so it is no use telling me off. You can’t expect me to take the Twin Lotus Lamp out and hand it over to those people. Also…… Yin Chongyue didn’t say anything when I stole it. Who knows where he has gone, so what’s the point in meddling so much?”

Yan Tianhen choked violently for a moment.

That’s true, even if he were to destroy the Twin Lotus Lamp, he would never let Yin Xinghan and the others take advantage of it.

However —-

“Where did Yin Chongyue go after you’ve taken the Twin Lotus Lamp?

Feng Jingyu lay sprawled on his back, “Who knows? Anyways, he has broken away from the Great Demon-Sealing Array, just like a fish entering the sea, so he’s unstoppable now. Speaking of which, he and I are still enemies! It was because of him that I grew up without parents.”

“It was your father who insisted on sealing him and it wasn’t like he wanted your father’s soul to be scattered. He is also very pitiable.” Yan Tianhen rebutted pointedly.

Feng Jingyu jumped up and curled his mouth, “But I lost my parents. In any case, he still had a father when he was a child. What about me?”

The moment the words left Feng Jingyu’s mouth, Ling Chigu suddenly stood up in the middle of the pond.

In the beginning, Ling Chigu was standing at the edge of the pond. As he was standing, the water level had gradually risen to his groin area. He just happened to be also facing the direction of Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, so the two of them could clearly see a part of Ling Chigu that should not be seen.

Yan Tianhen blushed lightly.

Ling Chigu seemed a little confused, as he put on his clothes and conveniently held Feng Jingyu in his hand. With his other hand, he patted Feng Jingyu on his head, as if to soothe him.

Feng Jingyu instantly quietened down.

“It’s quite big.” A faint voice drifted from somewhere behind Ling Chigu.

Feng Jingyu cursed, as it nearly scared him out of his wits. He glowered at the shameless soul body, who had worn the white clothes and was fluttering at the side. He asked, “You actually fucking watch others as they take a bath?”

Soul Plate rebutted, “This space is my territory. Wouldn’t it be normal for me to look at him? There is no need for me to peek.”

Feng Jingyu straightened his neck and exclaimed, “Don’t look! He is mine, you are not allowed to look! ”

Soul Plate smiled coolly and asked, “It’s not like I’ve never seen a big one before. Who would care to look at one?”

Feng Jingyu spat and pounced on Soul Plate, wanting to hit him. He shouted, “You shut up, shut up!”

Soul Plate let him screech and make a scene. Since he is in a soul body state, Feng Jingyu simply could not hit him at all.

Lin Xuanzhi commented, “You’ve finally put your clothes on.”

Soul Plate said slowly, “This Twin Lotus Lamp is indeed something good. Since it’s here, my cultivation has been advancing rapidly and many of my memories have returned. It won’t be long before I am able to form an entity.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Soul Plate for a moment, “We have known each other for so long, yet I still have no idea what your name is.”

Soul Plate brushed his black hair and tilted his head, “Isn’t a name just a code? What is there to ask about it? Besides, I can’t really remember clearly.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “But I can’t always call you Soul Plate, right?”

Soul Plate replied, “What Soul Plate, how rude. Call me father.”

Lin Xuanzhi turned and walked away.

Behind him, Soul Plate waved a small handkerchief and called out, “Many spiritual plants in here have already matured. You should quickly harvest them and plant some other spirit grass. Do remember that you can’t stop the supply of the forge stones. Now that the Twin Lotus Lamp is here, don’t think you can be lazy.”

Lin Xuanzhi could not be bothered to deal with him.

Feng Jingyu flew onto Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder and asked, “When will you be letting Ah Gu and me go out?”

Lin Xuanzhi answered, “After a while, I’ll be leaving the Liu family’s villa. When that time comes, both of you must be there to guard.”

Feng Jingyu said, “Sure thing.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Maomao, do you know that my father is Xuan Wushe?”

Feng Jingyu waved his wings and replied, “I had long guessed it. Both you and Emperor Xuan look so much alike. Also, I know your father… you know what I mean.”

Lin Xuanzhi heaved a sigh and nodded his head.

“However, you don’t have to worry. Since there aren’t many who have seen your father, so I guess they wouldn’t be able to recognize you,” Feng Jingyu comforted.

This was exactly the same as what Esteemed Lan Yue had said.

Yan Tianhen had dug up a lot of spiritual plants and planned to use this time to refine pills. Ever since he had gone to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, all he could think about was how to improve his cultivation. When it comes to refining pills, he had reached a deadlock.

At this moment, his cultivation had reached a bottleneck period, so Yan Tianhen then thought of refining pills to prevent himself from going overboard.

Moreover, since Yan Tianhen made a lot of money by selling a batch of pills, he felt that alchemy was indeed a highly profitable business!

After refining pills for three days, Yan Tianhen had crafted many Rejuvenating Pills that could heal wounds within a short period of time and also Gather Qi Pills that could quickly restore vitality. He had originally planned to sell them, but after thinking for a while, he was afraid that they themselves would be more in need of these pills. Hence, he kept them in the bottle for their own use.

Lin Xuanzhi was still trying to comprehend the sword styles. He used new mental cultivation methods that emerged in his mind to combine with the first three styles of the《Teal Lotus Nine Style》to practice. He realised that it was actually like a duck in water, as he managed to learn the ropes of the technique, which he wasn’t able to before.

In a blink of an eye, around ten to fifteen days had passed by.

With that said, just as Lin Xuanzhi stored a weapon that he had just crafted, he heard someone knocking at the door.

After opening the door, it turned out that the unexpected guest was actually Bai Yichen.

Lin Xuanzhi felt rather bewildered as he looked at Bai Yichen who was sitting on a wheelchair, “How did you end up here?”

Bai Yichen smiled, “It just so happened that I have some friendly relations with Liu family Head, so I came to visit. It was only then did I know that Xuanzhi was actually in Liu family’s villa these days. If I had known, I would have come for a visit sooner.”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows and responded noncommittally, “Young Master Bai, you’re thinking too highly of me. You wouldn’t have come to me if you didn’t need my help, so what is so urgent that you had to come look for me?”

Bai Yichen sighed, “Hearing what you’ve just said is enough to break my heart. If nothing really happened, don’t tell me that I really can’t come and look for you?”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and leaned against the door, “If it was someone else who said this, I could have believed him for a moment. As for Young Master Bai, I’m afraid you’re not that kind of person.”

Bai Yichen nodded, “You really do know me well, Master Xuanzhi, I indeed do not like to waste time on such trivial things. I am not sure if Xuanzhi still remembers the matter that happened more than three years ago, which you had once enticed my family’s Fourth Elder to establish the Craftsmen Alliance?”

If Bai Yichen had not mentioned it, Lin Xuanzhi had indeed forgotten almost everything about this matter. However, now that Bai Yichen mentioned it, Lin Xuanzhi became aware of it. He feared that this matter probably had enough social connections to become a reality.

“Naturally, I remember.” Lin Xuanzhi continued, “Three years ago, I initially intended to visit the Bai family to discuss this matter in person. By some quirk of fate, who would have thought I’d be actually trapped in Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest for three years. So what is it now, do the Bai family still have this intention?”

Bai Yichen smiled, “The Craftsmen Alliance has already begun taking shape in the past three years. Many craftsmen across the Five Continents are willing to join the alliance, but currently it still lacks a leader.”

While speaking, Bai Yichen’s eyes fell upon Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi froze for a moment and asked, “Don’t tell me you wish for me to be the head of this alliance?”

Bai Yichen rebutted, “Other than you, who else can take on this important responsibility?”

Lin Xuanzhi was startled and replied, “Apart from me, there are many people who have the capabilities to take up this important responsibility. Even the elders of the Bai family are more suitable than I am.”

At that time, when this suggestion was proposed, the main purpose was for the sake of the future.

After the alliance was established, craftsmen would be protected by many parties and their safety would naturally be more secured.

Lin Xuanzhi himself was a craftsman as well. Since other craftsmen were in a better position, then naturally he would be placed under protection too.

However, Lin Xuanzhi did not intend to take the Craftsmen Alliance seriously, as it would take up too much energy.

It was just that Bai Yichen continued to persist, so he said, “Xuanzhi, it’s wrong of you to say that. The Bai family itself is the top craftsmen family in the Five Continents. It’s fine if the Bai family were to turn up and act as the middle person for the alliance. If someone from the Bai family were to become the head of the alliance, I’m afraid that the cultivation world would comment that the Bai family had deliberately established the alliance for personal gain. Not to mention, you are remarkably talented and also the one who proposed this. Up till now, your cultivation is already more than sufficient, so you definitely deserve to become the head of the alliance.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Being this head of the alliance is arduous and a thankless job. I’m not going to do it.”

Bai Yichen insisted, “That’s not necessarily so. Having all the craftsmen in this world under your control, surely this is a benefit, isn’t it?”

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes, “I don’t have such great aspirations and ambitions. It is enough for me to ensure that all the people around me are safe and sound.”

Bai Yichen smiled and remained silent. It was only a moment later that he said, “You should think this through first, before giving me an answer at a later date.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded reluctantly.

Bai Yichen mocked and berated him at the same time, “You are really something else. I’ve even paved a road for you. If it was someone else, assuming that they weren’t moved to tears, they would have at least thanked me. However, when it comes to you, you’d avoid it like a plague. What a waste of my efforts.”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, “We probably have different aspirations.”

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