Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 420 - Qing Zhu’s Decision

Chapter 420 – Qing Zhu’s Decision

Qing Zhu sighed and said, “Don’t listen to their nonsense. My spiritual core is still in good condition in Brother Xiao’s body. Didn’t you guys ask me before, about what Liu Mengchen did when he went to the Great Demon Sealing Array?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Qing Zhu explained, “Liu Mengchen did go to the Great Demon-Sealing Array, but he did not go to Twin Moons City to break the array like us. Instead, he was looking for the nine-tailed divine fox, who was there to protect the array, to exchange for a kind of spiritual plant that could quickly nurture a spiritual core.”

Yan Tianhen said in surprise, “‘There’s such a spiritual plant?”

Qing Zhu nodded, “I didn’t know there were such spiritual plants before. Liu Mengchen said that in the past few years, he has repeatedly sneaked into the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. On one hand, he wanted to find the Great Demon Sealing Array, on the other hand, it was also to find that kind of spiritual plant. Unexpectedly, he really found it.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “So how does Brother Zhuzi feel now?”

Qing Zhu smiled a little. “Although the spiritual core has not been fully formed, it is already condensing. I think it will be restored to its original state in a few years.”

Yan Tianhen smiled openly and said, “That would be great.”

This can be said to be a happy ending. If the spiritual core was allowed to grow and condense on its own, it would probably take decades or hundreds of years of effort.

“Then, Brother Zhuzi, what are you going to do next? Master Liu seems to want you to stay here, what do you think?” Lin Xuanzhi asked.

If Qing Zhu was willing to stay as the mistress of the Liu family, although he was reluctant to give Qing Zhu up, he would never stop it. Liu Mengchen was extremely apologetic to Qing Zhu, and was still constantly thinking about him. In addition, Xiao Linfeng recognized Qing Zhu as his little brother. Thus, Xiao Linfeng is determined not to watch him being bullied by Liu Mengchen, so even if Qing Zhu stays here, his life will never be worse off in the future.

It’s just that Qing Zhu didn’t have this idea at all. He didn’t hesitate to think about it, and said, “Naturally, wherever you guys go, I’ll follow. I haven’t taken care of your private property for three years. But, I have heard reports these days. It’s time to expand some businesses, and there are so many things to do, how can I have the energy to pay attention to him?”

“That’s right.” Yan Tianhen clenched his fists and said, “Master Liu still owes us spiritual plants. He hasn’t compensated us yet!”

Before leaving, Liu Mengchen said that he would compensate Lin Zhan for the loss of his business.

However, it had been more than three years since he left, so Yan Tianhen didn’t know if Liu Mengchen would go back on his words.

Yan Tianhen clicked his tongue twice and said, “It looks like Master Liu is quite generous.”

Lin Xuanzhi secretly thought, If he is not generous, even his wife will be gone, so how can he not be generous? However, according to Qing Zhu’s attitude today, even if Liu Mengchen is generous, it seems that it’ll still be hard to hold on to the wife.

Qing Zhu was extremely stubborn. His thoughts were pure, straightforward, and unrestrained. Just like how he was able to like Liu Mengchen and take him to see Lin Zhan back then, right now, he could also ignore Liu Mengchen as soon as he said he’d ignore him.

Lin Xuanzhi silently shed tears of sympathy for Liu Mengchen in his heart. Liu Mengchen had to finish paying for his own sins, even if he had to kneel.

Qing Zhu looked at Lin Xuanzhi. “I heard that recently there have been a lot of people looking for you outside, and they have already reached Fenghui City, wandering around and refusing to leave. The Liu family is still safe for the time being. You’d better not leave the Liu family’s residence.”

Although Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head, he added, “It can’t go on like this. We can never stay here for the rest of our lives. What’s more, the Liu family is only temporarily safe. When they reach the Liu family’s residence, I’m afraid it will disturb the peace and quiet of the Liu family.”

“Those people don’t have the courage to confront my Liu family blatantly.” Liu Mengchen walked over from the moon gate and said lightly, “The Liu family is a reclusive family after all, so it’s not that easy to bully.”

Liu Mengchen had gone out to inquire about news. He did not expect to hear this conversation between Qing Zhu and Lin Xuanzhi when he came back.

Liu Mengchen looked at Qing Zhu with expectation, and said, “Zhu’er, have you given any thought to the things I proposed before?”

Qing Zhu frowned, “What did you propose before?”

“It’s about being with me.”

Qing Zhu glanced at him, “Lord Liu, I will leave the Liu family soon with Xuanzhi, Ah Hen, and the others. Don’t mention this matter anymore.”

Liu Mengchen sighed, “I don’t insist on you staying here. I just want you to give me assurance. I know you have a lot of things to do. Many people can’t let it go. I will not force you or restrain you to stay at the Liu residence, but — you have to be mine, you have to admit this, or else I’ll feel uneasy in my heart.”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Liu Mengchen unexpectedly. He didn’t expect that the former high-ranking Master Liu could plead like this.

Qing Zhu replied with a sullen face, “Don’t think that even if you have taken remedial measures, I can forgive you. Should I give you an assurance? It depends on how you perform in the future.”

He wasn’t rejected outright, so Liu Mengchen showed a faint expression of obvious relief. He smiled and said, “Wait and see, I will never make you regret choosing me.”

Qing Zhu nodded reservedly, but the tips of his ears were red.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at it and couldn’t help but smile, but then asked teasingly, “I haven’t seen Hero Xiao for a long time.”

Qing Zhu showed a trace of dissatisfaction, and said regretfully, “Eldest brother said that he didn’t want to stay in this Liu family’s villa. He thought it was too restrictive, so he left early. Eldest brother was bold and unrestrained by nature, and he had the world in mind. So he went back to the mortal dynasty to punish evil and promote good, I don’t know how and when I will be able to see him next time.”

Liu Mengchen said hurriedly, “If you want to see Lin Feng, after the matters on this side have been taken care of, I will take you to the mortal world to find him.”

Qing Zhu nodded and agreed.

Liu Mengchen couldn’t help thinking, Fortunately, Xiao Linfeng is a real gentleman who didn’t take advantage of people in danger, otherwise, according to Qing Zhu’s gullible temperament, Xiao Linfeng might have already deceived and abducted you into the mortal world.

At that time, it truly would be too late for him to even cry.

As night came, Lin Xuanzhi had completed one day of cultivation, and was just about to leave from the cultivation place of the Liu family, when he saw Esteemed Lan Yue, who was already waiting for him with his hands clasped together not far away.

Lin Xuanzhi walked over to Esteemed Lan Yue without hesitation.

“Master.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “You are looking for me?”

Esteemed Lan Yue looked at Lin Xuanzhi, and said, “You seem to be cultivating more diligently these days.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “There are so many pairs of eyes staring at me outside, I don’t want to be cautious step by step, like a tortoise hiding in his shell, hiding in the Liu family’s villa forever.”

Esteemed Lan Yue asked, “I’m afraid it’s not just this reason, right?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Esteemed Lan Yue and said, “Master, how strong is Yin Xinghan?”

“I knew you were stimulated by him.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s dark eyes sank. “Master, he hurt Ah Hen in front of me, but I was powerless to fight back.”

This kind of stimulation can be said to be a thorn in Lin Xuanzhi’s heart.

Esteemed Lan Yue spoke, “You asked me just now how strong Yin Xinghan is. Actually, right now I don’t know that either. But if I really fought with him, I am afraid that in the end, I will not be his opponent.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but ask in a slightly stunned voice, “Why does Master say this? During the previous battle with Yin Xinghan, didn’t Master already suppress him?”

“He was merely testing me.” Lan Yue sighed, “Because he is cautious and will not expose his own strength before discovering the enemy’s true strength, I was able to suppress him. I already gave him a blow at full power, but the cultivation level he showed is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help feeling cold.

If even Esteemed Lan Yue could not detect Yin Xinghan’s true cultivation level, just how strong is he?

“However, you don’t have to worry too much.” Esteemed Lan Yue continued, “After all, although my cultivation can’t compare to him right now, the same is not necessarily true for Huai Yu.”

“Esteemed Huai Yu…” Lin Xuanzhi thought silently. “Master, have you ever thought about why Yin Xinghan suddenly came to the Five Continents? What did he discover in the Nine Lands to lead him here?”

Esteemed Lan Yue was silent for a moment, and said, “I have been thinking about this matter for a few days. It may be combined from many sources. I still think that he most likely came for Ah Hen.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help frowning slightly. “Why not me?”

Ever since Yin Xinghan came to the Five Continents, he had been looking for trouble with Lin Xuanzhi, which made Lin Xuanzhi doubt Yin Xinghan’s purpose.

Esteemed Lan Yue shook his head. “Some of the things he said before were nonsense and some were true. However, I can be sure that he doesn’t know that you are the Star of Salvation. He doesn’t know which one your life star is, let alone that there is a companion star around you. Yin Xinghan is a man full of schemes and tactics. He probably thought there was something strange about you, plus you’re also very close with Ah Hen, so he wanted to use this method to expose you and Ah hen to the world at the same time.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Esteemed Lan Yue, and said lightly, “Master, when you told Martial Uncle before that he could not see through my destiny, I already had my doubts. It is clear that both you and Martial Uncle know my destiny, but how can you be so sure that Yin Xinghan can’t divine my fate?”

“This is going to involve an old thing.” Esteemed Lan Yue didn’t intend to conceal it and answered, “Years ago, before you were born, I had a faint glimpse of your life star. I discovered it by chance. If I hadn’t paid more attention to it back then, I would have ignored the faint fate star. However, the more I calculated and deduced, the more certain I was that this fate star was extraordinary. It just happened that at that time, an elder in the family who was more powerful than me predicted that the Star of Salvation will appear in the main branch of the Xuan Clan, and made a prediction…”

Esteemed Lan Yue saw Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes narrow, and a slight disdain flashed through them.

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