Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 417 - Fishing for Information

Ch417 – Fishing for Information

Liu Mengchen’s techniques using his lightning spiritual roots were very powerful. It could chop down a large area with one stroke. Several birds were directly killed by the lightning strike. Two birds narrowly avoided it but were blinded by Xiao Linfeng and Qing Zhu beside him and eventually died.

In a short time, the twenty-plus Indigo Poison Birds in front of this group were mostly beaten and scattered. The lead Indigo Poison Bird roared with anger, and its abdomen suddenly inflated and swelled as it spewed out a big mouthful of poisonous gas toward the front–


A golden light flashed, and the huge semicircle halo firmly protected all the people in it, blocking out the poisonous gas.

The lead Indigo Poison Bird was extremely furious. It waved its wings as it generated great gales. Just when it was ready to stretch out its claws and rush toward Esteemed Lan Yue, it heard a whistle and hesitated. Then it suddenly turned and flew towards the direction it came from.

Yuan Tianwen held his sword, not daring to lower his guard. “These birds are controlled by someone behind the scenes.”

Esteemed Lan Yue’s eyes sank slightly as he told them, “There is someone waiting for us in the front.”

Liu Mengchen frowned. “Indigo Poison Bird, isn’t it a demonic beast that lives alone? How can so many of them suddenly appear?”

Esteemed Lan Yue saw the man who came on a boat-shaped magic treasure and spoke indifferently, “There was once a man who always liked to go against the heavens.”

If one’s cultivation reached a certain level, even the impossible became possible.

In the blink of an eye, the black dot that was still thousands of meters away had already arrived in front of them.

A young man whose appearance was somewhat similar to Esteemed Lan Yue held an iron feather fan in his hand and wore a jade crown on his head. His lips curled slightly as he glanced at Esteemed Lan Yue. “It truly is a small world. Before, I was still wondering who was the holy one who could lead away such a large group of people right under my nose. I didn’t expect it to actually be you — if it were you, it would be perfectly normal.”

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he realized that the two knew each other. He sized up the man. “Martial Uncle, who is this man?”

The young man opened the feather fan and gently fanned himself. “Who am I? Among you all, there should be three people who know who I am.”

Wan Yitong’s expression was full of shock. He looked at Bei Shitian and seemed to want Bei Shitian’s confirmation to whether he recognized the wrong person.

Bei Shitian stared at the man and revealed, “Divine Dreamwalker Yin Xinghan, a member of the prophet family, the Yin family, and the inheritor of the Divination Sovereign’s legacy.”

Yin Xinghan replied with satisfaction, “It seems that this one’s reputation is still loud enough after so many years. Bei family’s boy — I was just wondering where you went these years, but I didn’t expect you to actually be here. It seems that there really are many crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the Five Continents. This realm contains many secrets.”

When he heard that Yin Xinghan was part of the prophet family, Lin Xuanzhi’s expression instantly turned cold.

He gripped the Zhige sword in his hand so tightly that it gurgled. The Zhige sword felt its master’s mood, so it impulsively wanted to burst out of the sheath and claw up Yin Xinghan’s rather handsome but asking-for-a-beating face.

Let’s just kill him.

I really want to kill him.

Yin Xinghan blatantly stared at Lin Xuanzhi and curled his lips. “You are Lin Xuanzhi? Indeed, you don’t look bad. If it weren’t for your extreme Yang constitution, I would’ve thought that you were the exceptional furnace. I heard that you are a genius craftsman, but I don’t know how good you are when compared to the Crafting Monarch’s heir.”

Lin Xuanzhi had the urge to kill when he heard the two words “exceptional furnace”.

Esteemed Lan Yue moved and stood in front of Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, blocking them from sight. He stared at Yin Xinghan with a cold expression. “Why don’t you be a good heir and stay at home? What are you doing in the Five Continents?”

Yin Xinghan sneered, “Elder Brother, in the end, you are still better than me. You probably already knew about the Five Continents’ existence many years ago. That’s why you gave up your position as heir and came to this place so deficient in spiritual Qi to wait for the right opportunity. Fortunately, I didn’t find out too late. Whatever the hell you want to stir up, I also want to stir up.”

Everyone revealed flabbergasted expressions and looked at Esteemed Lan Yue, but Wan Yitong and Bei Shitian frowned.

Esteemed Lan Yue had concealed his own identity for many years, but it seemed that he could no longer keep it buried now.

Esteemed Lan Yue remained unmoved. “You don’t have to address me that way. I’ve already broken my ties and am no longer a member of the Yin family.”

Yin Xinghan’s eyes sank, and he sneered, “Yeah, you turned your back on your family when they needed you the most and colluded with the Divine Devil Venerable You Ming. You really can’t afford to receive my address for you. On the day you left, I swore to Heaven that I would oppose you every step of the way. I will kill those you wish to protect and save those you wish to kill.”

Esteemed Lan Yue frowned slightly. “Yin Xinghan, did you release the news that the Twin Lotus Lamp was on Lin Xuanzhi?”

Yin Xinghan seemed very proud. He answered with a wave of his fan, “Can’t you divine and tell fortunes? What, you couldn’t predict that my noble self would personally condescend to come to such a rough-hewn place?”

Esteemed Lan Yue was silent for a moment. “The Twin Lotus Lamp is not on him.”

“So what if he has it, so what if he doesn’t have it?” Yin Xinghan said in a rather dismissive tone, “As long as I want it to exist, it will naturally exist. If the world can’t find the Twin Lotus Lamp, it will inquire about its whereabouts everywhere. When the time comes, you can see for yourself whether those fellows believe it or not.”

“Despicable!” Yan Tianhen cursed, “Shameless grandson!”

Yin Xinghan narrowed his eyes. Without warning, a clawed hand grabbed towards Yan Tianhen. Lin Xuanzhi suddenly drew his sword but couldn’t beat Yin Xinghan’s speed — fuck!

At this critical juncture, Esteemed Lan Yue’s celestial divination scepter struck Yin Xinghan’s wrist. Since Yin Xinghan was afraid of injury, his wrist changed its direction with full force, brushing past Yan Tianhen’s neck.

Although the first blow failed, Yin Xinghan made no move for a second attack.

He returned to his original location in the blink of an eye. He looked at all the different but equally ugly expressions in front of him and chuckled in a low voice. He looked at his right hand’s finger, which was stained with some bright red blood.

Yin Xinghan stretched out his tongue like a pervert and licked his fingertip. He curled his lips. “Sure enough, his blood makes people crazy.”

Yan Tianhen’s face was pale white. He touched his neck subconsciously and actually felt a little pain.

Lin Xuanzhi was immediately furious. He suddenly drew out the Zhige sword. The cold Zhige sword made a chilling sound and was about to attack with a technique called “Teal Lotus Greets the Sun” —


With a light sound, everyone saw that Esteemed Lan Yue’s scepter was firmly and steadily holding down Lin Xuanzhi’s sword.

“Master!” Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes glared at Yin Xinghan, full of murderous intent, and he gnashed his teeth so hard that he almost drew blood.

Esteemed Lan Yue berated, “Stand down!”

Yin Xinghan looked as though he was watching a good drama and licked his fingers even more provocatively.

Fucking pervert!

“Yin Xinghan, today you can neither abduct nor kill anyone here,” Esteemed Lan Yue warned him with sharp eyes stained with some killing intent. The divination scepter in his hand faintly shone with a golden light, which looked as though he’d start attacking Yin Xinghan if there was a single word of disagreement.

Yin Xinghan merely shrugged, looking indifferent. “Since you are here, of course I will give Gege some face, it’s just that…”

He curled his lips up strangely. “Gege can protect them for a while, but can he still protect them for a lifetime?”

Esteemed Lan Yue replied, “I don’t need to protect them for a lifetime. They will trample you underfoot before then.”

“Haha…then I will wait and see. However, I am very curious. Who exactly is this Lin Xuanzhi, who can actually trouble you, someone who never liked to meddle in other people’s business, to even go as far as to hide and protect his life star — I’m afraid that such a dense mist cloud array enshrouding his life star must’ve been there for many years already.”

Esteemed Lan Yue lightly responded, “If you can’t even guess that, it means that your cultivation is not high enough. Compared to me, it’s still far behind.”

Yin Xinghan, “…”

After all these years, this elder brother of his really knew how to make him angry.

What Yin Xinghan couldn’t stand the most was someone stronger than him. He choked back his anger and gripped the iron feather fan. “I will say goodbye in advance, we will meet again if fate allows it!”

Before his voice fell, he had already traveled thirty meters away and quickly disappeared from everyone’s field of vision.

Lin Xuanzhi’s sword hand was shaking. On one hand, he was angry, and on the other, he felt fearful.

In front of a casual blow from Yin Xinghan, he actually couldn’t resist in the slightest!

If Esteemed Lan Yue wasn’t here, if he hadn’t countered the attack on time……

The consequences would have been unimaginable.

Now that such a thing happened, Esteemed Lan Yue pondered solemnly for a long time before saying, “Let’s continue on the road. He has been temporarily deterred and intimidated by me. In the near future, he should not act rashly again.”

Liu Mengchen nodded. “That man is not easy to deal with.”

Esteemed Lan Yue assured, “There’s still me.”

A line of people continued to hit the road. Before they left, Esteemed Lan Yue looked at Lin Xuanzhi as if he had something to say but hesitated and kept silent.

All the way for the rest of the trip, everyone was abnormally silent.

Actually, it’s not that they didn’t want to lighten up the atmosphere a little, but the pressure Lin Xuanzhi gave off was a little too much, so much so that no one dared to casually speak up, as if they would be glared at by Lin Xuanzhi as soon as they opened their mouths.

After traveling nonstop all the way to the Liu family’s villa, the tense mood finally eased a lot.

After all, this place was one of the safest places in the Five Continents. Although whether it could stand up to that Nine Lands bastard was up to debate, at the very least, it was Liu Mengchen’s territory, so the psychological sense of security was self-evident.

Once they entered the Liu family’s gate, Esteemed Lan Yue looked at Lin Xuanzhi. “Do you want to have a rest first before talking about other matters?”

Yuan Tianwen looked at Duan Yuyang. “We’ve hurried all this way, so I’ll take Yangyang to wash up first.”

Esteemed Lan Yue’s sight fell on Duan Yuyang’s abdomen. He smiled slightly. “Your child really can sit still in the womb.”

Duan Yuyang was also happy. “Yeah, to think it’s been three years. It’s been a long time.”

Liu Mengchen explained, “Cultivators’ pregnancies are different from mortals’ pregnancies. Mortals all have a ten-month pregnancy period, but cultivators have to look for the right time and the right geographical and social conditions, so the pregnancy period will vary.”

“However, it seems that it is almost ripe.” Esteemed Lan Yue remarked.

“I hope he will come out early.” Duan Yuyang laughed and touched his stomach. “I always feel like I have a ball in my pocket when on the road, it’s rather heavy.”

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