Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 409 - Night of Twin Moons (5)

Chapter 409 – Night of Twin Moons (5)

“Brother Zhuzi is right.” Yan Tianhen nodded as fear still lingered in his heart. In the past, he had always wanted to break through the second layer of Hardened Body Stage. Fortunately, Lin Xuanzhi had prevented him forcefully, so everything was well.

Everyone had stayed in this ancient battlefield-like city, where body parts were scattered everywhere, for three days, but there were not any rewards from it.

Just when everyone was about to lose their patience from the wait, one day the sound of a horse galloping suddenly resonated from beyond the city gate. A man dressed in black robe with gold lining and had a jade crown on his head could be seen riding a white pegasus with wings eight meters wide. He broke the doors and entered, but before they could see the man’s face clearly, the scenery before them seemed to have changed. Unexpectedly, everyone had yet again returned to the moment when they had first arrived in Twin Moons City.

Lin Xuanzhi stared at the city before them, in a trance.

A cycle.

They were somewhat at a loss, but soon they realized that this was an opportunity.

In any case, once you had entered Twin Moons City, there was no chance for you to leave, so they would have to find a way out from the outside.

However, after searching for a long while, they still ended up empty handed.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “There is no need to continue searching. If you want to break this illusion, the obsession in Yin Chongyue’s heart must be resolved.”

Leng Jixue was stunned and asked, “Why do you say that?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the city’s external appearance, which was riddled with marks and body parts, and explained, “Twin Moons City’s illusion is formed by Yin Chongyue’s obsession. As long as his obsession is not broken, this city will never disappear.”

Duan Yuyang gasped and asked, “But what is his heart’s obsession? How would we know?”

A person’s obsession could come in countless forms; some for revenge, some for love, some for themselves, and some for the common people.

Obsession is the most difficult puzzle to be broken, because no one would know how it started and how it would end.

Lin Xuanzhi stared at the gate and said, “Let’s go in again and look around, then we will know.”

Anyways, it would be impossible to search for a way out just by wandering around this area. They might as well return to Twin Moons City and continue to search for a solution. After all, in comparison with their first time in the city, they at least already know the entire sequence of Twin Moons City’s decline and also the identity of the Young City Lord.

Before entering the city, Wan Yitong couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “The Divine Clans have always been looking for the peerless magic treasure that brought about the massacre to Twin Moons City. I didn’t expect it to be a child.”

“An exceptional furnace constitution and also destined to be empress, it is inevitable that he would become an existence everyone would envy and fight over.” Bei Shitian said lightly.

Yan Tianhen bit his lower lip gently.

His fate was indeed like this.

Moreover, based on Yin Feng’s curse, it could be seen that he was actually repaying the karmic debts to the Yan family.

Wasn’t this curse screwing with him?

“Who knows if it is considered to be fortunate or unfortunate.” Wan Yitong clicked his tongue. “Since ancient times, the fates of those with exceptional Yin furnace constitution would not end very well. It seemed as if they had been cursed by Heaven. Their lives have always been out of their control. Occasionally, there are still a few lucky ones, who are born with high status, so no one would dare to provoke them. Yet, due to various accidents, they would become poor, just like that person in Yan’s family back then…..”

“How was that person in Yan’s family?” Ji Yunwei was not familiar with the affairs in the Nine Lands. When Wan Yitong mentioned it, he stopped suddenly and then asked curiously.

Bei Shitian glanced at Wan Yitong and said, “If you were to talk nonsense about those rumours that you’ve heard again, you should be wary that Master will beat you to death once you head back.”

Realizing that he had said too much, Wan Yitong giggled, “Oh, I seemed to have taken the plot in the book seriously again by accident. Senior Martial Brother, you must not let Master know.”

Bei Shitian looked away emotionlessly and said, “Being beaten by Master is also a good thing.”

Wan Yitong said, “What nonsense.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “It shows that we have already gone out.”

Wan Yitong: “…..” I beg Master to beat me!

Whether it was a drama or something else, when Wan Yitong didn’t want to say it, Ji Yunwei perceptively stopped asking.

Soon, they stepped into the barrier of Twin Moons City for the second time.

It was still the same city, the same kinds of people.

A purple rattan ball landed at Lin Xuanzhi’s feet.

Seeing Little Monkey again, Lin Xuanzhi said with complicated emotions, “You are the Young City Lord of this Twin Moons City.”

Yin Chongyue smiled, “The entire Twin Moons City knows that I am the Young City Lord.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Yin Chongyue, Xuan Lou won’t come. On your birthday feast, Yan Chi will lead the black and white crow guards to slaughter your entire city.”

The smile on Yin Chongyue’s face froze as he looked into Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes for a moment, then tilted his head and asked lightly, “Lin Xuanzhi, you really are an extremely audacious person.”

The moment they heard this sentence, they suddenly felt that they had a chance.

At least Yin Chongyue did not seem to have amnesia.

Lin Xuanzhi said faintly, “You can report it to the City Lord and have him ask for help as soon as possible. There are still three months before the day the Yan family slaughters this city.”

Yin Chongyue’s face returned to its original state and asked, “Who told you that there are still three months?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “What do you mean?”

Yin Chongyue chuckled lightly, “There is only one month left. If you were to fail again this time, the next time you enter Twin Moons City, there will only be seven days left. Then the next time after that, it will be three days. If you can’t solve the riddle of Twin Moons City after four tries, then you all will go through the day where Twin Moons City gets slaughtered on repeat, until all of you are tortured to death in this large array.”

“This is too harsh!” Duan Yuyang blurted out.

Yin Chongyue hooked his lips, “Don’t worry, that child in your body is not bad. My soul has been floating for far too long. I wish to find a place to settle down. If you were to die, I will raise your child personally.”

Duan Yuyang, “…..” Fuck your grandfather!

Yuan Tianwen’s face darkened and drew his sword. “Do you believe I’ll make you relive the memory of that Night of the Twin Moons right now?”

Yin Chongyue sneered and his eyes turned cold, “This entire Twin Moons City is my personal world. In this city, whomever I wish to kill will die a horrible death and whomever I wish to save will be able to survive, even without moving my hand. Just by saying such things to me, you are courting death.”

Duan Yuyang’s expression changed and slapped Yuan Tianwen on his forehead, “Don’t pay attention to him, he has lost his mind.”

Yuan Tianwen, “…..”


To be at his mercy, I will endure!

Yin Chongyue hugged the ball, with a careless and casual walking posture. It was probably due to the fact that his identity had been exposed, so there was no need for him to fool them by pretending to be a child.

“Since all of you are so courageous and even dare to come to the Great Demon Sealing Array for fun, then you all should accompany this Venerable and have a good time — hahahaha!” He said with a wide smile.

The corners of Yuan Tianwen’s mouth twitched and he squeezed his fingers to the point where clicking sounds could be heard. “Damn it, I really want to beat him up.”

Xiao Linfeng said with a smile, “You are of no match for him, so just do it in your thoughts.”

Duan Yuyang touched his stomach, “I didn’t expect that the thing which blew cold air into my ear outside the Twin Moons City was really this child.”

“What child, he is a devil!” Yuan Tianwen picked a fault with sharp ears.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes, “Even if he is a devil, he was only just a child when he died. Come to think of it, if we are really careless and died, doesn’t that mean we still have to let him raise our son for us in the future?”

Yuan Tianwen became annoyed instantly, “Let him raise our son? It would be pretty good if he doesn’t possess our son!”

“Although he said this, I don’t think he will do it.” Duan Yuyang continued, “If he really only wanted a body, he would have done it as soon as we entered the Great Demon Sealing Array. This entire Twin Moons City is his, so killing us is a piece of cake to him, but he didn’t do so. ”

Leng Jixue also nodded, “Now that I think about it, it does seem like this. With the exception of some deaths on Young Master Ren’s side, all is dead calm on our side.”

Ren Fuyao, who had not spoken a word since we entered the city, showed an expression of helplessness.

Up to now, Mo Yan’s whereabouts still remained unknown.

Those on his side, those who had died, really remained dead, since they were not like the citizens of the Twin Moons City, who still had a chance to come back to life after being killed.

“He is probably too lonely.” Yan Tianhen said “He has been sealed in this big array for thousands of years with no one to talk to. He is actually quite pitiful.”

Qing Zhu was somewhat unconvinced and rebutted, “I had also been rooted in the same place for thousands of years, but I didn’t feel lonely.”

Xiao Linfeng rubbed Qing Zhu’s head and said, “Little Zhuzi, you are an Inquiring Immortals Grass so there is no need for you to speak with anyone. That’s why you don’t feel lonely and just remained in your original state. But in Yin Chongyue’s case, he was once the favored child of Heaven, so it is different.”

Qing Zhu is at a loss, “How is it different?”

Lin Xuanzhi said faintly, “He has tasted the hustle and bustle of the world, so it is difficult for him to endure the silent loneliness.”

Lin Xuanzhi and others split up to inquire about news.

The result was as they expected, it was like what Yin Chongyue had said, there was only a month left until his birthday. As of now, it was too late to send for reinforcements and Xuan Jiuxiao would not attend Yin Chongyue’s birthday feast. It could be assumed that Yin Chongyue did not ask his father to send someone to find help. If it went on like this, there would not be any changes to the result when the time came.

Troubling news came again a few days later.

A subordinate on Ren Fuyao’s side was not able to suppress his cultivation and had accidentally advanced, resulting in him exploding to his death.

Once is coincidence, twice is chance, and the third time was inevitable.

There must be cultivation suppression in this Great Demon Sealing Array and the cultivation capacity that can be accommodated would only remain at the cultivation level one had when they first entered. If there was a breakthrough, the person would definitely explode and die.

Everyone did not dare to freely cultivate again, for they feared that if they were not careful, they would become a ghost who could be stuck there forever.

As Yin Chongyue’s birthday drew closer, they gradually became more anxious. However, they were fortunately all determined people, otherwise, they would have been driven crazy.

Soon the Young City Lord’s birthday arrived.

This time, Lin Xuanzhi and the others changed their decision to wait at the city gate. Instead, they followed those people in the city, as they walked towards the City Lord’s mansion. Once they arrived at the entrance, they saw Yin Chongyue, who was wearing fine clothes, standing next to Yin Feng, as they stood on the highest point of the tower, receiving worship and blessing from the people.

Yin Chongyue saw several outsiders who stood in the midst of the crowd and the corners of his lips rose, forming a dull smile.


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