Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Great Elder (1)

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The egg was very small, and despite being covered with soil, the interlacing blue and white pattern was still visible.

Ye Qingtang’s eyes glistened when she saw the egg.

“I finally found you!”

This was an egg, a dragon egg with a living dragon baby in it!

This was a lightning dragon egg that had been buried in the mountains for god knows how many years and was strewn out in the storm in the past few days. Ye Qingtang saw it in her previous life as well but missed the opportunity to bring it back as she was escaping for her life. When she returned, the dragon egg had died from prostration as it was exposed outside for too long.

Many years later, Ye Qingtang once saw a lightning dragon that someone raised, and its ferocity left many speechless. The breeder was only at Martial Qi Level 2 but was able to wipe out nearly ten thousand people who encircled him and leave in one piece simply by relying on the violent lightning dragon.

Ye Qingtang was extremely regretful at that time. If she had taken the lightning dragon egg away with her in time back then, she would not have ended up being driven to a dead end by Ye You and the many people she led.

In this life, she would not let the same regret happen again.

Ye Qingtang carefully dug the lightning dragon egg out from the soil and carried it in her arms.

As long as she managed to successfully hatch and raise the lightning dragon egg, she would have another card in her hand!

“Little thing, this is a change for both you and me this time around. I won’t let you die from prostration before you’re even born,” Ye Qingtang murmured while stroking the bare egg with a smile.

Ye Qingtang kept the dragon egg carefully. There was still some time before the dragon egg would hatch, and in the meantime, it needed to be near a body at all times as a form of incubation using the body heat. Otherwise, if she was even slightly careless, the dragon egg would lose its life once again.

After finding the dragon egg, Ye Qingtang immediately returned to the Ye residence. Just as she entered the main door, she suddenly felt that the atmosphere became strange.

Ye Qingtang’s expression changed slightly, and she walked straight to the front hall.

In the front hall, Ye Ling was sitting on the chair for the highest ranking position. Other than Ye Ling, an old man with a cold expression was present as well.

“Tang Tang, you came back at the right time. The Great Elder has just returned today.” Ye Qingtang looked at Ye Qingtang helplessly but appeared to sound calm.

Ye Qingtang stopped in her tracks and looked towards the Great Elder who was sitting in the hall.

When Ye Xun conned Ye Qingtang to leave the Ye residence, it was the Great Elder who personally captured her and allowed his granddaughter, Ye You, to snatch Ye Qingtang’s spirit root away.

It could be said that the Great Elder was the initiator of Ye Qingtang’s misery in her past life. Seeing the Great Elder again today, Ye Qingtang was no longer short-tempered like before. She quietly calmed her fluctuating emotions, acting as if there was nothing wrong, and greeted politely,

“Great Elder.”

The Great Elder was already over eighty years old. Although all his hair had turned white, he was still sharp and spirited, leading people into believing that he was at most slightly over fifty at first look. His sharp eyes glanced over at Ye Qingtang, and a strange expression flashed across his eyes when he noticed that the birthmark on Ye Qingtang’s face had disappeared. However, he did not react much and only nodded briefly.

“The journey to send little You to Yunxiao Sect was tough. The Great Elder should rest early,” Ye Ling said with a smile although he raised his guard against the Great Elder.

Expressionless, the Great Elder replied, “Thank you for your concern. It is our Ye family’s honor for little You to be favored by the Yunxiao Sect Sect Master. I ought to work hard.”

Ye Ling smiled.

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