Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Flame Toxin (5)

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“I think Lady Ye had preparations done beforehand. It would’ve taken much longer if we used the powder as medicine. Now that she used the powder directly on the wound of the flame toxin, it would suppress the flame toxin straight away. This kind of method… I have never seen this before.” Master Physician Xu expressed his amazement.

Si Ye stared at Ye Qingtang. His eyes were puzzled and full of suspicion.

After she poured the entire bottle of the powdered scale of the Fiery Sunset Beast, the burnt skin began recovering at an unbelievable speed. Si Qiong’s body temperature was going back to normal, and his breath became more relaxed.

It was as if a miracle was happening in front of Si Ye’s eyes.

Ye Qingtang withdrew her hands after pouring all the powder.

She kept her porcelain bottle and said, “The powder can suppress the flame toxin for the time being. However, if you want to neutralize the flame toxin completely, you need to bring back the ice lotus.”

Si Ye took a glance at Ye Qingtang with a complex expression. He then asked Master Physician Xu to take a look at Si Qiong, but he was calmer than before.

Master Physician Xu checked out Si Qiong’s situation, and it matched with what Ye Qingtang had said. “The flame toxin in Second Young Master is stable now. It shouldn’t be a great problem anymore.”

Si Ye sighed in relief secretly after knowing that the flame toxin in Si Qiong was in control.


Si Ye’s eyes were now full of embarrassment as he met with Ye Qingtang’s eyes which seemed to be smiling. His handsome face was a bit stiff.

“Lady Ye… I am sorry… for just now…” Si Ye said in a stiff manner. Even though he did not wish to admit it, Ye Qingtang really did save his brother’s life.

Ye Qingtang smiled and did not say much. It was not easy to become friends with everyone in the Si family. If not because of that, she would not even bother to save people again and again.

Si Ye still felt embarrassed and said, “I shall tell grandfather about this.” He then left straight away.

Si Ye came to the main hall and told Master Si about Si Qiong’s recovery.

Master Si showed a complex expression after knowing it was done by Ye Qingtang. He remained silent for a while and said, “We owe her another favor now.”

“Grandfather, what happened with Ye Qingtang?” Si Ye was still very confused.

Master Si glanced at his grandson who was always very calm and explained slowly how Ye Qingtang had saved Si Bai in order to meet Mu Su. He also told him about what Ye Qingtang had gone through in the Ye family.

Si Ye was shocked by his words.

“Si Ye… we do owe her a great favor.” Master Si’s face was very serious. He abandoned his prejudice towards Ye Qingtang when she saved Si Bai. Now, he really trusted the poor girl from the Ye family since she also managed to save Si Qiong from the flame toxin.

Two lives were saved because of Ye Qingtang.

Si Ye contemplated for a while. Master Si suddenly noticed Si Ye’s injured arm, “What’s wrong with your arm?”

Si Ye was confused but then remembered that his arm was dislocated by Ye Qingtang. He smiled and fixed his dislocated arm. “It’s a lesson for me.”

“Grandfather, I was rude towards Lady Ye just now. I shall apologize to her later,” Si Ye said.

Master Si waved his hand and said, “Ye Qingtang is young, but she is more mature than others in her age. She won’t bother about that. Just remember, we must treat her well in the future.”

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