Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Flame Toxin (3)

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Si Bai chuckled and said, “Brother, don’t worry about that. You see, aren’t I much healthier than before?”

Si Ye examined Si Bai. Si Bai’s face was still a bit pale, but his breath was more stable.

“I heard from grandfather that Ye Qingtang wrote two pieces of prescription for you?”


Si Ye sneered.

This only meant that Ye Qingtang had the prescription for Si Bai’s sickness and did not prove that she had substantial medical skills.

Si Bai could observe his elder brother’s deep hatred towards the Ye family and decided to keep quiet.

The two of them stared at the room for a while and did not notice any sound coming out of the room. They then turned and walked towards Si Qiong’s room.

Si Ye was around when Si Qiong was attacked by the fire beast. He witnessed how his brother was hurt with his own eyes, and no one could understand how upset and regretful he was.

“Master Physician Xu, how’s my brother now? How much longer does he have?” Si Ye was extremely anxious as he stared at his brother whose face was extremely red as a result of the burning of the flame toxin.

Master Physician Xu’s face was not pleasant as well. “I don’t want to lie to you. He has at most three days. If we still cannot find any way to suppress the flame toxin, then… I’m afraid that he will not able to live any longer.”

Master Physician Xu’s words weighed like a heavy stone on the two brothers’ hearts.

“Master Physician Xu, is there any way to use the scale of the Fiery Sunset Beast as medicine?” Si Bai said.

Master Physician Xu smiled wryly at him and said, “The scales of the fire beast can suppress the flame toxin. However, I have never heard about anyone who was actually able to use that as medicine. It’s extremely difficult to use the scale, which is harder than a rock.”

Si Ye glanced towards Si Bai after hearing his words.

Si Bai understood what his brother meant, but he did not plan to say anything. He was not sure whether Ye Qingtang could achieve that as well.

“Why do you ask about that, Third Young Master?” Master Physician Xu said.

Si Bai was about to explain, but Si Ye, who could not control his discontent anymore, said coldly, “The Young Lady of the Ye family just now said that she could use the scales of the fire beast to suppress the flame toxin in my brother’s body.”

Master Physician Xu was stunned after hearing his words. While Si Ye thought that Master Physician Xu would criticize Ye Qingtang, Master Physician Xu suddenly sighed in relief.

“If it’s Lady Ye, I think it is possible.” Master Physician Xu’s words revealed his high opinion of Ye Qingtang.


Si Ye did not expect that even a professional physician like Master Physician Xu would approve with what Ye Qingtang was about to do.

Si Bai could only sigh as he saw that things did not go as his brother had wished.

Ye Qingtang came to the Si family quite often these few days. She had multiple discussions with Master Physician Xu on medicine skills. Master Physician Xu had shown his admiration towards Ye Qingtang all the time.

When everyone was still waiting, Ye Qingtang finally appeared in Si Qiong’s room with a small porcelain bottle.

“Lady Ye.” Master Physician Xu greeted Ye Qingtang once he saw her.

Ye Qingtang nodded slightly and ignored the sharp stare from Si Ye. She looked towards Si Qiong on the bed.

Si Qiong was suffering from the flame toxin and bearing with the heat around his whole body. He had gone into a coma due to the high heat.

“How’s he doing?” Ye Qingtang stepped forward and asked.

Master Physician Xu shook his head slightly to show that the situation was not very optimistic.

Ye Qingtang checked out Si Qiong’s condition. The layers of bandages on his left chest was soaked with blood. Ye Qingtang took a glance and rolled her sleeves up.

“Master Physician Xu, help me remove the bandages on his chest,” Ye Qingtang asked.

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