Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Flame Toxin (1)

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In Ye Qintang’s previous life, many people had tried to find out the usage of these two items in. However, they only discovered it after many years. Ye Qingtang bought them in large quantities. People at the side were all very confused as they could not figure out why Ye Qintang bought such useless items.

“Your preferences are really… quite interesting.” Si Bai chuckled but did not plan to ask for a reason.

Soon, they arrived outside the door of the Si family. Just as they just stepped inside, Si Bai felt the atmosphere was not quite right.

Ye Qingtang heard some noises before she arrived at the hall.

“Grandfather, second junior brother’s condition is very serious. I shall talk to the Duan family for the Flame-repellent Pills.” A deep male voice could be heard from the hall of the Si family.

“Master Physician Xu is treating your brother now. It’ll be very difficult to ask the Duan family to hand over the Flame-repellent Pills. Though we seem to be in good terms with the Duan family, many things have happened secretly. Even if you go over, they’ll not give the pills to you.” Master of the Si family clan then spoke. His voice sounded hopeless.

Si Bai exchanged a glance with Ye Qingtang. They then rushed into the hall.

Besides the master of the Ye family clan, there was another handsome and tall young man in the hall. The young man and Si Bai looked alike, but he appeared to be more stable and full of spirit.

“Elder brother?” Si Bai was stunned as he saw the young man.

That young man was the Eldest Young Master of the Si family and Si Bai’s elder brother, Si Ye.

“You’re back, Third Brother,” Si Ye nodded slightly as he saw Si Bai.

“How come you’re back, brother? Just now, I heard you mentioning second brother… What happened to him?” Si Bai spoke in a serious tone.

The Si family only had the three brothers in the younger generation. Si Bai had been physically weak ever since he was young. The eldest brother Si Ye and the second eldest brother Si Qiong treated him with care all the time. The three brothers were in good relationships with each other. They were so close that nothing could separate them.

Si Ye suddenly became very serious when Si Bai mentioned the second brother Si Qiong. He did not reply to Si Bai immediately but instead looked towards Master Si.

Master Si sighed softly. “Your brother was attacked by the fire beast and is suffering from the flame toxin. Master Physician Xu is trying to treat him now.”

Si Bai was astonished.

The flame toxin of the fire beast was very deadly. It would burn all the internal organs and could not be suppressed by any medicine. Anyone who suffered from the flame toxin had to bear with the internal burning until the end of their lives.

The only way to neutralize the flame toxin was to take medicine made from the ice lotus located on the peaks of Yucang Mountain.

Yucang Mountain was worlds apart from the Lin town. It would take at least a month to reach there and come back. Si Qiong would not be able to survive until then if the flame toxin circulated quickly.

“I have already sent people to obtain the ice lotus from Yucang Mountain. Now, I need to go to the Duan family to ask for their Flame-repellent Pills,” Si Ye said and frowned.

The Flame-repellent Pills could suppress the spread of the flame toxin for a period of time. Only if the Flame-repellent Pills stabilized the flame toxin in Si Qiong, there would be sufficient time to bring back the ice lotus.

“Brother, the Flame-repellent Pill is the hereditary treasure of the Duan family. Even if you go over to the Duan family, I’m afraid that they would not give it to you.” Si Bai’s face was pale but dignified.

Si Ye frowned. Of course, he knew about that. However… without the Flame-repellent Pills, Si Qiong might be in danger…

“I can help to suppress the flame toxin.”

While everyone of the Si family was upset, a clear female voice could be heard.

Si Ye looked towards the direction the sound came from and noticed a young lady standing beside Si Bai.

“May I know who is this lady?” Si Ye asked.

“This is Ye Qingtang, the Young Lady of the Ye family.” Si Bai replied.

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